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Chode is a person with the following characteristics.
- They don't know who they are.
- They don't know what they value.
- They don't know what they're apreciative for so they're dissatisfied.
- They don't know how their emotions work.
- They have no vision out of life.
- They don't know why certain influences are corrupting them, and which ones are positive.

They are scattered. They are without center. They are living in reaction.

An example of chode behaviour

Even though on the surface level, constantly going out and buying new things (i.e. Clothes, Glasses, Shoes, 
Cars, Watches, Houses, Furniture, Faces) is beneficial, you're establishing a pattern where you are
constantly living up to other people's standards. In other words, you are establishing a pattern where
you are living in reaction. And even though those patterns may seem innocent, on a much deeper subconscious level,
they are messing you up. The result of these patterns have you trying to meet what you think are other
peoples standards, instead of trying to meet your own standards.

(Taken from Disc 4 of the Blueprint:Decoded video. Slightly edited.)

-John Galt

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