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I'm not at the ideal level where I want to be yet (ie: total perfection -- LOL) -- but seriously, I'm seeing flashes of it more and more often.

It's almost like hitting a "sweet spot", which at first was hard to reach but now is getting more and more consistent.

I feel like I've finally "figured out" and "seen" the true core of this game.

If I just stay on this path I know it will become 100% consistent by next year, or maybe a year after, but it will definitely be worth the stretch.

It's not like a black and white thing either -- it's just constant improvement and getting better and better.

The constant challenge for me is not letting it become a part of my identity (ie: I'm the shit because I'm natural) because AS SOON AS I THINK THAT IT CEASES TO WORK.

This is the huge flaw in the whole game: if being good with women becomes a part of my identity, then I'm always trying to validate that identity, and I come across reaction-seeking -- when in fact, my best nights are when I hit the "sweet spot" of just being ME and not thinking a step ahead of what other people think.

One key I got from Rick H was when he made a cryptic remark that I sort of ran with, which was "If you're a guy who's thinking one step ahead, like what he's going to say next, she's going to know that and not like you" (paraphrased).

I tried just going out and approaching with "What's up" and NOT thinking about what I'll say next.

This is also why if I tell a guy taking a bootcamp "I want you to TRY to get blown out, by not making any effort" he'll open the sets and they'll all stick on him like glue. I can tease him like "You failed... You didn't get blown out" and this will fry his brain because girls are loving him despite that he made no effort.

For me it's like hitting that sweet-spot as often as possible, which is a total mindscrew because as soon as I take PRIDE in being able to reach it, I can no longer reach it.

It's like as soon as you say to yourself "I'm going to get this girl by trying not to get her" it ceases to work --> you have to REALLY not care.

This sounds freaky, but it's almost like a PSYCHIC thing (even though it doesn't exist and anyone who talks about psychics I think is out of touch with reality) -- but seriously, the whole principle of "THE SELF IS COMING THROUGH" is a real mindscrew for me because as long as I know "the self is coming through" I can go in there and usually do phenomenally well by just putting myself out there and being ME.

We could probably come up with all sorts of theories about why, like that "ego" is a cover for a wound of real "self esteem", and that if you convey self-esteem you convey that you'd healed all your wounds or never been wounded in the first place -- which conveys value.

I really don't know -- just throwing out guesses... At the end of the day it doesn't even matter though, it just works.

A good experiment for me a while back was to take a digital camera and video myself approaching with my routine stack.

Then, after, videotape myself approaching with "Hey what's up"

I realized that I approached with FULL CONFIDENCE with a routine stack because I had the EGO PROTECTION of "If it doesn't work, it's just my delivery and it says nothing bad about me."

With "what's up" it's all YOU who gets rejected, so it's really really hard to approach with that same total confidence and anticipation of a great response that you have when you're using the material.

Learning "natural" game is basically just learning to approach with that same total CONFIDENCE and ANTICIPATION OF FRIENDLINESS that you had when you're telling a great story, but instead of anticipating a great response for the great story, you anticipate a great response for YOU.

This is almost like a girl's frame --> also a lot like a child's frame.

One of the clues for me was when **** ******* said that Tommy Lee approaches people like a "big happy baby."

I thought that was a great line and I've fully adopted it. I just approach sort of in the role that I'm a big happy baby, never wounded, never have had a problem in life --> and as my buddy Ariel said, feeling CONNECTED to the world rather than disconnected and having to be above or below it.

It's funny, but the fact you're able to come from that place of security winds up sub-communicating a lot about you -- maybe as much as being the "leader of men" or whatever.

I still think you've got to be the man and be the shit, but I also think that for guys who’ve taken on those behaviours for a few months that it’s so internalized that doing it consciously at this point is just try-hard.

There is no way we could ever go back to acting like chodes so any effort to the contrary is really wasted energy.

That said, I think there are a lot of identity-crises where you CAN bring back old behaviours without realizing it, and those have to be nixed out.

I've seen ex-PUA friends who revert to spending tons of money on girls and getting USED hardcore. So we can't be reverting to that, or to being quiet little introverts who stay at home on a Friday night.

But as long as we're having fun and being outgoing, just walking up with full anticipation of success (big happy baby style), and allowing the "escalation window" to open, I think this is the most potent way.

I've seen Tim from Real Social Dynamics do phenomenal things and I think he's the paradigm of this style of game (as are most of the guys in RSD -- which is why I chose to surround myself with them).

His opener is "Hi I'm Tim" and the guy really gets a deep rooted sexual attraction, far stronger than the buying temperature attraction that most people in the community get.

Anyway, a lot of stuff here -- maybe you guys will be able to pull something out of it.

Let me know what you think.


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