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Sometime ago I coined a term called BEING A BLISS. I got the idea when I was watching the film Adaptation.

Bliss is a term when you act like a flower. I would use example of the rose. Rose is a flower which spreads its fragrance to whoever comes near it. It doesn’t care who the person is, its nature is just to pass joy and wonderful delight to anyone who comes near it. Bliss has the characteristics of all the flowers.

As human we have objection that we will be good to those people who are good to us. You must have heard age old advice "BE YOURSELF." so why do you have to change around people you don't know. It is like an asset to the person. Bliss is the person who DOES NOT GIVE A DAMN, WHAT ANYONE THINKS ABOUT HIM. He is too happy in his own world. He doesn’t need other’s approval to know what he is. He just BRINGS THE PARTY to everywhere he goes. You can spot him from far away because wherever he is standing people are having great time. He knows he is THE SHIT. He is living in NOW. What shall happen shall happen now , screw the past and let Future stay the FUTURE and not now.

Bliss is the person who offers value to everyone who comes in his zone. He listens to everyone without being judgmental of anything. He will help people whenever he can. He would like to grow in open and face challenges which might crush him. He loves the challenge.

“There is no growth in comfort zone and No comfort in Growth.”

Bliss generally ends up being the leader because everyone loves him. He has a Strong IDENTITY, High SELF ESTEEM, AUTHENTICITY, CHARISMA, holds his GROUND, POSITIVE all the way, Presence of the mind. He has a clear sense of reality what his journey is going to be like and how he will travel to his PATH. He is open to any new feedback and knows WHAT IS RIGHT.

Bliss is very rare to find but very easy to live with. He is like the Nature. He has flexibility of water, Power of Fire, Ground to earth and Swing & Unpredictability of the wind.

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