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[edit] by jlaix

"Hey, guys... remember that shit 'My Little Pony'? Well, I was thinkin about this today, and I can't remember... did they have powers? Like, I remember they could fly, but I thought they also had little symbols on the hip or something that gave them powers, but they were like, lame-ass powers like Sharing and Honor or some shit. My little sister used to have them and I'd play GI Joes with them, like, GI Joe would fly into battle on My Little Pony, then blast Cobra with a fuckin machine gun blah blah blah..."

Edit: I read recently that someone speculated that My Little Pony was really all an analogy for a lesbian separatist colony. Think about it. There were no males. Never. That, and they licked each other like thirty times an episode. Or so I've heard. -Slade

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