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Release Date: August 22, 2006

The Foundations Program is billed as "The Complete 'How To' System To Getting The Women You Want". Hosted by RSD Executive Producer Tyler Durden, this 8 DVD set teaches you the following:

• How to SHIFT YOUR THINKING to that of a genuinely cool guy. By addressing the layers of societal conditioning, all the myths that have prevented you from building your confidence and social skills are stripped away in order for you to become the naturally attractive guy you are meant to be.

• How to create massively strong INNER GAME by holding your own while learning how to get good with women. These are the SPECIFIC ways skills can be strengthened everyday, creating a proactive game-plan. Learn how to IMPLEMENT LASTING HABITS in your personality, ELIMINATING jealousy, insecurity, or neediness with women.

• A detailed plan on how to become the man who is CONFIDENT in every single situation and who knows how to withstand social pressure. By breaking down female psychology for you, you'll learn the potent and specific ways that you can eliminate your weak thought patterns permanently.

• A METICULOUS and THOROUGH STEP-BY-STEP BREAKDOWN on the 8 elements of any GOOD PICKUP. Walking you through the whole process and through every possible scenario with hundreds of instantly usable specific tips, you'll be able to immediately implement strategies and see your success skyrocket. Every single aspect is covered in detail so that you can automatically cull from the program whenever it comes up.

• A METHODIC system to running a smooth game through ADVANCED LOGISTICS. These are ADVANCED LEVEL tips and rules for Winging, Phone Game, Sexual Techniques, and Dating Advice for taking the pickup to the next level. The wealth of information here could have been released as a separate program.

This aptly-named program instills in you the confidence and enables you to achieve what you previously thought impossible.


• How to make the world your pickup lab. I set out a learning path that you can follow during a short period of your life that is designed to have you interacting with women constantly.

• Techniques to progressively desensitize yourself to being around women and taking the lead.

• The reason why most guys never realize when a woman is looking for a short-term sexual encounter.

• How to emotionally persuade women into liking you, as opposed to trying to get a logical response.

• Powerful exercises to become a better person for women to be with, inside and out.

• A detailed explanation on how to befriend large groups of people, handle social pressure, and out-alpha guys.

• How to improve your conversational skills so that you are always adding value to any interaction.

• Specific strategies to refining and testing your sexual vibing skills

• An analysis of a seminal book on female sexuality.

• A guide to getting all the body language fundamentals down for good.

• The 6 traits that will inform women all they need to know about your confidence level.

• The most insightful and detailed explanation of female psychology…EVER! (You could study sexology and psychology for YEARS and not even come close to the details revealed here!)

• Proven field-worthy formulas for changing a woman’s mood.

• How to build a lifestyle that engages women’s sexual interest.

• The astonishing truths behind the “Secret Society,” discovered many years ago and only being shared now.

• A complete breakdown of club dynamics: why girls are drawn to them, and how to hold court in a variety of situations.

• How to tailor your game in ways that address the value matrix of the most attractive girls.

• Various examples of how submissive roles are used – and how to avoid being pushed into them.

• The 15 field-tested, surefire responses to congruence tests, including how to maintain the stronger frame at all times.

• The game should be fun! Ways to keep you engaged and focused on your long-term goals without ever viewing this as work.

This program is available at Foundations

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