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Alexander Himself. I met this guy earlier this year during my stint in Australia, during Tyler's Blueprint Superconference in Sydney. During our brief conversation, I could tell this kid had the gleam of genius in his eyes... the genius that the insane lament. (Bonus if you can tell me what movie that's from) Anyway, Alexander was a university student studying psychology, and he told me that this area was something he'd been interested inas long as he could remember. He loved the Superconference, and was so excited that he appliedfor an internship on the spot. Now, we at RSD are an incredibly tight knit crew. We don't justbring anybody on. Every single day, we are deluged with applications from people who think they could do this job, andevery day we turn them down. Basically, at this point, you have a better chance of winning the lottery of getting into the NBA than you do of joiningour crew. But Tyler saw something in him. He encouraged him to take a bootcamp, which he did, with me on the Gold Coast about a month later. On that program, I got to see Alexander's game up close. It wasprimitive and raw, but undeniably sick. Like a diamond in the rough, I knew we had something special here. Best of all, he was new to the game and as such was untouchedby the old "routine based" styles that we've since left behind. This young man could be the future of RSD. We offered him a spot in our Executive Coach Training Program. Over the course of the next two months, Alexander flew all overAmerica doing programs with practically every single ExecutiveCoach in RSD. Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Calgary, Denver, Phoenix, San Francisco, Washington DC, and more... he came, he saw, he destroyed several hotel rooms. He's been trained by the best and assimilated it all. Now he is poised to take over the scene back in his home country of Australia.


As many of you guys know, Alex is a true monster.

This guy is making MAJOR WAVES on the workshop circuit right now, and especially with community insiders.

He's going to be the guy to watch over the next few years.

Jeffy has "made the call" that he's going to be the most popular rep of the community by 2009. We said the same thing about Tim a few years back, so you know what this means.

In the field he's "full nimbus ignition mode" -- elegant, highly aggressive, ripping it on the humour tip...... and generally just one of the BEST in the game.

The dude just...... GOES.

He makes old timers like Jeffy and I look like we're panting to keep up.

I brought him on board because he's really the epitome of "drawing state from within, and not from your environment."

And when I say the "epitome" I mean THE EPITOME. You've got to see this in real life to process the magnitude.

I believe he gained this gift because similar to Tim, he grew up in a small town in Australia where they have nothing better to do but climb up on desks and jump up and down cheering all day -- no offense buddy... :)

It's only about once a year that I'll take on a new instructor, and that's because it requires me to dedicate a massive amount of time and effort in development.

I get about 1500-2000 applications for RSD annually, and I might choose about one guy per year -- if that.

I'm often asked about my decision-making process, and I can't reveal it too explicitly because it would allow people to put up false fronts with me.

Suffice to say, I look for guys who have massive in-field skills and the potential to become amazing at imparting it to the people they work with....... and who I believe have the charisma to represent RSD in the media and in our programs.

Anyway, one of the skillsets that Alex has commited to developing is his communication in writing.

That's a skill that I've personally worked to hone on a daily basis for about a decade...... and he's picking it up from scratch and starting the process from here on out.


Alexander grew up in the Gold Coast and after reading about the Real Social Dynamics crew, he attended the Real Social Dynamics Blueprint Superconference and met Tyler and Papa in Sydney. Afterwards, he attended a Real Social Dynamics Bootcamp with Jeffy in the Gold Coast, where he demonstrated his dedication and natural talent.As someone with a sharp wit, positive outlook on life, and a charming personality, he has always been somebody that has been outgoing and social. In his hometown, Alexander attended the University of Queensland, where he majored in psychology, and worked as a promoter in some of the cities hottest clubs.However, Alexander has always been intrigued by the dynamics of social dynamics and dating. Thus, when he found out about Real Social Dynamics, he decided to use his education and background in psychology and sociology to understand the dynamics of attracting beautiful women in bars, malls, and his university campus. As a young, ambitious man, he decided he wanted to capture the hearts of beautiful women around the world, and not just in his local scene. Thus, he decided to do a bootcamp. He attended bootcamp with Jeffy, where he impressed Jeffy. Thus, Alexander was invited to become an intern. During his internship, he did business administration and trained with Tim in Melbourne. He also met with RSD staff in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. During his journey, he went into the field with Tyler, who was thoroughly impressed with Alexander's Game. Thus, Alexander then became an Instructor under the mentorship of Tyler.Over the past few months, Alexander lived with Tyler in Hawaii, and traveled throughout the major metropolitan cities of the United States and Canada, and worked with various Real Social Dynamics Executive Coaches and clients until he decided to return to Australia, where he is available to instruct Bootcamps.

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