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Hey Guys,

We’re running the LA Workshop right now, and it came off to a great start. In our group it was me, Papa, Mike A, and Chessclub went to a hot LA nightclub. As soon as we arrived, bam the instructors went into set because that’s the way true closers play. None of this, we’re not here for us, we’re here for the students. We’re motherfucking leaders in this field, ‘The Game’ as we call it, and we lead by example at R motherfucking SD. So, I open up a 2-set, guy girl, and wam I’m in. My opening sequence is so tight right now, that I always open. 100% opening. I’m getting to the hook about 75% of the time, and it tapers from there. Chessy, an amazing wing as always, and I opened up a mixed set outside X-Hollywood Lounge and had the girls creating emotional connection with us. Lastly, we venue changed and got a set to open, hook, then dive into emotional connection with a nasty AMOG. I remember the blow that sent him home. I’m delivering my opener, and then wam, I ask him, “So, you have a girlfriend don’t you” He’s like, “No” Nice. Then, we’re debriefing the student about his opening, and then the AMOG walks by, I yell, “Ouch, you touched my ass.” The two-set laughs, and then Chessy and I occupy the 8 while the student closes the 9.

The amazing thing about the entire night wasn’t us, though, as any good coach should now – but we did damn well. It was about the progress of the students. I took a guy, who is very wealthy who’s had little success with women and had him get to the point where he was able to successfully pull a real cutie, a fashion designer, from the club at the end of the night. Now, I asked myself what I did, and I now know what the fundamentals were that got him to that point so quick – one fucking night.

1.) DEVELOP THE POWER OF FAITH THAT YOU WILL GET THIS AREA HANDLES AT WHATEVER COST. First off, it started with him. He wasn’t so caught up in impressing me, or trying to be impressed that he took the frames, beliefs, push/pull tactics into account right away. I’ve had it to often where a guy will be so caught up in, “What is this guy made of?” That he loses sight of his real focus, “How can I learn and improve my skillset?” He focuses all his energy on that, and we can see it in there eyes. “Go do that set.” We usually laugh when this happens because we know that it stems from insecurities, but we’re so emotionally aware that we’d never say that. We’ll work with you over the weekend to get you to focus on what’s really important. I can expect this type of behavior from guys to who haven’t produced major results in their lifes. They haven’t developed the power of belief. This is so crucial. Remember, the bible quotith, people without a vision perish. Keep a log of every single thing that you want in this area be a kid and say everything and anything. If you want to make-out with a girl in 3 minutes…or 30 seconds…or hell upon opening write it down. If you want to be in a threesome right that down too. Remember, though to ask yourself, is this what I really want. Or, am I letting society, in this case the PU society, tell me what I want? Review your list of goals every week. And when you do this, say it aloud with emotion, ask yourself and answer, “How can I get the most out of this?” This could be to see a vision of that which you say. Remember, body – mind – heart aka physicology – focus – language/meaning.

2.) BE CONGRUENT AND UNDERSTAND YOUR OPENER. For those of you guys, that still think that you want to not workout, be a slob, and still get the chics think again. I’m here to tell you that great rewards lie to the man who has a balance of his emotions, health, wealth, spirituality (sense of purpose, guidance, and giving), relationships (intimate/family/friends). I can see it already, and when you have it you communicate it via your presence. This all must be taken into account for you to really develop this area of being social, and thereby attracting the women that you desire. There is something unmistakable at presence that you’ll notice that our crew has. You must develop this to get good at this area. Remember, if you’ve failed at getting in shape, then keep trying because great riches lie on the other side for the man who persists. Who has conviction, that he will create that which he desires. Every man has this in him, yet how many actually believe it – emotionally? Men are created not born. That is to say that myself has seen many a setback, but I refused to quit. As a teen, there was nothing written on this area, and I had no clue what to do. I read books on sex, became very popular at my school, went to West Point, and got into an outstanding physical shape. I even let myself believe that I would wait until I was 35 and then chose to get the girl of my dreams. I would feel a faint call in my heart telling me otherwise, but I didn’t believe it. Instead, I let my head takeover, and since I was always an intelligent man, I believed that’s the way things were. I’ve traveled from that point to deep within a secret society where sex is an ease and women chase you. I’ve also grown as a coach able to produce faster and better change in students than most anyone else in this field, which is also to mention was my main area in venturing into this community. I’m not a validation driven man by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a need just like anything else. The question is, do you find empowering ways to meet that need? That’s something my good bud TR always emphasized to me, and this will always be a challenge with this community. If you seek solely external validation you will be empty. If you seek solely internal validation you will probably lie to yourself. The key is to know in your heart who you are, and then resovle to produce resuts that are consistent with that identity. What do you identify yourself with? A winner, or the kid that got picked last in school. You don’t need external references, but rather my permission right now to change that.. Because guess what, whatever you think you are…you are. You must be able to develop the confidence, so that you approach this with so much certainty that the things you want to produce come out of you so vast and with so much intensity that you never knew you had it in you. Have you ever believed you could do something that everybody else said you couldn’t do? Yet, ya did anyway. Believe me, if you are reading this sentence, this is no coincidence or sheer act of randomness. You are reading this for a purpose. So you want to know how to open? It’s a lot simpler than you think, and the fact that you read this far shows that you were ready for it. The two keys are to a.) understand it, and b.) create the appropriate environment. Too many guys will rush into a set and say, “Hey guys, how lies more guys or girls?” This will not work. There is no reason for any normal, functioning human to even bother to answer such a trite question. Rather, say something that creates an appropriate environment for you to work the opener, which is what you should do anyway. It’s not a one liner, but rather a conversational piece for you to display value. I’m not going to give you the exact way to phrase it because you are very smart, possibly smarter than me. I would like for you to create whatever way to open it, but I want you to ask yourself, “What would be a way to open a set while seeming like I really JuST wanted their opinion. That is the reason why some guys do so well with direct because it’s their first chance to actually be congruent. Thing is with direct is that it puts a lot of social pressure on the girls, and depending on the girl and the context you may not always win. I then ask you the question, do you want to go in on a 10 with direct? Let’s call a spade a spade, and see the way things are – not better not worse. Secondly, do you understand the opener, or are you just saying it just saying it. Are you looking at all the invisible threads, do you have insightful things to say about the topic or are you Mister Roboto.

3.) KNOW WHERE YOU’RE AT. Next, you have to know where you’re at. Are you open, hook, emotional connection, physical connection, close? Did you know when you had passed through each successfully? Did you lean from the set? Or, are you just going into another set hoping that your unconscious mind will pick it up for you? Did you see where you were weird, creepy, or shady and thereby “overqualifying” aka blowing yourself out. Let’s look at this now. Do you think that Justin Timberlake would have a hardtime having sex with a girl from Podunk, Oklahoma? Nope…you have nothing to fear. You’re never overqualified unless you tell yourself you are. You must and I repeat must know where the interaction went south. It was probably something you said, but if you have no clue, then you need to know…even it means asking her. If you lost the set, where’d you lost the frame? Where was the point at which you started reacting to her rather than she was reacting to you?

4.) COMING TO GIVE RATHER THAN TAKE. I’ve seen it too often, and ti’s kind of a carryover of a lot of people’s lives. People are takers and add no value to anyone’s lives, and then they come to this area and they find they “just can’t find something to say.” Well, there’s something to say, but whenever you have to contribute for once you can’t do it. Why? Because you haven’t developed your brain too. You’re in set, and you’re not focusing on, “How can I make this work?” Then, your brain freezes. You reap what you sew. If you have nothing interesting to say, are you expecting her to have something to say. You must be interesting and interested.

Lastly, very few guys completed my 10 day challenge. I kind of wonder how much actually apply what it is I write, but I know that some guys have used it to success. If you have, why don’t you reply to this thread and say, “I am a closer.” If you haven’t used any of it, then God Bless.


(c) REAL Social Dynnnnnnamics

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