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Manwhore is actually a genetic experiment in Russia where they attempted to pack as much testosterone into a human being as possible. The good news is, it worked. The better news is, he escaped. Now he has no choice but to spread his turbo-seed into every female on the planet. Luckily, he's controlled his insatiable sex drive to the point where he only goes after humans. (credit; Pimpski)

There are also many rumors that there's a collectable manwhore action figure on the market, as of now we have not been able to locate it yet but we will continue our search.

According to Deep_Analysis;

I once heard that ManWhore ate a whole bottle of sleeping pills..........................*He blinked*

And by the words of ManWhore himself;

I had oneitis for a girl once.. for 0.68 seconds. That might seem kinda short to you, but for a manwhore, that is almost an eternity.

Various rumors also originating from Pimski:

"Manwhore doesn't open, he arrives"

"In an epic experiment, Manwhore's man batter was put in a petri dish with the man batter of Superman. Superman started crying once he realized that Manwhore's sperm started a bootcamp and all of his "super sperm" immediatly signed up."

"If Manwhore doesn't change his clothes in a heavily secured vault deep below the earth's surface, women appear out of no where and start sucking his dick. Even in the vault, its still been known to happen."

"One time Manwhore arrived at a feminist march. Within seconds, the feminist's leg hair evaporated and they began cooking and cleaning"

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