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Fellas, not much filler...just a lot of content in this post. I think this should help a lot of you out, which is my outcome in posting on these boards.

BE WARM AND FRIENDLY IN SET. Too often guys can make there sets run better if they act like cool motherfucking dudes when they go in set rather than straight faced psychos. And yes, this was me for a long time. I can remember whenever I read DYD 2 years ago and David D. mentioned the long gaze, I did this with many a girl. My sister looked at me one time when we were in an airport and asked me what the hell I was doing. I say just be warm and friendly.

If you ever take one of our bootcamps, you’ll see me walk into Mel’s with a warm smile on my face. I like to think that it’s “my house” and I’m going to be warm and engaging. I’m going to smile at every person that catches my glance, and then I’m going to go in set. I usually have every eye on me, and I have a very high close ratio at this diner. I know the manager and always give him dap, and I’ll sometimes bring him into set and make the girls say hi to him. I’ll say something like, “Now, girls this is the manager of Mel’s, you guys be nice to guy. Now, introduce yourselves.” Then, I might leave the set.

Another thing, in diners there’s a lot of eyes on you, so if you can’t vibe and are trying to run a hardcore stack. You’ll probably get a lot of funny looks. IN the same sense, if you go in harcore direct, you’re going to alienate the group and make them all uncomfortable. I advise direct if you’ve caught AI (hardcore AI like she’s staring you down, none of this few second glances, I’m talking about hardcore AI) like Protocol and TD. Afterwards follow up with an opinion opener to use as a conversation piece, sprinkle in some busting on their mannerisms and that should be enough.

PRETEND THAT YOU’RE INTERVIEWING HER TO MAKE HER SEEM LIKE THE MOST INTERESTING PERSON ON THE PLANET. Howard Stern can make an HB11 with an IQ of 75 the most interesting person, can you? I hear guys say that the girls were boring. I’d say that there’s no such thing as boring people, just boring conversationalists. I’ve worked my ass of to make anyone from a pool cleaner to a medical doctor come across as interesting. You know what you have in common with someone else? Them. So take that into mind when you interact with them.

EITHER GO FOR AN EXTRACTION, #CLOSE, OR KISS CLOSE EVERY SET YOU OPEN. Are you opening jus to open, or are you beginning with the end in mind? Get into the habit to close. Even if it was a terrible set go for at least a number. You’ll feel better about yourself, and then you’ll get used to closing. And truth is, that you never know. A girl’s status is far more likely to influence her decision rather than how well you gamed her.

HAVE FAITH THAT COMPETENCE WILL COME VERY QUICKLY THROUGH CONFIDENCE. Do whatever it takes to develop unwavering confidence through the power of belief. Fucking shout at the top of your lungs that which you want ot become. The following men agree with me: Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins, Thomas Edison, and the US Military. If you wait for competence, you’re going to be waiting a long time. It took me 3 years to get to the point where I was closing hotties regularly.

BE ON HER SIDE NOT AGAINST HER. Establish a we-frame quickly, so you can quicly build trust with your girl. If you get into a verbal spat, and she wins, say “respect…that was fun. ” then start a different conversation.

FOLLOW AI WITH DIRECT FOLLOWED BY YOUR STACK I think a great way to follow up AI is with direct, and then immediately run your stack: opener…busting on their mannerisms…

WHAT IS OWNING THE FRAME? ARE YOU SELLING YOURSELF TO HER OR IS SHE SELLING YOU ON THE IDEA OF WHY SHE SHOULDN’T BE WITH YOU? If you come in with total certainty you will win, after I worked with a student this past weekend in Vegas on his certainty, he extracted the very first set he opened. Don’t think you’ve nexted her, but rather that she’s one. No big deal, but if you’re not getting a lot of wins and they are, you might want to change your tactic. Rmemeber, flexibility is key. If anyone claims to have found the absolute truth, you better fucking run because he’s probably a liar. Myself along with the other RSD instructors have some great approaches because we’ve each done 1000s of approaches and worked with 100s of students, so we can troubleshoot instantly. I see a lot of guys who know great tactics, who let the girls stomp all over them. Stop, taking this shit and instead realize that you’re going to have to get several “no’s” including in the beginning to crack open the set.

I did a set this weekend with Zoose, a student who made up with the hottest girl in Pure, and I got my girl a solid LA 8 (anywhere else a 9/10) to fall in love with me. How because I was willing to put in the work to sell myself to her rather than fall into her frame of letting her sell me on the idea of why she shouldn’t be with me. Cut of threads if they’re not helpful in a socially savy way, and talk about what you want to do. Learn some cool Interactive Value Demonstarations. And also, if you think that you can be out of shape, have no solid career, and get good at this, you better think again. Women can detect instantly if you’re a guy who has these factors in line. This is something that I tried to ignore, but have since realized is so so true.

ARE YOU TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL? IF SO, YOU CAN RECOVER. If you think you’re the shit, just remember: you aren’t shit unless you’re closing shit. If you come in like you’re the shit, and she starts testing you…don’t’ get frustrated. Handle them, and then move on. A lot of guys come in very cocky (which they confuse with confidence), and the girls are not impressed. To recover, simply use the infamous “I’m sorry if I teased a lot…I used to live with sisters, and that’s the way we showed affection” or some similar line that will help you recover from your social blunder.

TEST FOR RAPPORT BY USING RAPPORT PINGERS. Is it time to switch to rapport? Test to see if it is by saying a hook for a potential thread, such as “I just got back from New York” OR “You know I went shopping earlier today” If she says, “how was it” or “what did you buy?” then you’re in. You’ve effectively tested for rapport and shifted at the highly calibrated time.

SPLIT THE OPENER WITH YOUR WING. GET INTERESTED IN YOUR OPENER. ACT AS IF IT’S A SITUATION YOU ARE ALREADY IN. A great fucking opener is jealous girlfriend. You and your wing split it and do a take away after the first part and pretend like you’re discussing it. Then, have your wing go in and reinitiate with the second bit.

ALWAYS HAVE SOMETHING BETTER TO SAY THAN HER. Rick H says it. I swear by it. Work on your wittiness as it will pay off because a lot of times you’ll get shittested, and the standard responses will not work.

KNOW WHEN TO SHIFT GEARS. I’ve seen before guys overgame and don’t know when to shift into rapport. And way too many guys hold back on escalating, which is something that most guys find so empowering about taking my programs. I created a monster this past weekend, who made out with the hottest chic in the club, then followed it up with another girl, and the pinnacle was when he kissed a girl right in front of her boyfriend. Also, you’ve got to know how to shift into a nice vibe with the girl, so that you both feel like there’s a certain bit of comfort and trust.

REMEMBER THAT REPETITION IS THE MOTHER OF SKILL.AND THE BASICS GO ALONG WAY. I see guys trying out all these new tactics they read online, when they have huge internal issues (checkout every single one of Tony Robbin’s Programs until you have mastered what he says and also checkout TD’s book which I’ve been proofing (some amazing shit). The common mistakes I see advance guys making are:

1.) The don’t extract

2.) They don’t isolate

3.) They don’t own the frame and let the girls shit on them

4.) They lean in (eventhough they know they shouldn’t)

5.) They don’t project or know how to find the right chord which will cut over the music

6.) They don’t open with power of belief that the set is going to open. OPEN STRONG

7.) They don’t think they are as good as they are, and therefore, don’t try to close the set.

8.) They overgame and use way too much material to the point where the girls get weirded out

9.) They don’t follow up on their numbers

10.) They don’t dress cool, but rather try to invent their own style.

11.) They qualify themselves and are all about them, and don’t’ know about adding value to an interaction.

12.) They assume that intellectual mastery is the same thing as emotional and physical mastery. I know this; therefore, I don’t need to hear this. Bull shit, you’re going to hear this, and you’re going to put it into use immediately. Fight through this urge. It’s easy to fall into.

13.) They don’t have a routine stack that can help them get into sets like a no brainer

14.) They try to put together what they think should work that isn’t producing results

15.) They get caught up in appearing good, so that they aren’t afraid to let the coach know what is really going on with their game. I’ll hear a guy say, “Well, I’m frustrated with LMR” when I see his game and it should be “Well, I’m frustrated with the fact that I’m not a very cool guy, but I manager to get girls back into my house but then they freak out when they arrive and leave.” We’ve all had to work through are own challenges, especially me. I used to be incredibly judgemental, and I was very selective about the people that I would talk to. I also had a very narrow view in which I would measure somebodies worthiness.

16.) They start being social dudes, and only start talking with strangers when they’re gaming. Bad move, and this is something that I brokethrough a while back. You know that you can quadruple the number of social interactions underneath your belt by chatting with people as you go about you’re day to day. And you never know how a random act of kindness will come back and help you. Today, I was with TD and his LTR over at Z-Hollywood Shopping Center, and I chatted this one dude at GNC. Come to find out he was a professional body builder and had all types of great tips. If I had taken the mindset that he was just some GNC chump, then I would not have gotten all types of great advice.

17.) They’re so caught up in they’re identity or afraid that they will lose respect in your eyes, that they get defensive when you give them constructive feedback. I listen to all feedback and suggestions, and even if it’s terrible, I’ll still be like thanks man.

18.) They get very critical on themselves, and then they forget to “shit-sandwich” themselves. Remember, ask yourself after each set: 1.) what did I do right, specifically? What can I do even better next time? 3.) Again, let me go over what I did right. This is ohhhhhhhhhhhh… key to keep a positive mindset when it comes to pu, and to keep the learning curve high. A lot of guys go out night after night and never make the distinctions that will make them better than everyone else

GIVE HER SOME SPACE AND THEN CUT SPACE AS YOU TALK. Whenever you open a set, give the girl a little bit of space and then cut space as you talk or have a seat. This will help you out a tremendous bit when guys a lot of times come in very close, and it invades the girls’ personal space.

IF SHE LEAVES, SHOW NON-NEEDINESS. If the girl leaves to go to the bathroom, find friends, etc, show non-needeiness. I have a Treo 600, and I whip it out and instantly start messaging the LTR. They see this, and I had a solid chic ignore 2 ALPHA money dudes for me. She tried leaving several times and would say, “Hey, well, it was nice meeting you…” Then, I’d say “Cool, same here…” then whip out my phone and start typing. She and I ended up hooking up and she number closed me to hangout when she comes to LA.

DRESS SUPER FUCKING COOL. Fellas, for starters, checkout guess, energie, g-star, gap, urban outfitters, Armani exchange for starters. Then, after you have a start here, you can upgrade. I have a sick energie jacket ( that gets compliments constantly. I’m lucky to have an LTR who is a fashion freak too, and she always likes to buy me the latest.

TAKE GEOFF’S 10 DAY CHALLENGE. For the next 10 days, do ONE approach per day. After 10 days, e-mail me and I'll give you a special bonus.


(c) REAL Social Dynnnnnnamics

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