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Original Post by Matt Damon: Matt Damon.

In Depth Analysis

The new pickup guru Matt Damon has made a sudden appearance to our humble Real Social Dynamics forum. In his short time here he has single handendly demonstrated some of the best game I have seen in my days. I decided this really needed to be broken down into detail. The list goes as follows:

1. Unreactive - Matt Damon does not take shit from anyone. You can throw ANY shit test at him...his response will remain the same. He is not outcome dependent, because no matter what you say or do he will still be Matt Damon.

2. Plowing - Matt Damon plows like no other. Nothing can stand in the way of Matt Damon, he will Matt Damon you whether you like it or not. Try and break his frame and you'll be Matt Damon'd faster than you can say Ben Affleck.

3. Congruent - Matt Damon never tries to be anyone else. Everything says and does is all Matt Damon.

4. AMOG - Matt Damon is a leader of men. Despite being a man of few words, no man would ever dare stand in his way. The choice is to either look up to him as a god, or be Good Will Hunted down.

5. Mysterious - Fuck magicians with black fingernails, he can be read easier than a book. Matt Damon is the most mysterious mofo on the planet. Sure you might know what he will say next, but who is he really?

In conclusion, I vote Matt Damon be hired as an RSD instructor and start teaching bootcamps. Also if he were to revise the blueprint before it comes out that would be awesome, I'm sure he would have all sorts of good constructive criticisms.


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