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The key to bedding any woman, no matter what she looks like, is tests. I have found recently that if I love her cuteness, like she is a sweet little insecure scared girl who is looking for a real masculine man...that I will pass all her tests. I am going to explain tests in a minute in a way that may be different or may not be different then your current comprehension. It may or may not work for you. Let's get back on point though. Some guys say it's bad to view everything she does that is not supportive of the seduction as a test. That it makes you paranoid. This is why it's best to be able to view her as lovably cute and sweet, but insecure and scared and in need of your masculinity. Think of it like you just want to hold her and make her feel safe. Poor little thing. If you can see her like that then you can view anything she does counterproductive with empathy, and you can be patient and confident with her. In fact the more difficult she makes it, the more cute she will become. This is the first step.

Now let me explain why they test:

They test because it is in their nature subconsciously and consciously. She has a vagina and you have a dick. Your job is to TAKE her. Some women even understand on a very CONSCIOUS level, that the more difficult she makes it for you, the better the sex will be when it happens and the more alive both of you will feel. This is why these creatures seem so complex. They can monitor their attraction level. In today's society we have a pussy power phenominan. Women want to feel in control. This is because of societies trend and this is also because she has been hurt. At some point in her life a guy has come into it, dominated and taken complete control of her emotions and had her on a string like a puppet...and then he made her worse nightmares come true. He broke her trust, her self esteem was damaged, and she vowed never to let herself get like that over a man again. So there are a lot of factors going on here. The women want the power because they don't want to get hurt. They know the more emotional you can get them, or the better at game that you are, or the more control over them that you have....the more likely they are going to be at your mercy.

So they are going to do things to shake your confidence as a man. They want to prove your not a real man. They want to do things to make you lose your confidence. They WANT to challenge you so that you will do something to lower their attraction so that they can have the upper hand and make a rational decision about you. They WANT to use logic.

The tests they pull:

LMR Logic talk Debating Talking about boyfriends Not complying Flaking Not following instructions Trying to insult you Tricky questions that have no right answer Trying to make the sarge go backwards

In short..anything that is against the seduction going forward. They will try one thing after another and break out all the tricks. I even had one girl taunt me as we got into a chess match once with all this stuff. They know when your spitting game guys. They know. They know what will happen if they don't stop you. They don't want to feel like they have no power, and they don't want to feel like a slut, and they need to feel like your a real all these things combine to make them do these things....but deep down they WANT you to win. They are getting wet and me. They want you. I have had this verified by several women, and many naturals.

So what do you do?

Well after you go in with the playful banter cocky funny shit for a minute or two, and you guys are at the point where you are screening her and actually building a connection a little...she is going to try to take the sarge backwards. Don't let her. Screen. If she messes with you or tests you, give her a nonapproval look and say "why would you say that?"...just make sure that you keep screening. It should almost be like YOUR the parent and she is being an immature little girl...but she is still kinda cute. You need enough confidence for the both of you...maybe she is not grown up enough to handle an adult conversation...I don't know. Just don't let her keep things superficial. Don't get all deep, lovy dovy, and relationship stuff either. Just be cool, laid back, get her talking, and talk. Keep it real but smooth. Don't let her fuck it up. Once she see's she can't go backward..she will reject some of your kino and she will also try to get the convo going down towards girlfriend stuff. This is common. Don't let her. She will also try to turn the screening around..this is common. She will give dirty looks and try to act above what your saying. Don't take it personally. Stay confident. Keep screening. Keep your composure. Let her know that your not fallin for her shit indirectly. Let her know that you know the score. You know whats going on.

Always make sure that when your getting her to do something with you that you are making it not sexual. There must be barriers. When you start to physically escalate she will resist. She wants sex really bad but she must resist or she is a slut. This is all she has left. All her other tests failed. She knows you know the score. She knows your a player. She knows you want to fuck her, she even knows she wants to fuck you. However this is the only thing she has left as a woman. The only power she has is to keep her legs closed and she will probably demonstrate that power. Be cool. Be patient. Hold her. Tell her you understand. Tell her it's ok, and that we can do it when she is ready. Then do something else with her. Then try again. She knows your a pimp and now she needs to know 2 things:

1) she needs to know you dont think she is a slut, and know that she is not a slut

she wants to feel like she did EVERYTHING she could to stop it...and that there was NOTHING she could have done. That's dominance guys. That's being a man...and when she can know that beyond a shadow of a doubt she will orgasm within 5 minutes tops and be a wild out of control animal in bed. Hold her down, talk dirty, switch between dominance and sensual and give it to her good and she is really going to be hooked.

2) She wants to know that even though you are a player...your not just out for a notch in your belt...that you actually do care about her...even if it is just for one night. She wants to feel safe. She wants to feel special. Don't tell her she is special..SHOW her she is special by being patient and laid back and cool about it. She is still just a cute and insecure little girl who needs to feel accepted.


Don't act condesending with her, that's not what I mean by the insecure little girl thing. It also doesn't mean I am a pedefile. =-) It just is a way for you to not take anything personally in your mind, and plus most women act the way they do because of insecurities formed in their subconscious mind at young ages. They are generally weak guys, that's why they put up tough acts. Be the MAN.

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