Men are Selectors

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Ok so all the literature says that women select. bullshit i say.

A woman has no idea waht she wants, how then can she select?

She selects based on one thing: Does he KNOW that he can and will fuck me.

That is what creates attraction. That is all. Game OVER.

So lets look at this...

A man walks up to a woman and runs game. He is conveying one of two things a.) I can sleep with you but not tonight b.)I can sleep with you tonight c.) I want to but can't.

A woman is helplessly attracted to a man who KNOWS he can sleep with them.

That's it. It's such a head trip. Their criteria is "Does he KNOW that he can fuck me"

Every little piece of game is just conveying this.

Now, back to the whole selection thing.

Women can't help being drawn into this. They don't select who feels this way and who doesnt. In fact a woman may initially be attracted to a hot guy and after see that he doesnt KNOW that he can fuck her, she loses attraction and even after she consciously thinks to herself "i have to fuck him hes so hot" she loses all attraction and is repelled.

If women selected, then the biggest pig of a woman could select a hot guy. But she can't. The biggest PIG of a man, however, CAN select.

He just has to think "I KNOW I Can fuck her" and that's it.

Women's attractiveness is predetermined from birth +/- maintenance in the form of makeup nose jobs etc.

Man's attractiveness is determined in the lowest region of his brains.

We select who we attract.

Ultimately we are the selectors.

Women? They are selected by the guys who, for whatever reason, KNOW that they can fuck them.

I've always had this uneasy fealing that women would leave their man before a man would leave their woman. That the woman is not the selector, but the man. And this all now confirms this very notion.

Would it make sense in an entire planet dominated by the male species that the woman would have the greatest power of all? It didnt make sense to me. But now i realize that she doesnt have this power, the men do.

I know it doesn't sound great breaking. but really, it is. throw this all around in your brain for a minute.

This is all raw, unpolished thinking. Please chew on it for a second, you'll love how it tastes.

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