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Gather around kids, pour yourself some chocolate milk and let's chat.

When people ask you "How was your day?" they usually ask this while the day is still going on, yet we all answer as if the day is done.

"How was your day." "The day was good."

Why past tense? Isn't there still time left today to do a lot of things? As I write this it's just past five in the evening, I still have eight hours or so of things to do. Some of those things involve women.

Is there really anything more in the moment than the verb "is"? It's current, it describes what is going on at that very second. It doesn't care about 3 seconds ago, or what happens a minute from now. Is is a powerful word.

My day IS good.

So this always leads into a question, "Why so good?" and from there flows conversation about the particular external things that happened. Maybe you found a penny on the floor, or an extra five in your jacket pocket. Maybe that girl who you thought would flake left you a voice mail.

How often though do you answer "Why so good?" with something really empowering?

"Why so good?" "Because I make it that way."

It leaves no doubt. No external action is required. No pressed-on logic. No over-intense application of thought.

What makes the day good? YOU do. Your positivity, your perspective, your actions.

It's not about waiting for good things to magically befall you. Nor is it about getting stars to align in just the right way so you have a chance.

Fuck stars and fuck chances. You want something done, go do it. You don't know how to do it? Learn, then do it.

Watch how easily this applies.

"So, did you get your soul crushed a little by mainstream society today?" "Nope, had a good day." "Really, why?" "Because I made it that way."

This is your life. So why not live it? You have the fundamental tools. Reframe. Reinforce the positive. Get a goal and plow towards without stopping. You're a hurricane.

What goals do you have? I want to get laid. GO MAKE IT HAPPEN. I want to get a better job. GO MAKE IT HAPPEN. I want to move to the city and become pimp of the planet earth.

You know what to do.

Go make it happen.

So the next time someone asks you, "How was your day?" Be ready.


I'm going to go make spaghetti, and it will be glorious.

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