J The Ripper's How to Makeout w/ a Girl in 5 minutes or Less

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J The Ripper's How to Makeout w/ a Girl in 5 minutes or Less

Earlier in the nite, Niceguy asked me what my technique was for the quick makeouts. He's opened sets with me and seen me do it in minutes dozens of times. Another CC member asked me the same question after he saw my stuff on youtube. Along with the rest of the 'Crew, they've seen me do it enough times to know its pretty consistent. How the fuck do I do it?

This is how I mindfucked myself into being able to it consistenly~

First, I BELIEVE wholeheartedly with no fuckin doubt that if she's standing there talking to me, she likes me. There is no other way. It's the only possible explanation. I've CONVINCED myself of this. Even if she shows no IOI's; it doesnt matter, she's still here talking to me. If she doesnt ask me shit or show interest in my stories; doesnt matter, she's still here standing next to me and hasnt exercised her right to leave me...

She can walk away at any minute, but by her CHOOSING to stay there with me, at a club, where attention span is what it is, that is the only indicator I need to know it's ON. The rest is just icing on the cake. If she's asking me questions, kino'ing me, laughing at my stories, making eye contact, DANCING WITH ME, all that shit....How can there be any other possibility? She HAS to be attrracted to me. If not, what are her options? Walk off with her friends, ignore you, go to the bathroom...she ALWAYS has the option to NOT continue the interaction. But if she stays, she's as good as mine.

It doesnt matter what I say to them, really.

I used to hate when "PUA's"/Gurus, would say that shit; I would think, "Well you HAVE to say SOMETHING!" How can it not matter? It didnt make sense to me. Before PU, I would say stupid shit all the time, and it didnt get me anywhere. What you say HAS to matter, I would argue againt the ebooks/video's/audio.

But now, I think I understand.

Sure, I have pre-planned openers/stories/lines/routines I use, but only as a safety net. Most of the time when Im in set, Im just there to amuse myself. I love watching people react to me. I like having a good time, and unique interactions. I put myself in her shoes; how would I want someone to approach me? What would catch MY attention? What captures my imagination?

The "secret" is consistency. The more you go out, fall down, get back up, try shit, fail, try shit, fail again, get up again, modify this and that, a tweak here and there...It CANT NOT happen. Youre not gonna get it reading/watching shit on the internet, or creating the illusion that "if I really wanted to I could do it"...Prove it. Do it. Live it.

3 times a week is good to go out, and I recommend what i did; a 14 day consecutive non-stop sargeathon, miniumum 4-6 hours per night, at least once every 3 months

What does this do? It gives you an "invisible shield" where you just dont give a fuck anymore. What you say, powered behind WHO YOU ARE, and being able to convey it in a dominant/alpha yet fun pick up is what the end result is driven by.

How bad do you want it? i worked a full time job in IT, went to school at night, and still managed to go out. I wouldnt get home till 4am at times. I remember going as far as to sleep at work in the bathroom for a hour, hoping no one would notice I was gone. Thats how bad I wanted it. I may have been a zombie during that time, but missions like that totally up your game. A couple weeks could equate to the equivelent of a few months of sarging. How can you argue what that type of learning curve?

I use alot of kino-game play, like the twirl, little spanks, secret handshakes hand slap game, hugs, mini pushes, etc. I tell unconnected random stories, and treat them like they are the weirdo/bratty little sister. Honestly, the material itself leading up to the kiss doesnt matter. It is important though that there is always an escalation in touching.

Alot of guys might think, "oh she's just being polite by not walking away, blah blah". Sure, in some cases it might be the case...but that type of thinking is exactly why these guys arent getting the results that are staring them right in the face.

And you keep doing it. Just like consistent sarging will start to make your AA go down, this is no different. I try to go for the makeout nearly everytime.

Once I came to that realization, the doors flung open; using this frame of mind, I average 1-3 makeouts a night. For every 6-9 girls I approach, I can get at least one makeout. Im ok with those odds for now.

So how does this "confidence/madness" happen in correlation to going out a whole bunch? It mostly all happens sub-consciously. You start to realize certain things you may have believed at one time just arent true. Once you try shit, you realize right away where you fucked up.

And the coolest thing is this...Once you start to go out with a GAMEPLAN (writing down your goals for the night and what you REALISTICALLY want to accomplish) and your goals ACTUALLY start to happen little by little, the feeling is fuckin incredible. Momentum builds up, and you start to realize that its for REAL.

I wrote 5 more pages on this but have excluded it from this FR since this shit was just gonna be way too long...I almost wrote a mini ebook on makeout theory with this sitting.

Anyways, on to the FR:


[edit] ======================

Shark Club in OC

I pointed right at her, accusingly, and made sure not to break eye contact as I slid into the seat right next to her. She was very thin and almost anorexic looking & deprived of nourishment, just the way I like em'...

J The Ripper: How long have you had those?

BlackGirlRedSkirt: Had what?

J the Ripper: Those dimples! (credit Siren)

BGS: Hahaaa (I carefully stroke her cheek near her dimples, and do triangular gaze)

J the Ripper: And I only have ONE thing to say to you before I go back to my friends standing over there by the pool tables.

BGS: And whats that?

J the Ripper: I have a thing for black girls...

BGS: LOL, youre a fool. What do you like about us?

J the Ripper: All this...(I run the backs of my fingers up her tricep, then drop my hand to her knee and holding it still) Does it bother you we just met and I have my hand here? (said sarcastically)

BGS: I dont know.

J the Ripper: I'm gonna make a guess about your hair...I bet it smells like...(I get in close, and I see her friend approach and sit on the other side of me, as Im in the middle now)...COCONUT shampoo!!

BGS: LOL, you such a clown..I smell like sweat from dancing probably.

J the Ripper: Im sorry, but I have to just kiss you once right here (pointing at her neck).

BGS: (mute, smiling, and looking to her friend)

I kiss her neck once, and and rub my nose gently upward as it rides up her neck to her chin, and I go in for the makeout. I feel her friend rest her arm on my leg as she's holding her drink. In mid makeout (there's flickering tongue with breaks every couple seconds) I begin to rub my thumb on her friends wrist. Next thing I know her friend is rubbing my d*ck as I'm still kissing her friend...

[edit] =======

Cast of Players for the Night, representing Casanova Crew:

Friday, Feb 8th at SaddleRanch

JTR InterKurse Siren Showcase Niceguy

Saturday, Feb 9th at Shark Club In OC JTR Siren Showcase JJ and his day2 (cameo appearance by NO' MAAM Socallair sarge crew members Jinn and others which names I cant remember, sorry)

Sunday, Feb 10th atthe Rumba Room in Universal City JTR Capt Hook Pyro Sight Constantine

Macy's- My little tradition when I get off work on Friday's is to go to Macy's where I have an account, and I buy brand new clothes and save the reciept. I only wear them for the night, and return them on Sunday. I know its kinda scumbag, but fuck it, clothes are too expensive, and this way I always have something different to wear.

After a shitty round marching up and down Hollywood Blvd, we thought we'd call it a night. Our club hook up plan for the night fell through, and we jusy kind of wandered around aimlessly, opening up random sets of girls on the street. Nothing was sticking, it seemed like it was gonna be a dead Friday. I suggest we hit up the SaddleRanch to salvage what's left of the night.

We get here and its fucking packed. We split off and start opening up sets along the firepit.

J the Ripper vs. Wannabe Cholo Gangta:

I went to go take a piss, and as Im drying my hands on the downward air blower near the sink, a muscular drunken asshole gets up next to me and starts drying his hands next to me, slightly nudging me as he sticks his hands, centimeters from mine using the same hand dryer.

DrunkDickhead: Im gotta get up at 4am, I work at Starbucks, lets hurry it up...

J the Ripper: (not moving an inch and acting as if he's not there) Brother, (looking him dead in the eye, and I notice tatoos on his neck and below his ear) stick your hands in your pockets and dry them that way, mine are still wet, and I aint done...(I put one of my hands on his shoulder, mockingly drying it on his shirt). And how are YOU doing with the ladies tonite, brother?

He didnt like that.

He takes two steps back and starts to size me up...fuck... (my hands are dry now... I think to myself, why did I have to do that...I really dont need to be getting into a fight right now) Just then Interkurse comes up, puts his arm around the thug, and starts to talk to him about picking up chicks and walks him out of the bathroom. Interkurse seems to always be at the right place at the right time....

1st Makeout of the Night: JTR's Purse Routine

(Approaching a 3 set of mexican girls, giggling as they take pictures.)

J the Ripper: Oh my god, you guys look so cute together it almost makes me sick...(said very spiteful and void of any game)

My adrenaline was still kind of rushing from the fight I nearly got myself into, and I can tell Im being mean to the girls. Time to relax...I think about an awesome technique Vince Kelvin taught me awhile back...I take a breath, and listen to the shitty hip hop music playing, and I start to change the lyrics in my head, and turn the lyrics into what I want out of this moment...in 3 seconds, Im back.

Luckily it didnt seem like they took offence to my tone and just smiled and turned thier attention to me to see what I'd say next.

J the Ripper: Awww, that was mean of me, where's my fuckin manners...you my dear, smack my hand please (said daringly, almost like a difiant little kid)

She goes fast to hit me, but I pull my hand away last minute, and then put my arm around her friend. They start to laugh, and ask me to take a picture of them.

I give the camera back to my target and as she puts it in her purse.

J the Ripper: I have a fetish for women's purse's, and your's is giving me such a boner right now. (at this point the 2 other girls are in thier own convo, so they've helped me in getting some isolation)

TallTammy: What are you talking about, LOL?! That's the weirdest thing I ever heard a guy say.

J the Ripper: And just thinking whats in it right now is making me so hot...

TallTammy: LOL, (hitting my shoulder) youre funny.

J the Ripper: Lets see whats in it.

TallTammy: Are you serious?

She takes her purse, which is one of those really girly small ones, and she dumps it out on the table near us. Nothing too exciting; a compact, mascara, that eyebrow curling thing whatever its called, cell phone camera, chap stick and her wallet. I take the eyebrow thingy in my hand and close my eyes as I lick my lips like if it were turning me on. I was wondering at the moment how congruent I looked doing this since I'd never done it. She laughed hard and snacthed it from me, as I helped her put the stuff back in her purse.

Tall Tammy: See, nothing too exciting in there. I cant believe I just dumped out my purse for you, LOL.

J the Ripper: Well thanks for that, I feel so special...listen, I gotta get back to my friends...what was your name...WAIT! Dont tell me. We'll probably never see each other again, right?

Tall Tammy: Hahaha, yea probably not.

J the Ripper: Well I hope you have a million babies, make a million dollars, and...(I take her hand and twirl her)

I start making out with her and I notice her tongue was a little cold. I did my best to warm it up...I number closed her and went off to find the guys.

[edit] ====

I get blown out of a few dancing sets, I dont even get past the opener.

JTR: You know what hey say about girls who dance with one leg stickin out like that? No? huh? (shes waves her hand in my face and shakes her head no)

I go by the outside bar, and open a hot stripper-like girl by saying "Where the fuck have you been? Why are you always late?"? She looks at me with disdain and walks away.

I go to the inside bar after getting blown out a few more times, and I see a blonde by the bar. I love blondes. I see InterKurse there also, and give him the secret "film me" symbol. He busts out his video recorder on his phone, and I go in...

J the Ripper: My friend, how the fuck have you been? How longs it been, 10 minutes?

BlondieBarGirl: Hahaa, really now?

JTR: I noticed something about you right away...let's see, how can I say this...

BBG: What is that?

JTR: Youre wearing something even my sister wouldnt wear, and that says alot (staring at her revealing exposed cleavage).

BBG: Hahaaa, well your sister has good taste.

JTR: So do I. (I go in and put my arm around her waist and bring her in. Triangular gaze. Makeout. 2 minutes.) Interkurse stops shooting, and says "lets film another one"

[edit] =============

City Walk in Universal City

I went to go visit CCLA (the LA chapter of Casanova Crew) since they were having thier weekly PUA meeting, and I hadnt met many of them. After the meeting we went to City Walk, next to Universal Studios.

I walked into the Rumba Room Club, and immeadiatley saw the good Capt Hook (leader of CCLA) with 2 hotties dancing salsa. He had only been in there for a few seconds and was already gaming 2 at once.

I opened a few sets in the club with Pyro and Constantine, and then went outside with Pyro to do some winging. This was the first time I met Pyro, and I was impressed. this guy has potential to be a badass, and I look forward to sarging with him again.

We went downstairs, and I see a cute punker chick with lip piercings and dressed all punk-rockery. Pyro watches from a distance to observe me as I go in.

This one was alot of fun. I see her listening to her ipod wearing a hoodie. I go straight up to her, direct and show her my palm directing her to stop.

J the Ripper: OMG, youre one of those punker chicks arent you?

(taking off earphone, smiling)

PacoimaPunkPrincess: LOL, no, actually more goth.

JTR: Let me guess your favorite band...The Misfits (my fav actually, 1977-1983 era with Danzig).

PPP: No, I dont really have one....

JTR: hahhaa, you are toooooo cute...stop being cute for 2 minutes so we can have a regular conversation (she made a mean face) I didnt think it was possible, but you look even cuter than before. (she starts laughing). You deserve at least a little twirl come here my dear....

I twirl her hug her and we talk about music. She gets my # and we have a cig together. Pyro headed up the escalator. Fuck, I wanted him to film this. I tell her my infamous "We'll probably never see each other again" and tell her the words "Im going to kiss you, I cant help it..."

I go in and we kiss nicely, soft, smooth, as I hear our labret lips piercings clank metal with each other.

I go fing Pyro and Capt Hook and we wander around City Walk. About 20 minutes later I see PPP again, and ask Capt Hook to film me. I go right up to her.

JTR: PPP, How long how it been, 5 years? Come here, that deserves at least a hug.

We chat for a few and she meets Pyro and Hook. We bullshit for a bit.

We say goodbye, and I go in for the makeout again. Bad move. I should have isolated her, because after we started to kiss, she backed off, since Hook and Pyro were like right there inches from us watching on and she got shy. I put her on the spot just to demonstrate to my wings, and it backfired. It totally came across like I was doing it just to show off since I had done it with her minutes earlier. I felt like a douche.

That was last night. Today I texted PPP and we have been exchanging messages. Pacoima is hella far, but maybe we can meet in the middle sometime. She told me she didnt mind the 2nd kiss, it was just she thought that I went for it too soon after just barely meeting her...

[edit] ======================

One thing that I I notice I do from time to time is test thier knowledge on the obscure/bizzare/rare, whether it be weird historical facts, bands, movies, or whatever comes to my head. I love stuff like that. So i try to ping by making little comments and only certain people with the same interests would catch on to.

For example I was at Pink's in Hollywood, and told a girl she looked like El Topo's lover. If you know anything about cult movies, El Topo was one of the rarest obscure movies out there (and not just the name of a certain PUA instructor) I believe it was banned/unleased in most countries since 1972, and was only available by underground VHS tape traders throughout the 80's and 90's (I believe it may have just recently been released offically, finally). She knew the movie, and was shocked I had seen it and knew about it. I was impressed by her knowing about it.

So alot of my randomness comes off as just being fun and silly, but I guess deep down inside what Im really doing is pinging to see what girl might secretly be into the same type of weird/obscure shit as me; trying to find that diamond in the rough.

-J the Ripper

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