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Venue: Hollywood red carpet event

BACKSTORY AND BUILDUP: Thursday night. See a Hollywood cutie outside that I met back in January. I tell her I love her. She tells me she loves me more. I reward her with a hug and claw her into venue for every girl to envy.

In a little over an hour of general socializing, lording, and blatant flirting Hollywood cutie wants to hook up. I am Maximus and Victory is imminent. Her tourist-cousin tells us, "You guys just need to go fuck somewhere". I smile at my new found dating coach and her unique sense of the obvious.

Unfortunately, it's too early and the place is OOZING with a STUNNING congregation of models (like two beautiful models for every chode). Hooking up with Hollywood cutie has become plan B. I make her part of my quasi-social circle and earmark her for later.

Ironically, the cousin sees I'm not closing THAT MOMENT and decides to drag Hollywood cutie away so she can hook up somewhere else (cousin was only 'cute' in this cornucopia of beauties and there weren't enough dudes to go around).

THE MEET: Girl is dragged away. Seconds later I'm chatting with my lovely model of closest proximity and beauty. She's eyeball fucking me through my clothes. A less secure man might have felt violated, but I bask in the glory of her total lack of shame and determination to IOI me. I reward her with a smile and hold her hand.

She gives me props for being so good with women (Note to self: she's been watching me for a WHILE). Model thanks me for approaching and paying attention to her. I'm starting to like this girl. She then tells me she's 26 and has been married to a 77 year old sugar daddy the past 6 years (a common LA occurrence). I feel bad for her sexual frustration.

MY NEW FAVORITE EXTRACTION METHOD: We dance a little and I let her touch my sexy abs through my shirt. We chat for ~30 minutes letting our sexual intent and touch grow bolder. Next, following my gut, I grab our jackets lying nearby and tell her to put hers on. Never saying a word about what's next, I take her hand, lead her past the DJ and go-go dancers, out of the VIP area, through the hallway, past the bar, through the reception, out the front door, past the red carpet, through the exit gate barrier, continue walking to my car, open my passenger side door, she gets in, I close the door, drive to my house, park and lead her through my front door. Just led and never hesitated.

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