How to Ride the Vibe to the Fuck

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Coolwater DoctorOwl (CKonior from the Lounge)

Inspired by:

Style TylerDurden Playboy - RIP NaturalJ/Ryanstone Twenty-Six

After having worked with 100s of students from both badboy and RSD in the field, winged with the very best in the game, and analyzing our own failures and successes, we've come to the conclusion that one of the major aspects missing from people's games is VIBING. The reason for this is that it cannot be easily articulated and explained in a post, whereas tactics, techniques and principals can. Therefore guys will know in their mind that they are the prize, deliver their material flawlessly, and get good reactions from the girls, yet they're ever chasing that elusive "connection" that will result in a nice LR for the boys.

Most guys who're trying to get good will run a set like this:


Opener Routine Routine Routine .... Routine Stall Routine Eject

What they don't understand is that they may of gained attraction at routine 2 or 3, but they're still "plowing" through their stack without much social awareness. The girls then look at them with that "what the fuck?" look. Some well meaning student has read on ASF to plow the fuck through and all that happens is that they stay in set longer then get a delayed "what the fuck?!" look. Someone trying to emulate a more "natural"/direct approach will roll in and say something like


"Hey, I think you're adorable" or "I leik you" or something situational or whatever Rapport Rapport Rapport Girl ejects out of boredom

The above two are both trying to get close to the COOL guy, the naturally charismatic and smooth guy will play it like this:


Opener/situational/social circle/join open set Vibe Vibe Vibe Vibe A lot of the time gets laid but not always because of inability to CONSCIOUSLY progress past a certain waypoint.

You¡¦re probably asking what the difference between going rapport and vibing is. The difference is that vibing involves a certain emotional energy. Rapport is like you're conversing with your grandmother, but vibing is like you're shooting the shit with the boys. There's added intrigue and humor that make it more engaging, compelling, and exciting.

So now lets think about this.. each style (the COOL guy, the anti_routine_machine and the routine machine) has key elements which are important to the sarge, but are lacking in others. The expert routine machine misses out in that he tries to force routines in places they don't belong, uses too many, comes off as entertaining, doesn't get to express their personality, makes unnatural moves, and is generally routine dependant.

The intermediate routine machine delivers poorly polished routines, has terrible vocal projection, weird ticks and BL, can't hold EC, has a poor routine stack, takes on a persona around girls. It's best to learn what right looks like from the guys getting LAID. Intermediates who haven't done this, will then run to direct because it cuts out a lot of the weirdness and incongruence, caused by bad delivery, and so "direct" seems to result in smoother interactions. They'll then be anti-routine yet not get laid very often because they cannot VIBE nor do they have a dependable routine stack to fall back on should the situation arise.

The advantage HOWEVER in a TIGHT-ARSE routine stack can pass waypoints easily and gets predictable outcomes on all his sets. He'll open, attract, isolate, and phase shift predictability.

The best PUAs, the ones getting laid, know how to vibe but can also progress through the waypoints using routines when necessary. So their structure will be more like

PUA- Opener routine Vibe Vibe Hook routine/DHV Vibe Vibe Vibe Phase shift routine ... Vibe Lay

This combines the best elements of both styles the girls feel a connection because you're vibing properly, and you can escalate via the use of routines.

The whole point is that you "can" the waypoints, and vibe the rest


1. Using a question or statement, go into a topic (your main topic). 2. Explore that topic with stories and interesting information, and riff into other sub-topics. 3. When that other topic is exhausted, go back to the main one. 4. Switch main topics at leisure. 5. Be motherfucking proactive and think ahead two subtopics ahead. A great conversationalist can shut the fuck up when nessecary, but also has the ability to talk for ages. Think about David Letterman.. do you think he ever stalls?? No. Like even if theres an awkward moment, he¡¦ll still make it fun.

Topics can be ANYTHING even BULLSHIT you make up on the spot. You can riff on anything. The point is that you can bullshit into other stuff you KNOW about or even don't know about


PUA (step 1): Yeah, I just got back from New York. [MAIN TOPIC] HB: Oh really.. you're from new york? PUA: You know what? It's so interesting because in new york, someone¡¦s status is determined by how cultured they are[SUBTOPIC].. like their clothes [SUBTOPIC], their accent[SUBTOPIC], and how well read they are[SUBTOPIC]. HB: That's so materialistic[SUBTOPIC]! PUA (step 2): I have this friend who has the coolest clothes, he's totally into Versace jeans. He spent like 500 dollars on them. The thing is that it looked like he was too tryhard, and he racked up all these bills on his credit card and now he's all stressed. HB: Oh yeah, that's kind of like my friend who's blah blah blah. (subtopic now exhausted 10 mins later) PUA(step 3): So I'm in new york and I come across one of those little globes [SUBTOPIC] that you shake and the snow [SUBTOPIC] goes everywhere. HB: Yeah I think those things are cute. Blah blah blah PUA: Blah blah blah... [MAIN TOPIC IS NYC, NOW EXHAUSTED] PUA: I can't wait till Christmas [NEW MAIN TOPIC] I'm saving up [SUBTOPIC] to get presents [SUBTOPIC] for my neice [SUBTOPIC]

Have fun, and feel free to throw in general playful stuff such as light teasing, appropriate misinterpretation, future/past adventure projections, fun mini cold reads etc. If you feel the need to throw these in once every minute, chill the fuck out. Know that these things will not save the conversation but rather keep a certain tension between the two of you.


Don't be afraid to talk about your life, childhood, whatever. Remember to engage the whole group, qualify when necessary, and avoid a you vs them frame and keep it as a "we" frame. The girl is not your enemy to be defeated, she is your friend to be fucked. FUCKED HARD TOO THE LITTLE SLUT!

Try going and instead of being totally routine or totally anti-routine, vibe most of the time, and use your calibrated routines when needed. Realise that bad delivery of a routine during vibing will be disasterous because it's fucking weird. Don't be fucking weird. Chill the fuck out. Be cool. If you do this right, you will ride the vibe to the fuck!

--Geoff, Coolwater, DoctorOwl

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