Friday Afternoon Euphoria

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What I want to talk about today is that “feeling” you get when you finish your work or schooling week.

Counting down the clock until that final bell goes off and you can loosen your double Windsor and unleash yourself into the world.

It’s that awesome childlike euphoria of having no responsibilities, looking down the barrel of a long hot crazy summer spent by the beaches chasing girls, hanging with the boys and directing the “show” that is your life.

(A show where every new influence and adventure becomes a more and more epic saga).

To me, this is the inner feeling that is the foundation of success.

People always say that you’ll find love when you least expect it. This is so true, but more important is that in understanding this you can personally catalyze the “love making” process for yourself. YOU are the director of this plot.

What is it that makes a guy attractive? What’s the magic formula?

On a scientific or micro-analysis level, I really couldn’t tell you.

What’s important is that on a PRAGMATIC level it really only comes down to two important factors.

First, be “higher value” than the girl in your interaction with her. That is, cooler than her and giving less of a fuck than she does.

And second, exposing the girl to a full range of emotions… both positive and negative, exiting and scary, thrills and uncertainty.

Higher value + the exposure to a full range of emotions = attraction… and the world lives in reaction to you. That’s the key.

In understanding this I give myself the license to relinquish any responsibility of caring what anyone thinks of me.

Sweet, “I’ll do what I want, when I want.”

When we’re in a nightclub the RSD guys and I often joke around that “we own THIS world”. I can’t begin to describe the powers of this notion, because perception is projection.

Oftentimes guys will see a girl that they like and try to “deploy” their higher value mode.

Guys, I can’t tell you how much this sucks.

Just come from a place of higher value ALL THE TIME, that way all the girls will like you… all of the time.

It makes getting the prettiest girls a lot easier that way, no??

Buuuuuuuut, sometimes girls won’t know that you are the man -- that you’re a cool.

The way to let them know is to give them a chance to get to know you, and the more you dictate things, lead the show, and involve her in your adventures… the more you’ll be defibrillating her feelings of attraction for you.

The longer you’re congruent with who you are, the more you put your personality on the line… the harder you are to overlook. YOU are the head turner.

I know that the less I’m in my head during an interaction the better it is going to be. I just keep doing the right stuff and I simply won’t be denied.

This might mean I continue talking if she tells me to fuck off or throws a drink at me. But funnily enough, if you’re intrinsically offering value, fun to be around and exciting it will never happen.

If she’s just a bitch or a tool, whatever. It just adds to the frenzy. I kinda feel sorry for these folks to be honest. They completely miss the point of life.

See, when you have that ‘just finished the working week’ feeling swelling around in your viscera, people can’t help but notice the Vinnie Chase smile plastered all over your face and rhythmic bobbing at the knees.

The best way to describe this abstract idea came one day when I was sitting on the bus, feeling pretty down.

As a teenager I used to work at the box factory, dead end no future employment on the horizon, living in a gloomy concrete jungle.

Car broken down and at the mercy of public transport, my liberty was far off in the horizon, well and truly out of sight.

But my ipod was my saving grace… LOL

Whenever I’d turn it on and allow myself to embrace the music it felt amazing. It could instill that sense of summer break euphoria and sometimes even be emotionally moved.

Sometimes for whatever reason, I would resist, I didn’t want to let me self succumb to it. But always, with out exception, I’d be drawn into it tapping my feet or thinking again of the fun I’ve had or the adventures that lay ahead.

In interacting with people after that I thought of it like just BEING THE MUSIC, just like a little kid with the high self esteem, waltzing around with no responsibility, carefree and looking to get the party-adventure started.

This is a lot like having no ego, not defining who you are by external feedback. The influence is only projected from the inside out, the melodic and rhythmic expression of who you are.

The divine responsibility to turn water into wine. I really don’t care how I’m received, I can’t control that… but I put a lot of pride and effort into the way in which I express myself positively either way.

To the guy who doesn’t care how he’s received he can only ever be the highest status person in his life the epitome of cool.

Ultimately everyone around him plays a supporting role by default, living in reaction to him. This is the essence of perpetually communicating higher status.

It’s like the rockstars from Motley Crue. They don’t really give a fuck, sure, but I’m certain that they’re totally wrapped up in the quality of their musical expression.

To me that’s the ultimate “key” to all this: In relinquishing the burden of caring how other people receive you, your focus then shifts to entertaining YOURSELF first and foremost.

You’re outside your head, unpredictable, and you wear the social pressure and social proof like badges of honor on your lapel.

This is the difference between entertainer man and sex worthy guy.

The entertainer man is generating the fun to achieve some goal, to score. The sex worthy man is there for no goal other than himself, he welcomes others into his sphere of glory, they enrich his life and experience.

He is total and complete. No shortcomings to be compensated for.

The entertainer man is not involved for the love of the game, but rather the quick fix, the shortcut and manipulation. The sex worthy man revels in the challenge and the art of the process.

The end-zone is awesome, sure… but in being no stranger to it, it is no longer an elusive entity that he’s scrambling to conquer.

The sex worthy guy is on his path, and he is the star of the show.

He doesn’t watch for overt indications of interest, green lights that permit him to go in and make the move. To him it’s “Always On.”

He goes for what he wants. He wholeheartedly knows that he deserves it. There is no reason why he wouldn’t. He’s not trying to persuade his way into anyone’s party -- he is the positive influence, the ‘x’ factor… the beat.

I really believe that there are a lot of guys out there on the brink of shattering their success barriers and becoming the sex worthy guy.

The finale frontier -- the point of no return -- is disposing of the phone number tally mentality, generating overt reactions, and going home rejection free.

A real man has the “fire in the belly.” He wants the ball when the game is on the line. He has no qualms about show boating to the media: “The champ is here!”

This man will risk reputation to propel his game to the next level. These guys don’t win all the time. The greatest basketball players may have only shot with 65% accuracy from the field. Ali didn’t have a clean sheet. Making the most of every opportunity. Consistency, not perfection.

The sex worthy guy measures a good night by his ability to close the deal. He takes on this ‘trench time’ mentality. He will advance and lead on until he falters. He will take things until they can be taken no further.

Maybe he’ll get blown out on the divine mission of the nightly close. Irrelevant. His has no ego to bruise. He’s masculine, not metro-sexual. The fun is in the chase, the sex worthy man revels in the challenge.

Why do men all around the world play sport??

The gratification is in the challenge, the opportunity to express your self in your rawest state, and an opportunity to shine. The real man revels in the play. This is a man who engages the game to the very end.

So how to you become a sex worthy man??

No amount of moves or routines will get you there. It comes down to the internal shift. All your decisions and interpretations will be filtered through your belief system. All actions will be generated automatically in accordance with who and what you are. You’re “coming from that right place.” Perception is projection.

What then is the right place??

Write your own script, ignore the armchair critics.

Plan your next adventure, make harmony with the fact that no one will ever complete you.

Create opportunities to allow people the chance to compliment you and your path.

Mutual involvement is a source of enrichment. The less you’re out to impress people the more you project a vacuum that will compel others to impress and try for rapport with you.

Nurture the Friday afternoon euphoria.

The weekend is the twilight zone -- embrace it in all its desire.

Remember that not everyone has the opportunity to play the game, to exert their social splendor, to be the start of the show.

At the Altar these men have vowed their retirement from the game… till death do they part.

Gear up for the trenches, button down your shirt and gather your wings. Maybe a few cold drinks, the vertical pulsation of equalizer bars. Strut, swagger, smile, shout. You are the style, the standard, the story.

Its summer break: The weekend comes.

The glamour is in the game.

There is nothing else to worry about.


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