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Hey all,

I'm haven't been much of a regular on the forum since it got off the ground last year, but I took special notice over the past few days since it seems that there has been more questions and posts than usual regarding our bootcamps.

I remember when I took my bootcamp 3 years ago in New York. I was underage at the time (20 yrs. old) and finally signed up when I knew I had a solid in for a fake ID. At the time, I think I was slightly naive on the finance end of it just because I really didn't care how much it was, I had made a commitment to myself to do it.

Similar to VikingBlud, the cost of attending (hotel + flights + incidentals) was almost as much as the bootcamp price itself. But I didn't let that stop me.

I knew other guys and acquaintances in the community that laughed at the omission of spending $2000 for 3 days of another person's time. But I didn't care.

All I knew was that the energy and vibe RSD emitted was extremely compelling and struck a chord in me unlike anything else I had experienced in my life. I had an unwavering faith that these guys possessed the in-field experience, the knowledge, and the teaching ability to transfer those skills and lessons into me.

Moreover, everything else I had tried on my own invariably ended same way: mediocrity. Toss in a traumatizing high-school-sweetheart breakup, 18 years of ultra-right wing-conservative parenting (the kind that inspect your Halloween candy before you're allowed eat any of it), months of therapy, and there I was, age 20.

BTW, I do believe in the positive effects of cognitive therapy, but like myself, I think most people only achieve a 'glass ceiling' with it - meaning that while it can improve them, any permanent improvement happens when they accept personal responsibility for the way they feel and take action for themselves, not just because a shrink told them to. How many people do this? Well, you can venture a guess.

The point is -> even girls' aside, my social life to that point was not something I was proud of.

So there's the 'before'. It is not a unique story.

And the 'after' ?

-I've dated girls from all walks of life, culture, and experience

-My social network is full of interesting, fun, cool people that add value to my life and likewise I add value to theirs

-I have my dream job - which can be attributed to the communication skills I learned exclusively on RSD's bootcamp and in the subsequent months going in-field

-My job gives me the financial freedom to be self-sufficient, living anywhere I want to, and traveling the world

-I have an Italian girlfriend with the attitude, self-esteem, intellect, and respect that's in alignment with mine

More than all that though, I am a BETTER person day-to-day and overall than I was 3 years ago. I have a lifestyle full of constant renewal, improvement, and happiness. 3 years ago seems like a lifetime.

Huey and I talk to guys on the telephone and via email a combined 18 hours each day, Monday through Friday, with minimal holidays or time off. I fee like many of the questions we get have their roots in a place of excuse, insecurity, or disqualification.

Some examples:

-I'm 'x' age. Am I too old/young for this?

-I'm a newbie to all this. Is the RSD bootcamp just for experienced individuals?

-I'm a community veteran. I've studied everything out there so I doubt there's much I could learn on RSD's bootcamp. Plus I've heard (I don't remember where) that your bootcamps are geared more for newbies who just need to do a lot of approaches. I've done 1,562 approaches, so I've earned my pu-AH stripes. I don't need to spend $2000 'cause I'm already a 'pro' at this stuff in my own mind.

-If I spend $2000 for an RSD bootcamp, I need to know what's going to happen each minute of the program in advance. Can you email me over an outline of EXACTLY what we'll be learning and doing from beginning to end? How many makeouts and number closes can I expect each day?

-If I take an RSD bootcamp, I want to be guaranteed an instructor of my choosing and 1-on-1 student-to-instructor ratio. What assurances can you give me that TD will teach my program? He's the only RSD instructor I trust that can give me the magic-pill and complete my 'Transformation'.

-I don't like going to bars and clubs, and I understand that the majority of the RSD's bootcamp takes place in these types of settings. I only want to do RSD's bootcamp if you can guarantee me that we will only sarge during the daytime in bookstores, coffee shops, or at the supermarket.

This stuff is all understandable. $2000 is a sizeable amount of paper for most people. Or is it?

Have you read Jackett's success story? This is a guy who works at a convenience store and put $5 each day in a envelope labeled 'RSD bootcamp' for over a year.

From another client: "I go out a several times a week and binge-drink. It's just part of the culture where I live. Bar tabs are at least $40-50/night, 3-4 times a week - I've been doing this for YEARS. $2000 is nothing compared to what I spend on alcohol any other trivialities in my life."

Whenever I can tell guys are still on the fence, I always say the same thing to them:

You can talk to Huey and I, read our success stories, and talk to others that have taken RSD programs 'til the cows come home - but ultimately the choice is up to you.

The thing you need to ask yourself is this: what is my opportunity cost of NOT taking the bootcamp? How many more years of unhappiness or mediocrity am I willing to tolerate in place of $2000?"

I can hear the rebuttals now - "But I can learn all this stuff on my own; it's all on the internet!"

Truth be told, sure, there is an abundance of resources available to you free of charge, namely from us here at RSD. But poring over posts or reading Tyler's archive 'til you go blind is a night and day difference from actually taking action and getting results.

The lithmus test?

If you went out on your own for the next 30 days and implemented the ideas and concepts we talk about, would you experience a mind-blowing shift in your thoughts and beliefs and see a phenomenal amount of success?

Would you experience tangible, measurable results that you'd be extremely excited about and could build momentum upon in the weeks and months to come? *sigh* - if only it were that easy.

Then again, nothing worth having in life can come without work. "Easy gratification comes with low expectations."

I guess the way I viewed my bootcamp 3 years ago was: this isn't just an investment in my success with women; it's an investment in my own personal happiness and success in life.

In the same way that many people open a portfolio for financial investment or an individual retirement account, I took the RSD bootcamp to begin a new chapter in my life and experience; to begin the restorative process of rewiring my mind, body, and soul for better things to come - be it girls, health, wealth, and relationships.

So put off that new plasma TV, the car, the dining room set, those season football tickets - whatever it is that may bring you SHORT-TERM happiness, and -instead- make a commitment to invest in YOUR LONG-TERM happiness, lifestyle, and success.

It's my sincere hope that one day I'll log on here and ALL OF YOU will be proud, successful, RSD Alumni, improving your lives and improving the lives of others.

No gimmicks, no magic tricks, no black finger nail polish - just simply guys that took life by the stones and challenged themselves to live by a higher standard. The RSD standard.

Give Huey or I a call. Let's start talking.


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