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By Pimpski

Girls put up a great logical front and act like they want to use their brains. They don’t. They communicate solely on an emotional level. Notice how girls get “girly” together and act hyper, playful, excited, dramatic, etc. (There is no logic in getting “gitty,” it just happens.) They throw out mixed signals, try to trap people into doing things, act mischievous and do all sorts of things illogical all in the name of drama.

Guys are different with each other. It’s real quick, straight and to the point. Discussions are meant to share ideas and progress things further. Conversations are short and sweet. We say what we mean and do what we say we’re going to do. That’s why we rule the world and get shit done, as we have for the entire existence of humanity.

Pickup is all about learning how to communicate with women on their level. I realized that everything I’ve ever learned on the subject of pickup has pointed me towards the same direction. In order to be successful in pickup, you must fully understand how to communicate with women on a purely emotional level:

Logic means nothing when communicating with women. They are by nature a more emotionally in tuned creature and communicate in subtle gestures, emotionally charged expressions of sound, misinterpretation, and intuition. They know how to “use” their logical brains in social interaction but it is their secondary to their emotional primary. Their emotions are more dominant and govern their entire perception of reality.

Woman as an archetype:

Any basic character archetype involves a primary element and a secondary element. I’m sure most of you know exactly what I’m talking about if you’ve ever played a role playing game in your life, ever.

Women are Primary Emotion and Secondary Intelect. This translates into Water/Air.

There are many esoteric systems that use elemental qualities as archetypes which correspond to pieces of our realties. As a character archetype, a woman that is emotional and logical would be considered “Water/Air.” Water represents emotions/intuition/psyche while Air represents intellect/communication/ ides. When calculated to astrological sign, this archetype is “Libra.” Libra is all about social interaction and relationships. It is ruled by Venus which represents feminine energy and relating. In tarot, this archetype is regarded as the “Queen of swords.” She is known to be quick with her wit yet deep in her heart.

This is who we are speaking to when we are gaming.

A natural friend of mine said “I just don’t try to understand her logically but we get along just fine.” This is because he is getting along at an emotional level. He is communicating with emotions in his gestures, tonality, movement, etc. Words mean nothing if you can connect emotionally.

In order to attract women, you must be able to think like one. At the very least, you must be able to tune into the emotional patterns that are governing everything about her. If you take the time to study women while you’re with them, you will notice that they are dying to break out of their logical shells. Most of them do this by flipping out and crying like little girls. Others do it by unleashing the freak in bed. Others end up athletes and way to jacked for me to want to bang. Take the time to learn how to think with your emotions. The more you know about emotional thinking, the easier it will be for you to trigger them in women.

For me, this understanding has evolved into an “emotional vampire” persona that is very rake like. If you haven’t read the Art of Seduction, buy it this second and have it shipped priority. I’m learning to by-pass logic entirely unless its required for work. Once they sense that I’ve tapped into their emotional understanding the mood always shifts and the interactions become completely illogical. This is directly applied with any sort of Cocky/Funny behavior. Logically, the things we may say such as “nah, I don’t really want you to come over any more” or “you’re not my type” are completely reverse in logical intent yet emotionally understood as the fear of loss. Being funny and arrogant sexually is also understood as emotional stimulation. Saying “God you women are all the same. I’m not a piece of meat you know.” is logically irrelevant to the emotional spark created by wanting to prove you wrong.

Forgetting Logic:

This is why it’s incredibly important not to take anything a woman SAYS seriously at all. (Clearly there are exceptions in emergencies; you’ll know when it’s serious). If she tells you about other guys in her life, she’s testing you emotionally to see if you will be reactive emotionally, or sometimes justifying why she’s treating you a certain way because she does the same thing to other “guy friends.” These shit tests are just to see if you’ll budge. If you do, she gains power and loses attraction. After she tests you enough a few initial times and you hold you’re frame, she’ll accept you as alpha. That’s when ur money. But, it may take longer with some girls. Its something you have to feel for.

Think of a dog trainer. I saw a hilarious episode of South Park where Cartman goes through like 10 nannys (who did nothing but supplicate and act beta) and finally is given a dog trainer. All he talked about was being a leader and being dominate. As Cartman begged for attention, the trainer stayed dominate and Cartman finally gave up. This is the same type of process women go through with an alpha man.

All their words and shit tests are ways to try to beta you. If you plow through, keep a solid frame and don’t react, communicate solely with emotions and realize that all her logical communication is just ways to get attention, she’ll become loyal and beta like any other pack animal.


Observer women and how they change when around each other. Spend some time trying to “get on their level.” Communicate the same way you would have when you were a child and make it congruent with who you are today. Look for subtle ques and sub communications. Notice them and let them pass. Then apply your own subcomunication. Use timing, tonality, patience, and congruence in your appeal. Do not use anything canned, let it flow.

In Chinese systems there is the concept of elemental and energetic balance. Qi (or “chi” in western dialect) is the electro-magnetic force that powers your body. The studies of Qi Gong, Taiji, and even Yoga (which shares similar qualities yet relies on a separate systematic foundation) are all ways to cultivate, control, and embrace this type of energy. The Chinese knew of Qi as “water” since it was the only thing they could relate it to before they discovered electricity. Water, chi, emotion, energy. These are things women run on. Even saying any of these words to a women will have some sort of effect. Start to learn about alchemy and character archetypes and you’re inner game will improve.

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