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This is a common issue I see all the time in-field. I'm not talking about closing in the one-on-one micro sense, but closing as part of a larger macro-strategy to leave the club with the hottest girl possible..

As always, I refer back to program -- opened, isolated, escalated, closed (madeout) with 3 different girls in the club, creating the bubble of love, flawlessly natural, but didn't extract any of them at the end of the night!

The problem is that if you escalate an interaction sexually too early in the night (like around 10-11pm, and the girls aren't leaving until 2am), you get the makeout, start fooling around, get her into a really sexual state, but her BT often drops off an hour-or-so into the interaction, especially if she is with friends and out to have a good time. You are golden, but it makes you look like a chode sitting around waiting for extraction, or trying to push hard for an extraction..

A much stronger look is to calibrate your timing and rhytmn -- get the interaction to a perfect point, where you have number-closed, befriended the group, but haven't pushed things sexually (but maintained tension), then you can leave it on ice until you see fit. As with my recent threesome FRs, you first need to build a lot of rapport; occupying this golden almost-gay-best-friend space with the girls, and maintaining tension and just being smooth and cool, waiting, then BAM completely dominate them when the timing and logistics are right

Girls are fucking masters of subcommunication.. if you are smooth and haven't closed them down (madeout), they will still be able to pick-up on even the slighest hint of your intent >> JUST BE COOL AND IT WILL BUILD TENSION

The more I am using this macro-calibration across sets in-field and not closing them down hard immediately, the more I am convinced that I'm finding a happy median between HARD natural game (SNLs, ONS', and super-slick and efficient bootcamp-style hard pickup) and traditional solid game (number-close, makeout, day2, kino escalation, etc.) .. In my experience anyway, with the true 9's and 10's you need to run more solid game and be much more aloof and smooth to succeed

I can sum it up by saying that my general strategy is now

  • Vibe HARD to build up good rapport and history
  • Number-close as early as possible
  • Build and mantain mild sexual tension.. kino, invading personal space, etc.
  • Be cool and don't push for anything (don't look like a fucking player)
  • Roll out the big guns (DOMINATE HARD) when the logistics are right

The 'don't look like a fucking player' is so important .. I've seen so many guys in-field lately that are coming across as blatant players, and the girls are picking up on this and eye-coding each other

Anyway, this stragegy gives you options to roll-off when you see hotter girls. Don't get me wrong, you can close a girl down hard if it's near the end of the night -- I'm just talking about running a lot of sets over maybe a 3-4 hour period and not putting your eggs in one basket

The only issue I've seen with this approach in places like Vegas or London, (with a lot of tourists) is that you could be supercool and golden with a set, number-closed, and even made out.. leave the set for an hour or so, to come back to find the girls making out with guys that have moved in. I guess its just logistics and timing. Anyway, the only reason you'd roll off a set of 8's is to try and pick up some 9's that had just turned up ;]

sauce, by Junior Spesh

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