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The aim of this post: To let you become CLOSE FRIENDS into FRIENDS WITH FUN

I won’t say FB’s, because you may not get a fuck all the time- but you will get a girl to get off with you and be intimate in a social venue- which equals social status.

Through my experience with my girlFRIENDS is that:

Every moment is another chance to turn it around

Yes, I’m using an 8 Mile quote. So sue me. Not an 8 Mile Quote..Vanilla Sky Quote

But seriously, think about it logically. She’s already let you into her world as a friend. And the way I see it, there are only a few levels with girls:



1) ACQUAINTANCE – where there is nothing involved between you. If you walk past her, it’s a simple “heya”, and that’s it. You carry on about your way, or she does. You just pass each other by

2) “FRIEND” – I use friend in “ “ marks because you’re not really her friend. You always hear these kinds of lines with the “FRIEND” scenario

“We should meet up. Oh yes. We’ll organise it sometime” “Wow, I haven’t seen you for a while. We should do something” “I havn’t seen you in aaaaaaaaaages. We def need to go out!!!!”

Weeks pass by, even months- and you don’t hear a whisper until you bump into them again. Both of you can’t be arsed. So you’re close, you have casual convo, but you don’t go out your way for each other


3) CLOSE FRIEND – here is where you meet up regularly. You’ve made her comfortable enough, or to like you enough. Lets face it- nowadays, people don’t hang around with people they don’t like physically or emotionally. There has to be SOMETHING. Think about it- would you go up to an ugly person and say “hey, be my friend”? No. So I come from the perspective that she is your close friend, AND meets up with you because you are already let into her world, and she likes you- Which is the basis of all connections and relationships. Or maybe she doesn’t meet up with you if you ask- but if you bump into her, you both act like close friends. That means she’s comfortable with you. Otherwise she’d pass on to somebody else.


4) FUCK BUDDY – maybe you’re a close friend. Or maybe you’re a random stranger. But you have something there between you both to be intimate. If you’re a close friend TO a fuck buddy, you’ve given her the confidence and trust in you that you won’t let the friendship break etc etc

5) OPEN RELATIONSHIP – Similar to fuck buddy, but you have an emotional connection with her. You can sleep around, but you always come back to her and she does you. Personally, I don’t think these work, but some people use the title anyway because it sounds better and more “socially acceptable” than fuck buddy.

6) LOVERS – you’re bonded with each other. You’re past being a close friend, and you’re allowed into her world physically AND emotionally. You have her trust and she has yours. It’s a bond that just fits

So this article is for those who are in the CLOSE FRIEND zone.

The whole process is to assume you already have strong comfort.

So the first step is:

1. BUILD ATTRACTIION Remember my saying? Every moment is another chance to turn it around. Well, same here. Attraction is not a choice as the double D man says, so coming from that perspective- attraction can happen AT ANY MOMENT!! But I’ll be more specific here when it comes to friends.

The reason you’re in that CLOSE FRIEND zone is because you didn’t apply attraction early on, but now- you have comfort there with each other. And you can use that comfort to your advantage.

WHAT STOPS HER FROM THE SEXUAL FUN WITH YOU? Even though you’re in the friend zone with comfort, she still wont do anything with you physically. That’s because she has inner turmoils. The main two are:

1) He’s nice, but I don’t have that GUT feeling about him. I hear it so many times from girls. “He’s such a lovely guy. Aww he’s so sweet.” And I used to say “Yeh okay, be with him then” And they do the “Hmmmmmmm I dunno” thing.

Yeh, you know how it works. You have to get the attraction there. Which requires a step back. But attraction can happen in such a short period of time- aslong as the right buttons are triggered.

2) He’s a friend, and im comfortable. I don’t want to lose him Oof, the comfort is hitting you in the ass here. She doesn’t want to lose you. Does that mean she can’t have fun with you? NO!!! Believe me. I know

The thing is: she believes that she could lose somebody “close”, or you don’t have a gut feeling. So you need to COMMUNICATE both.

Remember: attraction is all about communication.


Whats attractive? High energy Leading- going in like you are the main man of the night Teasing her and flirting with her KINOING HER!!!!! Pulling away after you say a flirty line Social status. Other girls wanting you


Through my experiences I never use roleplay, because if she sees you as a friend- she may trigger off those anti buttons if you say "thats it, im not going to be your boyfriend" She may think, "uhm...yeh, okay. I never wanted you as one anyway"

So BE FLIRTY AND TEASE HER. You can even use your friendship against her where she should look out for you.

Some examples: “What? You’re not buying me a drink? Right. I’m finding a new friend who looks out for me. You’re just crap at this”

“Lets dance…………….(you spin her around and ride your hands down her sides) her: what are you doing? You’re my friend You: yeh, we’re friends. But that girl over there doesn’t know that. Help me out here and look out for me. I promise I’ll help you later with a guy


By passive I mean that you are saying it with no intentions. For example, if you say a flirty line like:

“Oh my God. If you weren’t my friend, I’d be thinking of fucking you right now”

For one, that line is in the past/imaginative tense- so how can she argue with it? Then, (the passive bit) GO STRAIGHT INTO ANOTHER TOPIC! Trust me, you’ve planted the seed. Talk about something else straight away. You don’t stand there looking at her. You take her by the arm, take her to the bar or something and pretend like you never said it. She now knows you think of fucking her.

Those are the kind of things that create attraction with a friend. You go past her anti-fuck a friend thing, but you're subtly showing you're interested. And girls love that. She loves to think, "what did he mean by that?"

So in short, the pointers:

1) Put her in situations where you are using her to make other girls jealous, but she’s a friend and she should help you out. And ALWAYS say, “I promise I’ll do it for you” 2) Tease her. Teasing is always attractive. Even as a friend she’ll flirt back. It’s banter. It keeps things on an edge between you. 3) Add something sexual into your flirting, but make it look like because you’re friends- that’s what stops you.


You’ve planted the seed that you want to fuck her, but she’s not too sure because you pull away by saying “If you weren’t my friend”.

So on top of that, you need to make her realise that you don’t take sex too seriously, and you don’t think girls who sleep around casually are dirty…sluts…and that you wont leave. It’s pretty much the quoting method used in Speed Seduction. I didn’t know I’d been using the method all along, but it DOES work if u do it right

So an example of a story you can elaborate on is:

Your friend has just slept with a close friend, but he’s pulling away now in case he gets too interested, or she gets too interested. (then…) tell her YOUR ALPHA POINT OF VIEW- that you can sleep with a friend, and it’s only a problem for the weak people. Those who are strong-minded can handle a girl going for another guy and being okay with it. (then involve her) follow with... “I mean, if I was to fuck you, I know we’d be fine with it.. Me and you are close and mature enough to do something like that. (now be passive. Don’t keep the thought on her or give her time to retaliate. Go back to your friend) but my friend, he’s not mature enough to handle it. If he was mature enough, he would be able to stay friends with her. And I feel sorry for her. I know all she wanted was to have a bit of fun with a close friend. They felt close so it should have been okay“

By saying "we're both mature and close" is stating something positive about her, and connecting it to an action. So in her mind, she's subconsciously thinking- "If i reject doing it, does that mean i'm not mature and strong?" etc...

So... You are quoting HER feelings BACK to her. You are showing you understand her in an indirect way You are expressing that you can handle the consequences And you are elaborating on the fact that you have thought about fucking her


It surprises me the amount of guys/friends I see with a girl who sees him as a close friend, and yet he’s petrified of talking about sex or intimate things with her.


I know, it’s insane, I bowed my head in shame as well

Seriously, if she has you as a friend- fine, MAKE HER PAY FOR IT!!! Talk to her about sexual things. I mean why not? You’re friends! You’re not after anything.

So first of all, apply the attractive personality……..get her to feel confident that you will not go away from her afterwards. Indirectly suggest to her that you understand……

PLANT THE SEEDS FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t do that right, you’re fucked- and not in the way you like it

So assuming you have her interested How do you know she's thinking about doing something about it?

She gives you IOIs She gives stories back that she’d be okay with it. she quotes back her friends, or comments about your friend etc. She kinos back She lets you get away with more without the “ur just a friend” getting in the way She will tease you more

Don’t expect too much of IOI's though. You know girls. They play it subtle because they know how it works, and they expect you to pick up on it.

The thing is, when you get ANY sort of IOI- advance a little more, then pull back. Always test the waters.

Brush up her thigh, but don't keep it there so she can brush it away. Put your hand on top of hers, for a SPLIT second. and i mean SPLIT. And don't even look at her, then reach for your drink.

KEEP ADVANCING From now on, its treated like a regular PU because you have attraction and comfort in place.


You’ve done the hard part by planting the seeds every time you see her, or maybe even in one night if you’re good enough at it.

So now, you need to get her horny and talking about sex with you.

Like I said earlier: use your comfort with her to your advantage. You are friends, so shouldn’t you be allowed to talk sexually with her? No matter how explicit and dirty? As long as you have the comfort/rapport- ie you’re in the close friend zone- then she won’t have too many objections about it.

Some lines to use during the seduction so she can’t argue…. “we’re friends here, we can be open. We know we won’t judge” “I trust you, so I can tell you about…………” “I mean you could judge me for this, but I know you’re my friend” "Aw c'mon. We're friends. If you can't tell a friend who can you tell? (then bust her a little)

One story that always works for me:


"You know what? I have this friend who ALWAYS looks out for me. Seriously, she is great. (jealousy). So I want to do something good for her because it’s her birthday soon. And lately we’ve been talking about ann summers stuff (you make her know you talk to other friends openly)….and she's been hinting that she wants something from there. But I don’t know what to get her that doesn't say 'You know what. If I get you it- I’m fucking you in it'."

In that last line you plant the seed that even though you can be sexual with a girl- it’s no big deal. You can handle it

If she suggests vouchers. Say, “well she SAID she wanted the rampant rabbit”

NOW she has competition. She’ll end up talking about sexual toys, sexy lingerie, and you have the BEST opening to ask sexual questions:

If I got you a rampant rabbit, how often would you use it? What lingerie would you like? Give me a friendly opinion.

I've rushed a little bit, but i hope you pick up on the points that matter.

The one main thing I can say to you is that the key with friends for fun is:


Then it usually just happens because you’re already friends.

For me, we both just get that look with each other when we’re at the bar- and no words are needed. There are no “I wanna kiss you” closes. We just look at each other because we both know what we want.

And i can see it in her eyes, so i just lean in and kiss her.. And believe me- It is soooooooo intense with a close friend.

It’s a “spark” you both get.

Then it’s on from there.

PS: This post was written by Bubs

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