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Social robot: righto.

What I'm here to write about today is the notion of not being here to fornicate arachnids. A lot have asked me what the fuck does this mean. Fornicate means to have sex with, arachnids more obviously refers to spiders. We're not here to fuck spiders, as in, were here to get down to business.

And, I believe this is an issue only relevant to this forum. I don't think there is too many other guys encountering this problem. Only the sex-worthy guys of the world encounter this problem.

First, time to pre-establish the notion of sex worthy guy. This is the guy who is intrinsically higher value than the girl, indifferent, place of abundance, experienced positive and dominant. This guy exposes a girl to a range of emotions in the form of 'chatting her up'. For a guy who is intrinsically higher value, his ability to attract her is simply a function of his ability to put his personality on the line. Charisma and a range of expression. Unapologetic.

Cool, established, onwards.

Now for these sorts of guys, lots get caught in some bullshit ego trap and think that it's enough just to become the sex worthy guy and open less and play less 'game'. If you don't play by the rules, your simply not in the game. The alternate option is sitting on the side, drink to chest watching.

These sorts of dudes, if opened are magic. No doubt. The classic natural. However these naturals will never come close to the self actualized because they can't do the most pivotal part of pick up...

The approach.

Alpha as he may be, rest assure that anyone reading this will always trump a man scared to risk a conversation with a girl. And in most cases, the self actualized man is learned of all possible contingencies, and can execute.

But the final hurdle that most guys make is the following. Their internal compass clicks form the entertainer man zone into the sexworthy guy zone. Identity level change. But overtly and logistically they then neglect that that is exactly what they have become and remain underneath their own glass ceiling of success.

Essentially, when a guy learns about game, he becomes the entertainer man. Enlightened and consciously aware of his game unconsciousness he learns some lines and gets out into the field.

No more internet south park and less world of warcraft. As his experience compiles his inner game becomes more and more restored. And with the resources such as the forum, the Blog and our products his head is at the light speed thrust into the right space.

I did it, Tyler did it, Jeffy did it, so did ALOT of RSDNation.

Plasticity of the brain. People can learn. Internally you are sorted. But a lot of guys get into some weird negative headspace about the means and 'tactics' that once was the causality for closing.

"Pffft dude, check out that chode doing a palm reading. He must be a desperate creep. I wonder where he keeps his wand."

As though they were above the game. They neglect to approaching too much, no one knows just how cool they are as they keep it bottled up inside of them, resting on their laurels. Don't play by the rules and you're not in the game.

Kinda like Paris Hilton. Paris, egotistically was under the impression that she was above the rules. That she was above reality as so many celebrities do. As a result: jail, out of the game.

Same with rehabilitation or negative public image. A person's value is only as potent as their application of their self.

There is incongruence when a man actually goes through identity level change and self actualization. He will feel that he no longer needs to 'button push' or palm read. That he his above it, which I certainly agree with. That sort of thing can be a great set of training wheels. But what then does he say?

Entertainer man says entertaining things, what does sexworthy man say?

Now, there is nothing wrong with saying the entertaining 'routine' type stuff. They are fun little social things. Except now, the self actualized individual is now coming from a different place.

He is saying these things now to entertain himself, rather to engage and impress others. There is no outcome dependence. Like the music, it plays without intervention.

Offering value to all whose ears it falls upon, but ultimatly is simply an expression of itself.

But once you make that transition all that 'routinesy' type stuff is all pretty chode and goes and hand in hand with peacocking and indirect methodology. Ultimately it's incongruent with who and what you are as a guy.

Why can't naturals fully 'get' logical processes? They don't need to. Sure there would be a few principles and maneuvers that would amp their game but ultimately learning game is regression for a natural.

A natural alpha male guy is intrinsically higher value.

He naturally knows that if he just keeps on talking he will inspire the range of emotions in the girl. Simply the fact that he is a certain type of guy is enough. Higher value plus emotions equals attraction.

The learned sexworthy guy understand principles like escalation, realizes that its always on, and makes the most out of so may more opportunities than the born natural waiting for green lights to escalate and approach.

Once you make that mindset change from entertaining and sexworthy, stop entertaining and start being more sexual.

A lot of guys got laid more being the entertainer routine guy than making harmony with their new sexual state consequently repress it. Incongruence is a difference between the projected self and the actual self, ego and self esteem. Incongruent guys aren't attractive, congruent guys are the definition of integrity and are attractive.

When you make the shift, get sexual. Direct, statements of intent. Dominant escalation with a positive frame. Unapologetic. You are what you are, embrace it, express it. Integrity is very attractive.

Usually this isn't a problem for natural guys. They are the epitome of incorrigible. Alternatively the learned sexworthy guy needs to be aware of this incongruence and act through his own intentions. Cease the suppression of who and what he is and tell the girl what he's thinking.

What words should he say and what actions should he make?

That's a whole 'nother 'how to' article.

The glory is in the game. And dreamtimes.


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