Developing Tight Inner Game

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Piece and Greetings,

Someone recently asked me about how to develop tight inner game. It was a good question, and caught me in just the right reflective mood.

The Blueprint is easily the best resource out there for the kind of inner game [I]you[/I] guys want to develop. Fills in the gaps, solidifies.

Anyways.. I see all things from this perspective: Remember, in the way you do anything.. you do.. everything.

Your inner game is a reflection of how you [I]shape[/I] and live your life.

I believe all inner-game is self-mastery.. comfort in projecting yourself outwards into your environment, trusting your right to influence your environment and fully internalizing the idea that any future situation you find yourself in, you [I]will[/I] be able to maintain and control.

Solid inner game is this: [I]action[/I] following thought. If you are not controlling events in your own life, you will feel beta-ed at a very fundamental level. Set aside a certain amount of time every day to be proactive about life administration. PURSUE the things you need to get done in your life. Control your time management and life organization and you will build and grow masculine fulfillment. This is self-mastery

Remember you will get from your environment, and other people, exactly what you give yourself permission to take. Project. Your environment is your own. Shape it, influence it, influence those who are in it. Do you only [I]attempt [/I]this? No. Do you show signs of self-doubt? No. How would that make sense. There are those who shape their environments, and those who react to them. Which one will [I]you[/I] be. You have all seen and experienced what it is to take your environment for your own. Continue to choose to do so. You have the tools. You have the will. Do not take any other answer but your own.

Do not fear the future. Instead [I]throw[/I] yourself forward into it, because when you do, you will realize you actually DO have the faculties to take care of any situation you face.. that you're not actually "throwing" yourself into it, but just experiencing more of life. In this way, you are acting through YOUR intentions, rather than just reacting to whatever happens. This builds self-mastery

And remember.. the baseline foundation and reset to your guys' minds and bodies, is physical exertion. You must be able to project physical control over your own bodies to feel self-mastery. If you guys are not physically exerting yourselves every day, you are committing a biological mistake. Excess bodily chemicals, and mental pressure stagnate inside you. Your body is your tool. Use it. Do not let it run the show.

The Now will help you in all of this. It is the baseline you act and think from. Ciaran is right, get Tolle on audio and listen to his snippety ass every day. Are you on a run and feeling fatigued? Enter the Now. Are you wondering if you should explode on that mixed 6 set? Enter the Now. Are you feeling social pressure to perform? Is someone else projecting at you. Enter the Now.

That is all

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