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The American Heritage Dictionary defines violence as "Physical force exerted for the purpose of violating, damaging, or abusing."

Nathan defines violence as what you get if you fuck with him.

An ex-military man, Nathan's past is shadowy and indistinct. All we know of him is from the compiled research of RSD's spy division, which bases it's operations in a subterranean fortress buried beneath the prison isle of Alcatraz.

From this informational nexus, the steel fingers of the information superhighway feed RSD's ravenous hunger for knowledge. Twisted abominations, more machine than man, collate files and reports for the RSD High Command, their ravaged features bathed in the light from a thousand ancient cathode-ray monitors.

A one year ago, the head of RSD's elite profiling division, the High Arbiter Of Night And Fog, heard a knock on the massive steel door to his hermetically sealed chambers.

"Enter" he croaked. The voice synthesizer that had long ago replaced his larynx screeched feedback through lack of use. He extended a titanium needle from his fingernail, slid it into his spinal cord, and corrected the flaw. "Enter." His voice, now, was crisp and clean - and ever so slightly metallic.

A minion crept into the room, and with a shaking hand, he held up a datacard. The arbiter reached out, took it, and inserted it into the cacophony of technological wonders that made up the desk at which he sat. A screen lit up, and his red eyes glowed dull crimson in the silence.

The line of text across the top of the screen read:

"Profile Subject Nathan. Results: Readings All Off The Charts.

Personal History Highlights... Search and Rescue Naval Diver

Skills At Attracting Women -

11100001010100010101001010010100010001011100001010 Error Cannot Compute: 000101110101010010010100101010101010 Integer Greater Than Processor Capacity 01010100101001010001000101110000 11100010101100101000001001010010100101 Error: Resetting Processor

Calibration Scale: Instructor Caliber.

Suggest Immediate Implementation Of Plan X.

Classification: Top Secret."

For a time no-one spoke.

Then, The High Arbiter looked at the minion with cool disdain. The minion retched with terror.

"Is anyone else aware of this other than yourself?"

"N-n, n-n-n, no, my lord!" The minion managed to say.

"Excellent." The arbiter's finger moved slightly, and the door behind the minion slammed shut, like the lid of a coffin.

Several months later, Nathan was riding his Harley Davidson across the wild, shining grasslands of Texas when he saw something glint, far off in the distance, in the clear blue sky. It looked for all the world like a Zeppelin.

Something in him warned of danger, and his bike swerved just in time for something blue and metallic to whirr past his ear. A bullet? No. His elite military training told him otherwise. It was a dart, a tranquilizer dart.

He glanced down at the speedometer. 142 MPH. Shit. At this speed a tranquilizer would kill him as surely as a howitzer shell. He slammed on the brakes and the bike twisted beneath him like an angry bitch. Another dart shot past him, missing him by millimeters.

His jaw tightened. The dial read 93 MPH and falling fast. He was going to do it - he was going to stop the bike!


Looking down, Nathan saw a small blue plumage extending from the center of his chest.

"Fuck it." he said as the ground came up to meet him.

The RSD Zeppelin descended like an ominous shadow. The only sound was the whisper of the wind, and beneath that, Journey.

Jeffy stepped onto the asphalt, and coldly surveyed the wreckage of Nathan's body. He was still alive. Amazing. He would need a lot of work at RSD's cybernetics division, where Papa would rebuild his skeleton with Adamantium, and implant the most cutting edge charisma technology directly into the synthetic skin of his rebuilt face.

Once that was accomplished, the latest advances in nanotech would flow through his bloodstream, endowing him with vast personal strength, a mutant healing factor and the ability to melt women's panties off with the power of his gaze alone.

And oh, the glory. Jeffy smiled.

This one would be special.

Very, very special.

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