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Why do people feel a responsibility of saying something funny in social occasions? They think being funny or witty is a *responsibility* because your *supposed to* show people you're witty for them to like you. And if you don't that means they're "not gonna like you".

I say be CHEERFUL not FUNNY. Stay cheerful and if something funny comes up in your mind say it, if it doesn't don't. Just remain cheerful and stop FEELING RESPONSIBLE about entertaining people.

They say humor is the biggest ice breaker. I think certain humor makes you look like a clown. You know which humor I'm talking about? The one where you FEEL RESPONSIBLE to make people laugh.

Fun humorous remarks are a BY-PRODUCT of a super happy state. Like all game is a By-Product of state.

That means:

  • If your not in a super happy state: your gonna bomb
  • If NERVOUSNESS is screwing up your super happy state: your gonna bomb
  • If DEPRESSION is screwing up your super happy state: your gonna bomb
  • If NEGATIVITY is screwing up your super happy state: your gonna bomb
  • If SERIOUSNESS is screwing up your super happy state: your gonna bomb
  • If INSECURITY AND FEELING THE NEED AND RESPONSIBILITY TO SAY SOMETHING FUNNY is screwing up your super happy state: your gonna bomb

People say funny shit by accident. That's because the "humorous state" is what causes it. THINKING never causes it. THINKING only works if your a comedy writer for TV, Film or Stand Up. But THINKING never makes you spontaneously fun.

Believe me guys. I wanna be in showbiz and I have all kinds of books about comedy. They all teach you comedy WRITING. None of it teach you about BEING FUNNY. That's something I had to figure out without books

I remember once I was in Universal Studios in Florida. My cousins and I went to the E.T ride. If you've all been there before, the E.T ride requires you to tell some dude your name before you get in the ride. That's because at the end of the ride, E.T waves at you and says "Good bye John (or whatever your name is)"

So me and my cousins were in this super happy humorous state because we were having an awesome fucking time.

Dude: What's your name?

S Hero: My name is asshole

Dude: ...??? no ... seriously what's your name?

S Hero: That IS my name... I know its weird but in our culture we actually have that name ....

Dude: Okay how do you spell that?

  • By this time my cousins are trying to prevent themselves from exploding and cracking up in the back*

S Hero: ... a ... s ... s ...h ...o ...l...e

Dude: Okay thank you sir

So we got inside the ride. As the ride ended E.T was waving Bye to everybody.

E.T: "Bye Bye Janice" .... "Bye Bye David" ... "Bye Bye Asshole"


Do you guys think I prepared to setup that situation out of THINKING? I don't know how I came up with that! It just blurted out of my mouth!

You know why? Because I was in a humorous state. I was in a super happy cheerful state. A state that wasn't filtered with negativity and nervousness or seriousness or "feeling responsible" to entertain.

Here are some more examples:

You guys ever played that PC game? "The Sims"?

When they talk they make theses hilarious random voices. If anyone played it they know what I'm talking about. Anyway so me and my friends were hanging out and I was singing with a Metalica James Hedfield voice. I wasn't really singing with words I was just blurting out the Hedfield voice randomly.

My friends: LOOOOOOOOL!!! Dude its like your from The Sims but with a James Hedfield voice!!!


Then we acted out a Sims conversations with James Hedfield voices.

Me: Aghhh ... agh agh agh agh agh. AGHHHHHHH. Agh agh agh aghhhhhhh hagh hagh RRRRRRR gha YeAaAaaAAAAaaAAGh!

Freinds: HyeAaAaAAAAAAGH! RRRrrrRrRRagha hyeagh! HYEAH!!



We just said that shit spontaneously. We don't know how we came up with that.

Again, do you think we were THINKING when we came up with that? We weren't "Saying something funny" it was more like "Something funny came out of us"

Let me emphasize that statement:

"Saying something funny" Vs. "Something funny comes out of you"


"Saying something funny" Vs. "Something funny comes out of you"

Are you noticing the difference between the two?

What does "Something funny comes out of you" mean?

It means that you experienced an "I don't know how I came up with that!" moment

Lets repeat the earth shattering realization:

Funny remarks are a BY-PRODUCT of a humorous state.

When you "Say something funny" you'll usually bomb. When "Something funny comes out of you" you'll usually kill. It hits the spot and everyone laughs.

I'm gonna keep saying "Something funny comes out of you" so instead of repeating that phrase bare with me as I make it a geeky acronym (Just for explanation's sake):

So "Something funny comes out" is now = SFCO

Moving on ....

A SFCO moment is the BY-PRODUCT of the happy humorous state. The humorous state is not always necessarily happy, but most of the time it usually is. And when your in that state, a lot of SFCOs are gonna blurt out of your mouth UNCONSCIOUSLY.

Okay from now The Humorous State will be referred to as = The State

Anyway when you're "Feeling Responsible" to say something funny for people to like you ... or:

Pressure to Entertain for Validation and Attention = PEVA

You'll usually blurt out something REALLY LAME.

Sometimes PEVA is not Dancing Monkey, sometimes its how lame people banter because they want something from you. Like a froggy French bellboy who wants a tip. He said a lame joke, but its not really Dancing Monkey.

And sometimes PEVA is Dancing Monkey

Observe bratty 4 year olds. Look at how they act. They ALWAYS want attention so they always try to say funny shit out of The PEVA not out of The State. So they say super lame shit like:

"Heeeeeey! HeeeeY! Look! Look! I make pizza with my nose! HA HA HA HA HA!"


Have you ever been in the movies? Then you see these lame ass loud dudes who never shut the fuck up when you watch the film? So lets pretend your watching a Bruce Willis action movie and somewhere in the middle of the crowd that lame poser decides he wants to show off how funny he is to the rest of the crowd in the movie theater (A PEVA reason). So when Bruce Willis does something badass, the poser shouts:

"tHat's better THaN dIe HaRd! Eat yOur HearT out dIE HarrrrrrrrrrD!"

And you wish somebody could just slap that chode!

Once my cousin introduced me to his friend. That friend was very creepy and quite at the beginning. So my cousin and I were having a bunch of laughs and he just stands there all quite and creepy. He noticed that we think he's weird. He felt the need to be validated. He felt a pressure that he had to say something funny in order to be validated. He says something lame so we didn't pay attention. Then out of the blue he starts calling everything and everybody "gay".

"That's gay"

"Hey check out that gay guy over there"

"Dude that is gay"

I'm sure you've all experienced these weirdos before.

We still didn't give him any attention.

Next he think he does is grab his nipples and make the most retarded facial expression saying "Yeah baby! ooooh! yeah!"!!!!!

We looked at him as if he came from MARS! We didn't laugh. We thought that he was not only lame, but also the weirdest loser of all time

Do you know why? Do you think all those lame gay comments were SFCOs or PEVAs? Exactly.

Do you think the bratty 4 year olds or movie going posers say shit out of SFCOs or PEVAs? Exactly.

There is a sign that tells you if someone is a PEVAer. Do you know that lame reaction-seeking facial expression after a PEVAer says a joke? You know that Eccentric Goblin Grin that's waiting for you to laugh after they say a joke? That's how you know someone is a PEVAer.

Let me copy paste what I wrote in the beginning of this article:


Why do people feel a responsibility of saying something funny in social occasions? They think being funny or witty is a *responsibility* because your *supposed to* show people you're witty for them to like you. And if you don't that means they're "not gonna like you".


This is what PEVA-minded people think. That's why they bomb.

So how do people prevent themselves from PEVAing?

We know that people PEVA because they're insecure that people don't like them. So they think being funny is the solution. In the gay-homophobic example we didn't dig the guy because he was creepy, not because he's lame ... at least initially. Then he proved to be lame later.

Also, every time I meet someone new and I don't like them, its because they're either negative, froggy, boring, weird, fake ... etc. But when I meet someone new and I like him/her, it's not necessarily because s/he's funny. If that person is just COOL and CHEERFUL then that's MORE THAN ENOUGH FOR A GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION. I don't need them trying to impress me with being funny.

But PEVAers think that being funny is the ONLY WAY to make a good first impression. W H Y?!!

Being funny is not the only way to getting out of the Frog Zone. If your cheerful, that's it, poof, your not a frog anymore. You DON'T HAVE TO be funny. It's okay. You don't have to "feel paranoid and responsible" to make people laugh.

But how come cool people know how to be hilarious and PEVAers don't?

I'll tell you why ...

When cool people make others laugh, do they have the reaction-seeking Eccentric Goblin Grin after they say a joke? Nope. You know why? Because he's not entertaining "others". He's ENTERTAINING HIMSELF. As Tim would put it

Think about it.


Dude sits at couch at home.

Dude thinks to himself: I'm bored, I wanna kill time. Let me call the guys so I can have a good time.

BOOM! There you go. Did you notice what he said?

Let's look at it again:

>I'm<------ bored. I wanna kill time. Let me call the guys so ----->I<---- can have a good time.

He didn't say:

Let me call the guys so that THEY can have a good time.

No no, he said:

Let me call the guys so ****I**** can have a good time.


The guys are out. They go to Bhudda Bar. They're having an awesome time.

Friends: HA HA HA! HA HA ! Dude! Did you see that! That was so legendary! Hey dude, go slap that chick in the ass when she's not looking!


  • Spank*

Girl: HEY!

Dude: Oh shit! I'm sorry I thought you were someone I knew! My name is Dude by the way!


Girl: You just spanked my ass!

Dude: I'm sorry I'll make it up for you! Come here.

Girl: Where are we going?

Dude: Come on!

Girl: LOL! But where are we going?

Dude: We're gonna go lick the Bhudda statue!

Girl: HA HA HA! You're totally drunk!

See? Is the guy being fun for validation? Nope. He SPANKED THE ASS OF A TOTAL STRANGER! That's not a sign of someone who cares about validation! He doesn't care about entertaining others. He's just doing it to increase HIS OWN good times, HIS OWN entertainment. He's just doing it to live out HIS OWN fun moment.

Even when you look at the lines he said, they're not really "funny" if you think about it. But you know why everyone else laughed? Because he was in The State. And The State is contagious.

I remember I was once in The State and I said something completely mundane, and people laughed. It happens all the time.

Like I'm sitting there with my family after we ordered shawermas from a Lebanese restaurant. I'm In State for some reason and I say something COMPLETELY MUNDANE like:

"Shawermas are cool..."

And they all laughed for some reason.

Have you guys seen Danny DeVito's constantly smiling face in that movie "One Flew Over The Cukoo's Nest"? That's exactly how I looked like when I said it:

S Hero: "Shawermas are cool ... "

S Hero's Family: HA HA HA!

It's NOT EVEN A JOKE OR A PUNCHLINE! It's something I said while I was in State. You can be in State and say something totally normal like:

"Hey .... Hey guys .... pffffffffffft!! ..... my glass is empty!!!!"


I'm not kidding. If you say it while your in State, then that state is contagious. And everybody else is gonna feel that State with you. You don't even have to wait for SFCOs. You can say ANYTHING and its gonna be fun.

When your in State and your saying shit like "Shawermas are cool" or my "My glass is empty" ... Are you saying it to LIVE OUT YOUR OWN FUN MOMENT, or are you saying it because YOU WANNA MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH SO THEY CAN LIKE YOU? Exactly.

I want you guys to see the last scene in the movie "Four Rooms". The part where Tarantino, Bruce Willis and the others were all having a good time and laughing with each other. Notice that all their dialog doesn't contain a single "comic" line. But if you were with them you would be laughing too because you would live out the contagious happy fun state they were in. They didn't care about "Funny" they cared about HAVING A GOOD TIME. And they wanted to have a good time FOR THEMSLEVES they didn't PEVA and do it TO MAKE OTHER PEOPLE LIKE THEM.

Now we all get it.

Let me just repeat the highlights and important parts of this note before I end it:

Highlight No.1:

Be CHEERFUL not FUNNY. If a SFCO comes up, say it. If it doesn't, don't.

Highlight No.2:


Highlight No.3:

Funny remarks are a BY-PRODUCT of The State. Its not something you do after "THINKING"

Highlight No.4:

Humor is meant to ENTERTAIN YOURSELF not OTHERS.

Highlight No.5:

You become funny to LIVE OUT YOUR OWN GOOD TIMES. Not to make other people like you

Highlight No.6:

The State is contagious

Highlight No.7:

Negativity, Depression, Seriousness, PEVA and Nervousness KILLS The State. Whether you experience it yourself or if someone around you experiences it and buzz kills your own Good Time, it will completely kill State and kill the Good Times

Highlight No.8:

Cheerfulness gets you out of the Frog zone. Funny is not necessarily the only way to prevent yourself from being a Frog. So stop feeling pressured to be funny and just stay cheerful. Don't be quite and creepy. And don't be super serious like the froggy French. (If you're French I love you but you gotta stop being super serious all the time and cheer up)

Highlight No.9:

YOU DON'T HAVE TO FEEL RESPONSIBLE TO MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH. It's OKAY if your not the funny man! IT'S OKAY!! You DON'T HAVE TO make them laugh!

Highlight No.10:


This is the breakdown of how to be humorous in your everyday life interaction NATURALLY and not by being ROBOTICALLY PREPARED. Get used to being naturally humorous with everybody. And then the Venus Fly Trap of Desire will take its fucking course.

  • Throws microphone on stage, raises hands as the crowd cheers gives a standing ovation. Walks out of stage and disappears into the night*
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