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Oneitis is an obsession with a girl without having her returning the same intensity of your emotions.

Here is a prime example from our dear poster Bentgame:

"This is one of the few areas where I can give reliable advice. I had a one-itis 4 years ago. I was fucking obsessed with her. I put her on a pedestal so high it isn't even funny. This fucked up what little relationship we had and she left. I was fucked up for the next 2 years. If I wouldn't have found the community, I would have been screwed up a lot longer. Anyways, I ran into her a couple of weeks ago and I thought "This is the girl I thought was perfect?". I saw her for what she was, human. That's my solution to one-itis. See the girls as human. They make mistakes, have good qualities and bad qualities. They can be sweet and annoying. It's allowing yourself to see the negative side of them that stops the one-itis."

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