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Disclaimer: The information below is one guys ponderings from the field. Thats it. If you use the information presented and get your ass kicked, killed or in trouble this is entirely your fault. For entertainment purposes only.

Why dont people love you?

Why dont you have any friends?

Why dont girls even recognise you?

Why is there no excitement in your life?

Why ... ?

Your not CREATING CHAOS. Your playing it too safe. Not enough people DONT LIKE YOU. Now as you will find out this thinking is counter-intuitive but thats the point. Anything in this game that is successful is counter-intuitive.

Chaos Creation 101:

Fuck with girls and create something out of nothing, get creative. Go absolutely BOMB some sets when you get in the club like walk up and tell girls "I Love You" as the opener and any other retarted stuff. The point is to get KNOWN.

Talk to yourself in a PIMP way. Like last night I was out and there was two girls, one I had already been with... and the other looked like my ex GF so im like "oh I can't leave here tonight without banging this girl - I will not be able to LIVE without it". The one I had been with is getting lovey on me and the new one is giving me resistance cos her best friend is in love with me...

Plowing through I managed to piss off the lovey one (who ran home) and caveman the exgf lookalike home for sex. No cuddling afterwards, just showed her to the door and that was that.

Consequences: Girls will not like you. Guys will fight you. But do you care ? Nope - you think its FUNNY.

The point is people are REACTING TO YOU. When a girl says "I hate that guy hes always making out with a new girl" i see it as an easy ticket to bed. When a girl is PISSED at you she is emotionally reacting to you - this means it can be turned around into something positive.

Think about it - how many girls are reacting to your every move? like think right now as you read this how many girls have YOU on their mind for whatever reason?

Last weekend I pulled a threesome where afterwards one of the girls cried because her best friend is in love with me and she feels guilty. Yet she will still sleep with me. The nature of women.

Remember tht golden rule: THEY JUST WANT TO BE BENT OVER

When you see that hottie stunner at the bar remember... she just wants to be bent over

When you are talking to your friends mom and shes banging hot remember... she just wants to be bent over

When you are wondering wether or not you should go for her number remember... she just wants to be bent over

When you are thinking about wether to approach or not (heaven forbid) remember... she just wants to be bent over

this sentence should be repeated in your head like a song every time a girl is around "They just want to be bent over"

This is what is means to have natural game. You do not give a fuck to the core - and it shows. Social norms are broken. Back in the day people thought the world was flat and anyone who thought otherwise was stupid. Well today people think cheating on your girlfriend is a bad thing... hehe (truth is so do I actually) just making a point.

Look at a guy like jlaix - do all people like him... no! when he wears a pink suit out to guys get pissed and hate him - yes? but thats why girls will roll up on him.

Lets talk a bit about potential now... a thought to ponder from me to you:

It is easy to look at a guy, with his nice girlfriend and small apartment and say "Jimmy has made a great life for himself".

However, it is not known to the casual observer that Jimmy, as does every guy on the planet, had the potential to get harem of stunning model girlfriends... the knowledge (skillset) he could have acquired along the way would lead his life in a new perspective to which Jimmy could have even had the passion ignited to start his own business and become massively wealthy, successful and have a kingdom of great friends due to his built social smarts and skills... this is potential. Potential is and elusive character... because you cannot SEE it with your eyes. You can only see his nice girlfriend and small apartment.

It is the unseen - the vision, that is the most important part of the quest for glory.

Some of you guys are struggling in this area... so was I. More than you can imagine. But I always had the vision. When I started girls thought I was a literal retard... but I still had the vision.

You know what im talking about.

Am I saying go and cause a menace to other people? no. Am I saying go and be a cockhead uncalibrated C&F user? no. Am I saying when a guy fucks with you, you should lay him the fuck out? yes. no. maybe. hehe.

Be a man. Get KNOWN! thats what im saying.

chariot of desire j

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