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So my brother, a guy not aware of the community, was trying to get the attention of this fickle mummy's girl form a high society back ground.

He was losing her attention as she was pretty snobby, the type of girl whom thinks the world revolves around her. He didn't buy into it: She stopped caring.

So he texted her a lewd and provocative message.

No initial response.

A few hours later he received a call from an unknown number. It was the girl, the intended recipient. Looking for an explantion and someone to hold responsible.

Earlier that week she had given her handset and number to her mother when upgrading her own phone. Her mother is the white glove arrogant type.

Apparently she broke down hysterically crying at the reading of...

"I think of you as i casually stroke my penis in the shower."


I laughed for a long time when i read this and might intend to use something along these lines at some stage. Can't think of any practical use right now, but there must surely be some use for it... lol.

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