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Lying Game(Papa)

Papa: Alright, let's make a bet about this one...a gentleman's bet. However, I still think you are too much of a good girl. Let's see. How about this...if you can tell a lie to 5 questions that I ask you, then you win. If not you'll owe me a kiss.

HBCockblock: Ok. Shoot!

Papa: How many legs do you have?

HBCockblock: 4. Papa: Ok. Ummmm. Well, hmmmm. What's your favorite color?

HBCockblock: Yellow. Papa: Ok. Well, mmmmmm. Hmmmm. Ok. What is your favorite kind of music...wait, wait...did I already ask you that question?

HBCockblock: No.

Papa: Hahahahha. I win. I gotcha.

HBCockblock: Oh!!! That is so not fair.


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