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Damn, it wasn't supposed to go down this way.

Wednesday night, a mate and I catchin up for a quiet beer after work. Quiet bar. Wednesdays nights in Melb are notoriously dead. Why did tonight have a different feel to it?!

So we hit up this new bar in Melb. Smoking area outside was busy, inside was dead. We check out the balcony. A few HB's surrounded by gay dudes, hmmm, possible.

Decide to head back in when we see a 2-set alone....on yo couch nigga!! Role up and take a seat. Introduce ourselves as the opener. In fact, taking the seat was the opener. First set of the night. Only set of the night.

Blond and a brunette. Both young, 19 in fact. Nice. Both from outta town from a city on the other side of the country. Hmmm, adventurous? I think so.

Banter ensues. I'm opposite the blond, but i've given laser eyes to the 2 of them. They've been engaged - he could have either. Jedi's got a feeling. The IOI is that they are not moving. They keep ordering drinks, waiter keeps bringin them over. It's ON. It's alwayz ON! None of us are too drunk, it's the way i like it, display some skill.

Obviously this was all natural game. No routines, role plays, nuthin. Just me being ME. Laid back, kino, laser eyes, and more importantly, knowing what NOT to say. Knowing what to do that will NOT fuck this up.

I tell HBblond to come over to my side of the couch. I'm gonna play with her hair, platt it and shit. Yeah right, like i know how to do this?! It gives me an excuse for more kino. Claw, neck sniff, neck bite, claw, repeat. It's over.

I go to the toilet, upon return i know there needs to be a leader. And that's ALWAYS me.

Jedi: 'sko Mate: nah man, relax, more drinks Jedi: Nup, sko, now Girls: Where are we going Jedi: Back to my place, it's around the corner (it was), I'm going to play you the Daft Punk set from Paris through my ipod and we're gonna drink some more. Girls: *eye code*, OK Jedi: follow me

Grabs the blond by the forearm and we all jump in my car.

Back to the apartment. Drinks, Daft Punk as promised, Fight Club on dvd in the background. Fuck this, i'm impatient. After all, it's a Wednesday night.

Jedi: Come into my room i wanna show you my posters HBblond: ok Brunette: what's so cool about your posters? (knows what's goin down) Jedi: She'll tell you later

Into my room. Wall slam, hair pull, hardcore makeout, hand on my cock. Cool. Hand down her panties, slide them off. Push her down for blow job. Check. "Woah, you're experienced! You know all the moves", she says. I reply, "You're lucky".

Pull her up, throw onto bed. Resistance. Of course. "We're not having sex tonight. You promise?".

"Sure, i promise".

Wash, rinse, repeat.

"No, i've only slept with one guy before".

I tell her, "It's ok".

Finger bang her so hard she's leaking down both inner thighs. I rub my cock along each inner thigh where the deposits are. She demands now, "get the condom". But i promised right .

Glory timezzzzzzz.

A number of timez.

Gave her the 2nd lay, and the monster fuck of her young life. She was grateful, and apologetic at the same time of her inexperience. I told her there was nuthin to apologise for.

Natural game baby, it's where it's at. Don't let anyone tell you different

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