12 Thoughts on Life and Pick-Up

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Had a couple insights in my head. Thought I might share them, and maybe some of them will help you guys like they have me.

1.) Passion is a gift. By doing so, we're able to tap into more of our potential than we thought possible. The success cycle is results => belief => potential => action. If you envision yourself producing the kind of results that you want (women obviously a great example), then you'll be able to confirm that belief.

That belief will then let you tap into more of your potential, and then your potential will produce greater results. The results will then reconfirm that belief, and the cycle will continue.

2.) From confidence comes competence. I completely believe in the whole let your confidence come first to help you produce your competence. You can't wait for competence to get confidence. That's like waiting to win the superbowl to feel confident on the football field. Damn fine point by man, Tony Robbins and whoever quoted that.

3.) Learn. Be a motherfucking learning machine. If you're not getting the results you want, change your approach and go from there. You're successful if you give 100% and learn. These two things will produce the results that you want. Avoid becoming the someone who’s a “guru” who can’t turn to others for their help. Or, when they do receive it, they have to dismiss it or qualify themselves by explaining what they did. Instead, tell them you appreciate their feedback and roll from there.

Make sure that you learn from someone that’s getting the type of results that you want AND has the intelligence to break down what he does to a conscious level. A lot of great guys you meet in the field, my roommate Natural J (probably one of the best naturals on the planet) for example, get laid like rockstars yet aren’t intelligent (meaning able to make distinctions) about what it is that they do. I learn a lot from his actions, yet not from his advice.

4.) Have fun. Ask yourself, how can I do this and enjoy the process. If you're not having fun, then you will project that onto your set. If going out feels like work for you and you don't enjoy it, then you're doing something wrong (on a psychology level) and ultimately your results will reflect this.

Dance around, tease people, or talk with your friends. Trust you're unconscious responses to your feelings. If you're having a great time, then you will have a good night. Regardless of how good your game is. The reason for this is that it goes back to that success cycle, where if you're feeling good your belief structure will change. You will then think to yourself, "yeah, those girls will be easy for me to talk with." Then, you go do it and produce better results than you would have otherwise.

5.) Focus on results. Know what it is you want when it comes to women, and make it something that you can attain here in the next three months. Maybe, you want to have sex with one HB per month. Maybe, you want to improve your closing ratio.

Ultimately, for most guys that I've met, they a.) want to fuck a string of hotties, or b.) want to have a great girlfriend. I know that guys usually cycle with the two, where they'll get into a total fun mode, where they'll have sex with several girls. Then, they'll switch gears and get a great girlfriend.

Whatever it is that you want, make it happen. Make that your focus and kind of renew that vision whenever you go out. Also, think about what the purpose in doing that is. You need vision and purpose. The two are not the same, and you will have to have both.

Quick example, say you want to fuck one girl per week. That's your vision, then you're got to understand why you want that. Like what will it GIVE YOU. Maybe, it's a feeling of significance. Maybe, it's a feeling of connection. Maybe, it's the knowing that you can achieve whatever it is that you put your mind to.

6.) Quite your mind. We all have an innate auditory digital (aka, self-talk, internal dialogue, etc) part of us. Learn how to quite it whenever you go into set. This is the whole concept of "letting go" in some eastern religions. Also, the concept of "being in the moment."

7.) Environment. Watch how the people around you affects your core personality. People's psychology affect each other. For example, if you're around someone who's core belief is that everyone is against him, then you will start to believe that. There will be some give and take depending on the relationship dynamic, but in the end, a group of people will affect each other's psychology.

Funny how I will even take on the mannerisms of the guys that I'm around if I'm around them long enough. The key is that as a true man of character, you should be able to operate in any environment. If you don’t have to put yourself in a disempowering environment, why would you? For a lot of people, the environment will accelerate your success rate.

Hang around people that are passionate about having balance in their life, and this will affect you.

8.) State can change in an instant. Have you ever noticed how you can be tired as fuck, and then, have a set of hotties open up. All of a sudden...WHAM...your state changes like that.

Or, have you been so enwrapped in something that bombs could have been going off, and you wouldn't have noticed? Time literally felt like it was melting.

Or, have you been happy and joyous, and then something happened, whether an event or thought, that changed your state to a disempowering one. What was it that changed?

It was you. There was something within your psychology that skewed your state: physiology, beliefs/focus, or languaging.

9.) Have a sharp memory and listen. I think having a sharp memory is something that is overlooked quite a bit, yet is very helpful. Reason is that I use to not listen to much of the interactions that I would have with girls, and in the end, I’d ask questions several times in a row. In the end, the girls would get frustrated that I wasn’t listening to what they were saying, and then, I’d lose the sets.

No matter how many sets you do, pretend like this person is a potential friend and remember some of the more important elements of the interaction. Watch how if you can remember parts of the conversation, and use it again as possibly call back humor how it will help the interaction. It’s a great skill to have for social interactions in general. Listen and Remember.

10.) Be unreasonable and refuse to settle for less. For those of you that came into the game with high expectations and have not met them yet. Keep going. Be unreasonable. If you want to be the best PUA in the world, then go for it. If you want to own every social interaction, then go for it. Be unreasonable. Be outstanding.

11.) Ensure that you don't escape too often, and when you do, make sure it's with empowering activities. If you find yourself having a bad night and escaping with food, drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes, commit to change that immediately. Find more empowering ways to escape, if you absolutely must, like maybe watching a movie, reading a book, working out, having sex with your LTR, or connecting with friends in family.

12.) Be obsessed with balance. Watch how you’re game will improve if you are making major moves in say your body or your career. Unreal. Also, watch how your game is if you missed a workout and have been slacking off at work. Something to think about….


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