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Real Social Dynamics Wiki - 1001th Post of Glory

1001th Post of Glory

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Wow. A thousand and one posts. Honestly, I never thought I'd last that long. When I started, I was a dabbler, and a poor one at that. And now...shit, it's a fucking party in New Jersey nearly every night.

Now that I get to join that nice echelon of profound people with 4 digits worth of posts, I wanted to step away from that headspace mysticism I've been living and breathing and crack open my head for the fleshy goodness.

I'm laying myself bare, notebook-style. Take from this what you want, I'm offering it all.

I absolutely love the Community and everyone in it. Wouldn't trade a second of it for anything else.

I cannot believe I ever lived in such fear, with such repression and with such anxiety. I cannot believe I was that much of a clueless slob. I'm stunned and empowered by all the transformation I've undergone. Thank you, personally and sincerely for reading and responding and helping me.

Now, the meat...

If I had to write a very simple list of what I'm all about, it would look like this:


[edit] Fundamentals of John

   * Self-Esteem/ Confidence
   * Positivity
   * The ability to self-analyze
   * Radiant Charisma
   * Being in the moment

I know who I am. I do not doubt this knowledge. I know my strengths. I know my abilities. I am well aware of my limitations. I exist in a state of balance, straddling the limitless potential with the realistic attainment of such goals.

There is a profound power in the Reframe. Perception IS projection, so why not perceive the best? At the core of all things is an underlying goodness to nature, so why not return to that core frequency? Why not tune into that?

Self-analysis generates HONEST understanding in an environment of Objectivity. I can remove the ego and emotions from an LR to gather an actual sense of what went on, and use this to develop learning.

The cup of value OVERFLOWS, how can I not share this with the universe? Armed with an unending, boundless love and appreciation for all things, there is no reason to not share that joy with people. I love traffic because it encourages me to be a careful driver. I love living healthfully, because I can see the physical effects. I love frustration, not because it is a failure, but rather because it is momentum to move me forward. I didn't even know I had a cup of value when I started, I just knew I had a penis and wanted to put it into women. Now I get to do that AND expand myself as a man. Awesome.

The moment is the ONLY point in time you need to worry about. You cannot control the future nor can you redo the past. There is no sense wasting energy worrying about what was already done and comparing it to what hasn’t been done yet. As that time in worry elapses, you are losing the moment.

I get asked a lot about what my game is. Is it just whatever hot-button idea comes down the pike? Am I just a Ciaran-sheep? Do I even care about the particulars of game? I really thought about this and tried to easily label what it is I do regularly in order to give you:

[edit] John's Game

1.Shock and Awe 2.Sexual State Projection 3.Options and Freedom

The radiant charisma overwhelms people. It leads them not into discomfort but rather immediately into a place of valued comfort. Talking with me, listening to me is as regular and normal as sitting in your favorite chair. It’s not effort. It’s enjoyable. What I say is not scary or offensive, but rather appreciated, considered and enjoyed. The positive response encourages more of it to come. Nothing is wasted. Nothing is taken for granted.

The ability to completely be honest and open with your desires and your lack of denial about them is paramount in success with people. The desires need not only be sexual. You can just as easily express business concerns undeniably with coworkers. You can express social desires with your friends. The fact that some desires are sexual in nature is not a reason to hide under your blanket and cower from them. They are a part of you just as natural and welcoming as eating dessert or wanting to hang out with your friends.

You are the best option for anyone in any situation. No matter who they are, nor how poor their night has been, you will undeniably change their life. You are her best option. You do this by knowing yourself, believing in yourself, understanding her wants, and understanding your best options logistically. In this knowledge is freedom. Freedom from

         1 Social conditioning – knowing what is best is not always the most courteous, most soft or the most sensitive.
         2 The concerns about AA - wouldn’t you want to know what the best thing to do is?
         3 The fear of rejection – how can you reject the best option in a situation?

In this freedom, you can then set them free. (I give full credit to Jack Diesel for this theme, I just expanded on it his excellent groundwork)

So, now, having spit all that out, I have some views that need to be out there. I have no fancy title for this section, these are just little ideas in my head that have clawed their way to the surface.

Game is a LIFEstyle, and therefore requires LIFE changes. An unwillingness to change even the most core part of you is an unwillingness to succeed. Be prepared to rebuild yourself from the ground up, a million times if you must, because your success not only with women but in all aspects of your life comes to depend on this.

You are never going to find a valid reason that game cannot be this easy. It involves talking to people. Talking is really simple. You’ve been doing it for years. You’re a pro.

Logistics are NOT obstacles they are challenges. They are permeable, changeable and adaptable. The only true obstacle you’ll ever encounter is YOU.

In any interaction, follow theory but do not live by theory. Evolution is not a fixed concept. Evolution is adaptation.

Once you make this kind of change in your life, you cannot hide it. The effects are too broad and too powerful. Nor should you even bother trying to hide it. Do not be ashamed. Associate no stigma with what you’ve done. You did not get on the Internet to get laid, no, you got onto the Internet to learn to be a better man.

Give yourself permission to be yourself, to succeed, to accept all others, flaws and all. From the biggest chode to the biggest AMOG. They are people too.

Set practical goals. Goals that are you-based, not game-based. “I need to engage more two sets in rapid kino” versus “Hotties get more hugs.” The amount of theory you let seep into your life is proportional to the amount of life you let seep out.

Game is only as mystifying or as difficult as you make it.

[edit] 11 Things I want Keyboard Jockeys, Newbies and Lurkers to Know

o You are going to fail. It’s going to make you better. Let it happen.

o Assign no stigma to your failures. It’s the learning process.

o It is entirely possible to hit state without pickup happening. State is self-contained and self-generated, so learn your triggers and succeed.

o Do not drink Haterade nor too much of the magic cool-aid. You’re not too cool for anything. Nor is anything designed to help you “gay”. Get over yourself. No idea is inherently lame. Just give it a try before you break out hasty labels.

o Sex is not magical. Virgins, sex won’t fix you. It won’t complete you. All your missing puzzle pieces are internal.

o Anger will always kill you. Find out why you’re angry.

o Good ideas for game exist inside and outside of the community. Keep aware.

o No one person has ALL the answers.

o Some answers won’t make sense until you ask better questions.

o When in doubt, do it. What are you afraid of?

o State is all within you. So what can break your state? Just you!

[edit] Views

I swear this is the last set of random thoughts I'm going to share. For now.

My view on using the word “sarging”

It’s named after a cat. Unless you’re going to engage in other cat behaviors, meeting people IS NOT sarging. Just as we killed "peacocking" from the dictionary, let's also assassinate "sarging". Please?

My view on Jargon

It’s dangerous, toxic to both vibe and interaction. It is one of the prime ingredients in a sausagefest (chode crystal). Using jargon replaces humanity with labels and provides the ego a cushion with a false sense of control.

My view on “mastery”

Mastery implies the full completion of skills, that no further expansion or growth is possible. Mastery is not realistic. A community such as this MUST grow not only in participants but also theory. The idea of mastery is static, a sign of stalled evolution. It flies directly in the face of growing skills.

My view on Value

Your value is not measured solely by sexual prowess. Value is the sum of internal worth, social worth, a lack of neediness, lack of external completion and a quality life embodied through quality actions. The “cup of value” is variable, depending on the person. Some people have a shot glass; some people a 55-gallon drum. Are you satisfied with your cup?

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