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The imfamous LJBF box with all it's glory and theory seems very real to all of us from a time when we would treat women who were interested as potential wives or girlfriends and take them seriously. From a time when we didn't know how to have fun and joke around, or were worried and conservative about what we would say in front of them. From a time when we thought that we were trying to trick them into having sex with us.

Lets just be friends or I just want friendship or any variation of that at one time was basically code for a girl saying: I am not into your approach and it's not working for me.

This is why they say to get out of that box to hook up with other chicks and to come off more player like. If you do that it COULD solve the problem if you can change the image you have in her mind as a serious man looking for serious things.

A lot of guys (myself included) after finding out all the rules started to really overdo the sexual player vibe and project it on girls to offset or compensate for the LJBF potential that we faced in the few times in our lives that we had the balls to try to pick a girl that we wanted instead of settling for the ones that wanted us.

More and more though there is information surfacing in the community, and if you look at it hard enough in real life -- that is indicative that if you are attractive and non-attached, a free spirit out to have an adventure and have fun .. that being friends with a girl is fine. In fact a lot of the time when they drop that word it means exactly what us guys usually want: Lets just be fucking.

You see the problem with coming off too player and sexual is you can be mistaken for a guy just looking to get into her pants, to add a notch to thy belt and deal with all the various shit tests when it pertains to that, and although the community gives you plenty of weapons in your quest to overcome these, really at the end of the day if your just projecting non-needyness, confidence, social proof, and fun adventure .. then you can have sex with the girl. If you dont make it into a big thing, they wont either. You can then be a guy who has an interest in them as a person, as a friend .. but also be that person that she can hook up with and know that things will not change between you.

So don't fear the friendship angel or the boyfriend angel or any of the other traditional things that could come up in an interaction, afterall you gave up the traditional ways a long time ago.

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