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Where's Geoff at?

Geoff's right here.


We maybe have heard about this, but it applies to anything.

You want a better sex life that is totally passionate. Then, make it a study of it. I know I did this with fitness, school, dating, health, and now with sales.

The more you study something and hence apply it. The key is that you must apply it. A typical process goes like this:

learn it --> apply it --> master it --> assimilate it with what you know.

Most people might apply something but rarely master it. I used to be skeptical of books written on wealth cause I was thinking "If this is so easy, then why aren't more people wealthy?"

Same reason why there are tens of thousands books written on how to build a great body, yet very few people ever accomplish it.

Or, if they do get a great body, then they stop and say that was a "stage" of their life. Have you seen the people in that video "Pumping Iron" NOW?!

Hardly any of them kept up their training programs.

I believe that life is about balance and growth. You have to find the key areas of your life (health, emotions, relationships, etc.) and commit to growing each one of them until you die.

That's it.

You're growing or you're dying.

You think you know it all!?! That's the moment when your wife leaves you, your body goes to the dogs, your finances fail, you lose your kids, your business goes under. Plain and simple.

So one thing that I realized is that how do you grow in an area. Simple. Set a goal and go after it like a madman!

Then maybe set a goal in another area and go after it. I also believe that with goals you have to set ones that you know that you're going to accomplish. I believe that everyone has a window of comfort. Some people should NOT set goals every three months.

That's right, I said some people should NOT set goals for every three months. Why?

Because right now their commitment to anything lasts not three months -- but three days!

So, should they not set goals? No, they should set three day goals. Then, once they do that, they should expand. What's a three day goal look like?

Well, it's usually oriented on actions. Like for the next three days, I'm going to go to the gym and do this type of workout.

You need to find your comfort zone and constantly push outward. And when you do accomplish your goals, you need to feel good. You need to say to yourself "Yeah, I did it!"

The problem is that people set goals so far outside their comfort zone that it's hard for them to stay committed to them. Hence, the big reason why new year's resolutions fail.

What if we had a new year every week? Would people be more motivated?

The same thing with breaking through fear. I'm not going to give someone a phone call and a list of potential customers and say, "Hey, go cold call for three hours." No way, they'll freeze up.

So what I'm going to do instead is say, "Here I want you to make five minutes of calls, that's it!" Then, keep building from there.

It's the same thing with the area of social interactions. Always lean SLIGHTLY PAST your edge, then set the bar higher.


Yes, that's right. You need to be conscious of what you are reading, watching, listening to, and talking to (as a sidenote even be conscious of the things that you aren't conscious of such as TV in the background, etc).

Avoid extremes if possible, so that you can have a balanced life with all areas of your life in check.

For example, if you get too extreme into health you get into "raw sprouted vegan organic" eating. That's right: you have to eat in that manner or you're unhealthy.

The funny thing is that this style of eating can easily take away from your ability to focus on your career or say your finances. I see a lot of people immersed in health who are hurting financially (myself included at one point!).

Why? Because where your focus goes, energy flows. So of course I should point out that, if you're hurting health wise, then go after it. But once you get to where you want to be, then keep doing what you learned from that area and move on to another area of your life.



Don't make your goal perfection, because when you get to a new level with anything, you realize there's a level above where you're at.

And the funny thing in life, is that we are all secretly searching for that end point. But you have to remember that in life you need to follow those who seek the truth and run from those who claim they have found it.

What that means is that we all, out of our need for certainty, want some expert to tell us what to do, but the thing is that we're all students in life.

So what they say could change in 3 years or 5 years.

Bloodletting at one point was considered THE way to cure disease. Now we laugh thinking 'how they could be so stupid?'

Was it that they were stupid, or that they were doing the best with what they knew? And if they were doing the best with what they knew, and so are we, then who's to say that 50 years from now people won't laugh at us?


There are no ceilings, only plateaus! That is it. And remember this, sometimes taking on other challenges will help you come back to the goal you were working on and it will seem easier.

Remember, that life's delays are not life's denials!


what we do as humans is that we subconsciously want someone else to lead us! And that inherently leads to "Group Think!"

When you start following a pack, inevitably you set yourself up for failure. Have the most powerful influential people been the ones who were in the pack, or stood out from the pack?

Here's the interesting thing, is that people's desire for certainty and group think affects them even in personal growth.

Go to any seminar. What you will find is that there are groupies of that type of thinking, and while I'm sure each "guru" is grateful, especially for the revenue they get from the people that buy every single one of their products, they probably also realize that they too have their own blindspots.


Remember, BE YOUR OWN GURU! That is where your true power lies.

Now, remember that gurus are like restaurants. You can can spend all your time eating at one, but do you really want to do that?


And do you want to eat everything on their menu until you go to another restaurant? Of course not, then don't do that with your own personal growth!

Challenge yourself and get around where it is better. Have friends of all types, not just the "cool" ones. Because the one person that you don't want to be friends with could have the one tip that will revolutionize your life. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE

The reason why NLP was as powerful as it was, yet it hasn't worked its way into mainstream America, is because the founders forgot one thing!

To get good at anything, you need to practice, practice.

You cannot simply reprogram someone's phobia, and expect all their problems to be solved. Even, if say the phobia doesn't come back, you need to fill that void. Else they'll develop another phobia.

You need to teach them to confront their fears and do the thing which they fear the most.


People so often live muted existences because they don't have courage.

That is one thing that I respect so strongly about Real Social Dynamics! Each one of our crew had to exhibit an extreme amount of courage, and for their hardwork, life will and has rewarded them handsomely.

Yet, I see it so often that people get stuck in a comfort zone.

A typical scenario could be making 100K a year, with a decent level of health, and a relationship that is just ok. And they never move forward, they never really express what's on their minds but they never really get upset either.

So they are in this in between zone. They have in essence a muted existence, which makes for good worker bees.

But who wants that?

I know no one who is reading this wants that.

Why? Because we each have a potential with us that is so great, and that we have experienced at times.

That makes us believe that we do have more within us. If you see some people as they age, they keep reflecting back to their younger years. It's because in those years they were willing to take risks, fail, live crazy lives, take on challenges that they didn't think they could have.

Yet, somewhere in life, we stop taking those challenges, and we stop believe in them ourselves. And that is where we lose our power. Then we let doctors, the media, advertisers, friends, family, and religion take over the way we think.


I think very often people live in regret because the perfect life that had pictured growing up was never fulfilled. Yet, what they don't realize is that it was part of a bigger plan.

Remember, life's delays are not life's denials. Sometimes you need to grow other areas of your life in order for you to get to the next level in your life. That's kind of like the businessman who has tried everything (or so he thinks) to get his business to the next level, and then meets a girl, falls in love, and then his business shoots to levels he never thoughts possible.

Sometimes not getting what you want is the best thing that could have ever happened because then you wouldn't have thought that you needed to change.


And people base the quality of their life on their emotions, when it's so much more than that. It's just that you feel the emotions, but you don't see the other areas.

So just because you felt particularly well in one area of your life, does not make it the "best" time of your life. It really means that you felt the best.

And while there are clues on what to do to experience those emotions, and we shouldn't deny our powers to feel absolutely incredible every single day of our life, we don't want to delude ourselves into thinking that when we feel our best that we are in fact at the best point. MASTER MEANING ALREADY...

Next, I see a lot of people who confuse meaning. People may say that you're not living in reality if you give things a better meaning. But if you take a closer look at life, you realize that 95% of the negative things you assumed, never actually happened.

So you are in fact, living *out of reality.*

The last thing to mention is that a master of life, is a master of meaning. Look at the Dali Lama, he has mastered meaning and anyone who meets him claims that they feel happier themselves after being around him.


People get so insecure. Why?

Because we all have egos and we're constantly comparing ourselves to others to see how we're doing. Even a guy like Kanye West admits that he is insecure. A lot of people will say the one thing about him "He's an awesome artist, but he's kind of cocky!" Why?

Because he is constantly comparing himself to others (my obvious interpretation).

So, what is the solution. Well, some of the greatest performers on the planet, all say that rather than compare yourselves with others, compare yourself with your goals and the best you can be. And learn to appreciate other people for being their best.

Guys go out to clubs and get all insecure when they see their girl getting attracted to another guy. Rather than respect the fact that guy is an attractive guy and trusting his girl not to do something wrong.

Can anyone be influenced...

If you're scared she's gonna cheat on you, then you got another story! And yes, with enough persuasion, you get almost anyone to do anything. But, as an adult, we can remove ourselves.

Say, we took the guy that founded the Sandler Sales system, one of the most powerful systems for selling. And we put an individual in the room, chances are that he could probably get you to buy whatever he is selling. But, you have to be adult enough to excuse yourself from the situation.


We will perpetually feel insecure in our lives if we lead our lives with our egos. If we lead with our egos to become the "best" (which is a subjective term much of the time), we're gonna be in fear that someone is gonna overtake us and we're going to have to trash-talk our competition.

The funny thing is that when you do this, you induce reciprocity. So eventually, people are going to trash talk you. And it becomes a lower level of existence.

Or, the other thing I've seen people with egos do (or I should say people driven by egos) is that they delude themselves and others into believing that they've accomplished more than they have.

You'll hear them have to repeat the same thing over and over again to maintain this "propped up" state of an ego.

The key is to be your best and to continually refine what it means to be your best and continually improve.

This is "kaizen," the Japanese term for continual improvement.


BUT. We all need to have egos, typically the world is dominated by men with extremely large egos. So have one and make it big, have a desire to operate on a worldclass level.

Just realize that if you let that drive your life, then you're going to get insecure and do

a.) trash talk your competition,

b.) lie to yourself and others about your accomplishments, or

c.) live in a perpetual state of insecurity.

I give you respect if you read this far because it says a lot about your commitment to living the life that you desire or that is possible!


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