Body Language, Height, and Personal Dominance

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I usually roll out with mostly females, I'll head out to a bar or club with maybe 5 or 6 of my female friends. They love me, but sometimes I gotta stay away while they're doing their thing. Because they don't get approached when I'm around. And when they do, the first question the guy will ask is if I'm their boyfriend. If I come around when a guy is talking to one of my girls they treat me with something like deference. I don't get amoged. It just doesn't happen. I like other Alpha males. They are the shit. If I see some random dude with some game I'll walk up and we'll have a kick-ass time. Our conversation will many times consist of us yelling in each other's faces from 8 inches apart. Girls are drawn to it, they like to just being around it. Did I tell you I'm 5'9.5" with my shoes on?

Body language body language body language. Somebody please say it again. I'm not going to go into my background because there is no excuse why everyone doesn't act like me or others with lots of body confidence. Yes, square your shoulders, keep your head up. Look people in the eye- but don't do it like you're looking to fight- if you see some dude trying to lock eyes with you like he wants to escalate, "notice" something else more interesting and look at it. Walk slowly- walk very slowly. When you're going through a crowd of people, don't stop and go, even if you have to walk slower- maintain a constant speed of motion- if you carry yourself the right way it will work. Look at people, if you see something interesting, just look at it, whether it be a person or something happening. When you see something that should evoke a response from you, then give it, it should seem like you're giving your approval to what you're seeing. Allow yourself to get completely engrossed in something you're seeing or experiencing. I will get approached sometimes at this point, I think girls are intrigued by the idea that they're seeing me experience something I like or that is personally engrossing. Plus I think it completely validates any kind of dominant body language I have. Does that make sense? I think someone on here can explain this.

Move somewhat slower, but when you gotta move fast- fuckin' move. Walk with authority. Don't make crazy emotional gestures, with your arms or your facial expressions. Do not lean forward when you walk. Your upper body should look like it's "poised" above your lower body. Move with grace. When you talk to people, don't chase their ear- look at their ear and look like you're talking to it- they'll move closer to hear you. When you do lean forward to talk in someone's ear you will be perceived as explaining something of importance. Now if this is new to you, or you're just down about shit- your boss slammed you at work or you just got a traffic ticket or something, then this might not seem congruent. You might look slightly robotic or stiff. Here are some things to make you seem more natural. Certain points of your body need to remain loose and mobile. Your neck and your waist can be on a swivel. Crane your head around to look at things, even at a slight tilt. Twist around at your waist. Your arms should pretty much remain where they are in relation to your upper body- think boxing. Make "whole body" movements.

Don't be afraid to stand in the middle of the dancefloor, or the middle of an aisle at the supermarket, completely still and calm, and just observe, or handle your personal business, like sending a text message or something. I might be standing in line somewhere, or looking for something at a store, people have no idea I'm there- have taken no notice of me, do not perceive anything special. And then I talk. And everybody looks to see who's talking. I do not give a shit that every single person around knows my business and can hear me ask the cashier where the paper towels are. I speak clearly and loudly. I like to keep a mysterious grin/smile on my face. Unless I don't feel like smiling. If you feel like pouting, fucking pout. Hehe Own your environment and feel comfortable in it.

And do not be afraid to break every single one of these little guidelines if you see the need.

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