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this week i posted a thread on laser eyes, and referenced Daniel Day-Lewis. So what did i do this week? I rented out "Gangs of New York" on DVD and modelled the fucker. That's how we boyz at RSD roll right?!

So i go out tonight and apply my lessons. My knowledge. They say don't ping, but it's hard when bitches from all over the room are trying to lock horns with laser eyes.

The venues tight. There are 2 HB10's here, no doubt. I have to open one of them. I put pressure on myself to open one by telling my wing "watch this". Step up Jedi. Hold it you fucker. The magic tap of desire:

Jedi: "hey we met the other week, i can't believe you forgot, you gave me a birthday kiss and all" (laser eyes locked) Turbo: "did i?" Jedi: "that's cool, a lot of girls did that night, I'm Jedi" Turbo: "Hi, how's your night going" (she knows i ain't budging).

yada, yada, yada, turns out she's got a BF. But it doesn't mater, i'm the only dude in the joint who's got the balls to cold approach this bitch. My state is boiling over now.

Make my way over to the toilet to take a piss. Gotta negotiate the dfloor. Chicks everywhere. Laser eyes lock again. HBblonde this time:

Jedi: come here you naughty girl (CLAW) HBblonde: Hi my names... Jedi: Cool, you smell nice, lemme guess your perfume (slowly smells neck along her corotid artery - feels her adrenaline shoot). HB: that felt nice Jedi: k-clowseeeee

Bounce to toilet. State is erupting.

Do a lap, find wing, head to bar. Approaching bar, laser eyes lock again, new HBblonde2. No opener, just claw (laser eyes are the opener!). Move to the bar to order my drink - she starts grinding me from behind. While her cunt is rubbing against my arse i reach over - k-clowseeee.

Need mah drank.

Moral of the story - laser eyes. Seriously, your opener means shit without them. The subcommunication is enormous. It's almost cheating that's how easy it is.

Apply, and report back.

Over and out.


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