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So how do I run sets?

First off, like everyone who goes out and gets it, styles change. My style has changed, your style will change.

I've always been introverted. Now I'm not. I took conscious steps to change that aspect of how I see myself (the determining factor of all these value judgments like 'introvert' 'confident' 'masculine').

I used to be shy and hesitant and chode.

Now I'm not.

In groups I'm loud and high energy. I joke with my friends, poke fun. Vibe.

In small sets I'm quiet, confident, and I utilize the power of body language and my 200% confidence in the attraction I create naturally with my smile, how my smile tells them that we want to flirt with each other, so she can start to smile with me.

I use pauses, soft tones, smirks, looking away and looking deep into her, all in the right moments. I do not hesitate. I do these actions with purpose, and I've internalized that purpose through going out there and doing pick up, running sets, focusing on building my natural attraction, getting it slowly.

So I tend to play the shy(er) character, if this were a play. I'm a philosophy student. I love film. I feel most connected with people when I have a one on one conversation (and I'm trying to broaden this 'most-connected' category to fit more people). I think the male female dynamic is romantic, and I express it.

I seem like that type of person, the shy guy, the intellectual.

Maybe even the nerdy, loser guy.

But I'm totally confident. I'm totally congruent. I express sexuality. I express masculinity. My voice does not waver. I am not shy. I am not nerdy. I am not a loser guy.

I am a fucking lion.

My menality is :

Smile. Win.

And I do.

What do I actually do and say?

I approach slowly, smiling. I really really really prefer seated day game. That's cafe girls, book stores, and street pick up. I haven't had any problems with finding enough girls to talk to. I get plenty of numbers.

I walk up, I like to sit down, and I look at the girl for a second or two, smiling.

I am thinking "you are cute, I'm going to make you smile".

If my friend approaches, lets say we're in a new city and we need directions, I stand beside him and just look at her eyes and make her smile. I say nothing, just focusing on her smiling because I'm being flirtatious with my eye contact. It's really sooooo fun.

So I've walked up, before having said anything, and I'm smiling and she's smiling. (In a club I will often push it farther and have her start laughing and then open with 'why are you laughing?').

Then I say "Hi."

My opener works because I'm a really confident guy. I literally enjoy talking to new people and I love flirting with girls. My body language is solid, my eye contact is fantastic, and I believe, 100%, that she loves it. And she does. Always.

I say Hi, and she says hi back, usually with a great little girly giggle.

Now I can say a lot of stuff here. Most of the time I ask her something about the situation we are in, so if it's a cafe I ask about the coffee or if it's a book store and she's looking at xyz books I ask about those books. The questions I ask are not really important. I see them as a way for her and I to more easily find out if what we've shared so far (some fun visual kino: eye contact) will go farther. I will happily leave a girl at this point if she doesn't qualify for my standards.

So I'll do situational questions like "how did you hear about this cafe?" "do you like science fiction books?" "do you know of any super cool hole-in-the-wall places around here?" "what's fun to do around here at night?"

I like to gear questions towards stuff that is around the area that I can do. If I'm on the street it's where's the cafe.

Off that I will say "lets go" especially if it's a bigger set (3+). I'm smiling and they take it as a joke because I am joking. I did this in Spain really well because my very broken spanish was quite charming. "Vamos."

Off of "Hi." I will also open with: "You're like... 45 aren't you." "You look lost. It's okay." "How are you today?" "I'm lost. Help." "Spiderman or batman."

The reason these work is because of my smile.

My smile means I'm having a playful conversation with her.

It means I'm not too serious. I don't take her too seriously. I'm clever, and I'm inviting her to be clever with me too.

We'll banter for about a minute after this stuff. Then I say "Hi. I'm li0n."

Then she says her name.

Then I smile again, even though I didn't really stop smiling.

Then I do some comfort building interview questions. I just add my smile for attraction.

Then I get the number: "Hey. I want to hang out with you. I go to XYZ on Thursday nights. You're invited. Give me your phone."

Then I leave this message on my voice mail, using her phone: "Hey li0n, my GOD I'm SOOO glad you approached me today, I thought you were soooo cute. I can't wait to hang out with you, and yes, I will cook you dinner. Okay, love.." then I hand her the phone and have her say her name. This helps because I often forget names.

My day 2 is basic. We go to a bar a club or a lounge, we have a drink, maybe we dance, we make out, we have a drink, we dance, we talk, we connect, and if the logistics are right we'll pull each other and full close, and if not then I'm happy to wait because I have enough on my plate as far as women go and she can tell I'm not needing her.

That's the basic game plan. I do day game closes and take them to fun places at night. I smile, I say hi, I ask them a fun question, I keep the tone of the conversation very flirtatious, I get her contact info, we meet up, we see if we're good for each other, we touch and kiss, and then if the logistics work out we have sex that night (at her place, almost always), and if not we wait until the next time when I invite myself over for her to cook me food and watch a movie and share each others bodies.

I used to use fancy tactics and lines and I use some of that now but I find it doesn't really help my game, it sort of comes off as try hard. And I don't need to try hard.

My areas of focus are story telling, building female friendships, improving my connections with people through various ways of connecting (instead of my traditional and hard to find intellectual conversation), and also changing my limiting beliefs that clubs are full of dumb ass girls. I spent about 3 months building attraction which led me to my smile.

For me, improving pick up is more about the paradigm shifts that are necessary to actually internalize and accept certain external actions that take place. So I had to get comfortable in my head with having sexual relationships happen very quickly. With being the center of attention.

A lot of that is knowing what it looks like and saying yes to it when it begins to happen. I used to see some progress but not be prepared emotionally and psychologically and I would shoot myself down. That's some terrible shit.

So work on your attitude and mindset. Use external actions (tactics) to help you internalize that mindset. But keep with the mindset.

Pick up is about improving yourself.

So figure out where you want to go, and know why you want to go there.

Be clear about what it means to be there.

Then accept it as it happens. And really enjoy it.

I hope this post benefits people. I think there are a lot of ways to pick up, and maybe my method is less common than the ONS club pick up mentality, but it really works for me because it's what I want.

And always, you have to go out.


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