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Casually grab girl's hand and turn it over palm up. It would help if you could lay it against a flat surface so that you could do this all with one hand. Spread it open and casually examine it, I'd sightly lean towards it and squint your eyes at it. Then let go and go back to what you were doing.. don't offer an explanation.

Her:"Wait why'd you do that..?"

Look at her, multitude of expressions you could have on your face at this moment,

YOu: "I just was checkin' your palm- multitude of little traits I look for that I don't really like in women.." Go back to what you were doing..

Her:"What were you checking for.."

YOu:"I just wanted to make sure you weren't a daddy's little girl.. I check the distance between your lifeline and the fleshy underpart under the thumb. If they're too close together and the part is chubby.. (look up at her knowingly..) Daddy's little girl. I like strong independent girls that aren't afraid of what others think of them. Spontaneous girls that live in the moment.."

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