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Consistency is key to succeed in any skill be it pu or badminton. I don’t know anybody that have succeeded on anything who hasn’t been consistent at practicing.

That´s why a typical bar brawler with no formal boxing training can nail a guy with a punch and knock him down cold. He has been in many fights and knows what works.

Same way your typical club amog can approach your set and intimidate you and get your girl and you been reading amoging technique for years. The guy knows what works. He has done it many times. The hardest amogs I have ever encountered are the physical ones, they come in half drunk at times, grab your girl by the hand and wont let go. They stick around even though you block them with your body. They know it works. They stick and keep talking to your girl and grab her and don’t give up. They are consistent and committed to amoging you.

This is the elusive obvious.

The information on what do do is all over the place. If you don’t want to read in the forums go to a club and watch.

Everybody knows what to do, it can be found in any forum in the net FOR FREE. I don’t mind giving away the content of my bcs to anybody on paper. He wouldn’t know what to do with it. content is free.

Everybody can open with anything even introducing yourself works. Introducing yourself actually works CONSISTENTLY. If you do it often it will yield lays.

Everybody knows how to hook a set. Keep talking no matter what. You do this often it will yield lays. Consistently.

Everybody knows isolation tactics and extractions. Keep dragging girls around the club with lame excuses like “let´s go meet my best friend”, “lets go dance”, “lets go the bar”…and finally “lets get out of here”. You do this often enough, CONSISTENTLY, it will yield lays.

But most guys wont do this. consistently. They end up not doing anything or what´s worse doing it inconsistently.

Inconsistent practice yields inconsistent results. No secret there.

What do most guys do instead?

Well, some go and try to find something that would work most of the time that would eliminate the drudgery of trial and error. Frustration of practice MUST BE AVOIDED at all cost or so they imagine. therefore more time is spent looking for the right thing to do aka “right method” than actually doing anything. When he finds something right for him, then he tries it for a while aka a couple of nights on a couple of sets and decides it only works 50 percent of the time. Notice that the guy opened 2 sets and it worked on 1 out of 2 girls. Pretty fucking decent for free internet advice. Guy stops practicing and keeps looking for “better”. He is unconsciously looking for the magic pill.

I am a firm believer that almost anything works, that´s why I don’t worry about any specific method anymore. I know if you practice hard enough, long enough you are gonna end up laid somehow. Even against the odds of your dumbest ass attempts. Consistency goes beyond any particular method. It is at the heart of any skill. No consistency, no dice.

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