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Damn. I am so grateful for what this game has done for me. That's the most fitting start to this report that I can think of.

I met this girl on myspace, exchanged a few messages, got her number. She told me she was having a party, I told her I better be invited.

We AIM back and forth, she want's it bad. She tells me that we're playing spin the bottle and truth or dare at the party. And what's more, she like wrote up a whole list of rules for them. I'm like WTF aren't you a highschool senior? Anyways tell her about my personal vendetta against spin the bottle. If people want to make out they should just make out.

Arrive at the party, meet the chick. Pretty cute. Decent looks, awesome personality. Brings me upstairs. People are just sitting around not doing much. Pretty high value dudes she hangs out. As soon as I walk into the room I'm making eye contact with girls, my high value is evident. I just start vibing with everybody, end up being the social context of the party in a very short time.

A note about "Bringing the Party": I was actually pretty low energy at this party, so I wasn't "the life of the party" as I often am. However, I quickly established myself as the social context, meaning, If I was having fun, Everybody was having fun. That's really what "Bringing the Party" is all about.

So anyways, I've established myself as the social context (not as a calculated move or anything, just... happened). My chick spends like 10 minutes trying to get an ipod playlist to work, while we keep talking. Again, not running my mouth, but when I talk, people listen. Anyways the music is taking to long so I go over and tell her just to put on ANYTHING, this party needs music.

She puts on her brother's Akon CD. Good, music, mood set. We continue vibing for another 10 minutes, while a few people arrive and we try to figure out shit to do. The logistics work out crazy well. Besides for one fat friend, every girl is interested in a different dude. The music is there, which helps, but the mood isn't fun. I say that something needs to be done. I mention her "list" and after much teasing she goes to get it. Suddenly everybody crowds around to look at this thing... the party has started.

Finally everybody convinces me to play spin the bottle. I still think it's chode but whatever.

The bottle is sitting in the middle of the circle, everybody is standing around all nervous and awkward, noone wants to be the first one. As if one cue, everybody turns and looks at me... social context. I spin.

The bottle lands on the chick next to me.

okay... so uhh, where should we... uhhh, go... to.. uhhh...

I grab her and make out with her.

Everybody relaxes... social context.

Go around a few times, land on a dude once and I kiss him on the cheek. I was the only dude who actually did it... pussies . Land on a chick, she was chewing bubble gum. I tell her she tastes sweet.This whole time my chick is hoping to land on me. Doesn't happen. Whatever. fuck this spin the bottle shit. I grab her and make out with her in the middle of somebody elses turn. I tell her she tastes sweet too. She shows me the gum in her mouth... hehe whoops. Some girl asks if that was just a "random one". I say that that's what spin the bottle SHOULD BE, if you want to make out, make out.

Anyways spin the bottle is starting to get pretty chodely, so I decide to switch it up. I propose Strip-spin the bottle. Guys are all for it, girls need one reaasurance "you can stop when you want to", everybody goes and puts on fourty extra layers, and the game begins.

We play a bit. My chick is down to her underwear and shirt without a bra. I make a new rule. If you don't want to take something off, someone else gets to decide what that person has to do instead.

So at this point everybody likes me, I'm the social context, and I'm also established as an alpha as well. I'm also down to my pants with no belt. My chick lands on herself, she doesn't want to take anything else off (understandably) so her fat friend gets to tell her something to do. Her friend tells her to go get whip cream... she ends up coming back up with pizza.

We all put some clothes back on, eat our pizza. I can see her friend is still planning something, obviously to do with me. I realize I have to go, and go around everywhere looking for my coat. Everybody helps me when they see I'm serious. I check downstairs. Come back upstairs...

One of my dudes goes "what's up stud"... haha oh boy I'm in for a treat. I can't find my coat.

My chick says: Hmmm did it end up in my room somehow She goes to check. Her friend turns to me: Go WITH HER! As soon as I step into the hallway the door closes behind me. Friend screams from behind the door:that's what you have to do, you have to go in her room with her

My girl looks back at me as she enters her room: They think I'm gonna give you a blowjob That'd be nice.

Go in her room, we kiss. push her down onto the bed, make out on top of her Hear giggling outside, see an eye, through the hole in the doorway. The door might have even opened at some point while we were making out.

Quick logistics check:

1. I was supposed to have left ten minutes ago, I don't know where my phone is, and in all likelihood my dad is here and waiting downstairs. 2. There are people from the party giggling outside the door. 3. There is a hole in said door, through which said people can look. 4. Aforementioned door has a broken lock.

People leave I think, after she goes out and scares them a few times. We're on the bed making out, now she's on top of me. and oh yah, she's not wearing a bra. I start playing with her boobs, Then I'm just like fuck this I got to go. Maybe it was the people outside. Maybe it was the fact that I was late. Either way, I broke rule number 3... I was a pussy. Shoulda closed... the one thing I could have REALLY done better in this FR. I tell her I have to go. Kiss her, and say "We'll finish this later."

Go back into the rooom... the game was continuing.

One of her friends looks at her:We're mad at you I SWEAR we didn't do anything! other friend:We know, that's why we're mad.

Sexworthiness... she had an opportunity to have sex with me, and passed it up... her friends are mad at her for that. I am Sexworthy.

People are busting her balls, someone calls me her makeout buddy.

"I see, that's all I AM to you guys huh, her makeout buddy?

I grab her and makeout.

I leave, with a bunch new numbers and party invites.

Learning Points: Remember rule number 3. Be the social context.

To quote Roxis:

Fuckin' METAL!

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