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100% Guaranteed Never to Flake Gameplan

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haha-- never the biggest forum writer, I think this is my first ever thread starter.... Anyway, Tyler says I need to do a lot more writing to hash out a lot of my stuff that I've never really documented. A lot of my views come from different perspectives than people are used to (and MANY are counterintuitive), but the core principles rarely change.

The first thing that comes to mind is that as many people know I am VERY big on leading. Lead, lead, lead. I am also, when it comes to being a player, probably the laziest to have ever googled, "What the fuck is 'the community'?". By lazy, I am saying that I always want to maximize my results with the least amount of exerted energy. Call it natural game, but I just call it 'evolution' or "not wanting to be bored ever".

There's Beauty in Simplicity I came to this realization a while ago that I am always moving forward or "on my path" so to speak and selfishly hated forcing anybody to do anything. I only wanted women (and a lot of things in life) that were receptive to me or my goals. Timing and receptivity is a HUGE issue in how far you go with women at any point in your "relationship". My relationships with women always begin the first moment I meet them and I always set the tone (I'm a very sexually dominant man). Women always do the choosing whether they sleep with you or not (after all, no girl has ever accidentally slipped and fallen on my dick), the only control you have over a situation is to be as awesomely attractive as possible to where she would think or feel in her mind that she would have to be retarded to pass up a chance with you. That's a core concept of my game.

Anyway, being congruent with that, I decided that I never ever wanted a girl to desire me for anything other than WHO I AM. No button pushing, just exactly that-just who I am. How do you do that? I have a LOT on that, but here's a piece exemplified in my meet ups.

100% Guaranteed Never to Flake Gameplan for meet ups: No matter what I'm doing or where I am I am always doing things in accordance to things that I want to do or ALREADY doing--lots of the time because I *know* it will be amusing to me or at the least I want some company as I do my normal thing.

For me, the best and fastest way to escalate a relationship (friend, FB, or GF) and get to know a girl is to have serious 1on1 time. That means no going out with her friends or anyone else. My goal is just to get her sooo comfortable with me that "things just happen". Logistics are key, but it all begins in my mindset. Women are abundant. Meeting up with women is an almost every day affair. Most of my life I have been around women in some capacity and know that there is nothing to be scared or worried about.

Therefore, when I go for meet ups with women I make it casual because that is EXACTLY what it is to me. Almost like meeting the coolest new friend (except I'm a dominant and sexual man). I literally plan things I normally do in my life and invite women along to join me (I just don't tell them what we're doing as a surprise). If they don't make it then it doesn't matter. I am already doing something that I would've done anyway. Oh well <shrug> (btw, if they don't make it for some reason, there's a good chance we will later anyway... that's for another post probably titled, "empathy in game and not losing track of the ultimate goal").

Another thing about this is this takes all the pressure off meeting someone you don't know. Most dudes get nervous, or plainly project something weird and incongruent with themselves (opposite of comfort), on the phone with girls, which creates some sort of unnecessary pressure or tension on both of you that kills the chance of ever meeting up (they also fail to alleviate expectations set from when you first met). My tone on the phone is always to build comfort from being chill to playful to excited.

I don't tell them what we're doing, but I do get excited as hell about the surprise (not overly!!). Normally, my phone convo goes like this: after some chatting and seeing our schedules synch we agree to meet up. I tell her to come meet me at my place and we'll go from there. If she asks or not I'll tell her, "Just come over it's a surprise. I'll tell you when you get here". Once she comes over, normally it's one of many possible things that I'm normally doing. My classic one is lead her on a walk to the grocery store and buy my weekly groceries. Sometimes they pay for them, which is always great. On the way back I ask her about her must have awesome cooking abilities and naturally, whatever her answer is, I tell her we're cooking dinner (The rest can be for my magical Day 2 post).

When we're back at my place, girls are not stupid and know what's up. They won't admit, or cognitively realize, what's happening because they love it and we're really getting to know each other which is always fascinating. Everything down to the final close is always just my normal way of getting to know a girl more and let our "relationship" evolve-whichever way it may go. Like my old football coach used to say after we scored a touchdown, "Have class. Act like you've been there before". Point being, with women, nothing is ever a big deal until you make it one. Don't ever project meet ups, sex, phone numbers, socializing, or anything like that like it might be weird or you're out of your league--be comfortable with it and people will follow. Act like you've been there before, even if you haven't, and that will get you laid a hundred times over.

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