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I avoid posting here, as I feel it makes me think too much

But recently, I came to a certain realization that I feel like might be a little valuable piece of steak to a hungry mother fucker out there. Not to mention, I'm always down to whore my avatar because it's so fucking hot..

Previously, when I would go out, I would feel incredible... I would fucking soak up every little juicy, zesty moment of my rocking good time. I would go out of my way to look for people to talk to, just to bask in the glory of learning social dynamics. As soon as I would get in the presence of a girl or group of girls, my attention or focus of thought, my stream of consciousness, would go to that little girlie.

Even if not in words, my mind would look for things to tease her on. Things to comment on. Things to bust her on. Things to be sexual on. I would look her over with my eyes. Feel her perfume tingle my nose. I would imagine in my mind her ass bubbling out of her little booty shorts while I spank her juicy caramel ass you can bounce quarters off of (props to Jack Diesel for that one ). This doesn't mean I was analyzing, no. Just saturating my consciousness with everything about her.

Then, when I wasn't in the direct presence of a girl, I would go over my mind all the awesome scenarios and replay them over and over pumping myself up. I would make up new scenarios or improvise on previous scenarios.

While this was going on, I had terrible 'game' with guys. In fact, I found myself incredibly comfortable around girls, but around guys I never made friends easily, and would get somewhat anxious, or would always watch what I say.

Suddenly I realized the paradox in this way of thinking...

I can't naturally 'screen' or naturally talk to her and have it be non outcome dependent when she IS the outcome in my mind all the time.

Then i considered people who are good with ladies and their body language and what they talk about. They're focusing on whatever in the environment, not the girls. Girls can be in there for sure, and they will be, but they don't take over their mental stream of consciousness.

I always knew about the NOW moment and going with the flow, which is what I thought I was doing. I felt I had it because I was feeling so good about going out, not analytically thinking. But my thoughts STILL were dealing with the girl, even if I acted on them right away and felt awesome in the process.

You can't be screening a girl with your natural personality when you're thinking too much about what she's saying so you can craft a funny/sexual/good response.

So I went out and started focusing my attention on whatever in the environment made me feel good. ANYTHING. Whether it's the lamppost or the bartender's shirt. I looked at everything and the big picture.

THATS how I make a reality girls want. My personality comes through THAT WAY, in the unique way I view each thing in my environment.

Not a reality which is about HER and how I can tease or do whatever to her.. thats limiting.

And of course, after I realized this shift, getting along with guys become incredibly easy. I became much more relaxed and I naturally gave off a much stronger screening frame.

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