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Outcome Dependency, or being outcome dependent in seduction terms, means the amount of value you link with the outcome of the situation. There are two types of outcome dependency, as Ozzie explained on the Transformations DVDs.

Emotionally attached outcome dependency This where your state and your feelings are determined by the way the situation ends.

So when a girl rejects you, your feelings shut down. And when you close her your feelings pump up.

Your emotions are attached to the outcome, but the outcome is domineering over your emotions.

Non-emotionally attached outcome dependency This is when you set a goal and you try all best to achieve your goal, but when you fail it doesn't affect your emotions.

You won't be sad, you will simply acknowledge this feedback and set a goal with another target.

Your emotions aren't attached to the outcome, and thus your self-esteem can't be harmed.

RSDNation-board post on outcome dependency linked with fun, by Stonefish

Default The more Outcome Dependence you are... the less Fun you'll have

Hey Guys,

If your Not having FUN maybe your outcome dependent!!!!

The more Outcome Dependence you are ... the less Fun you'll have

Let me explain what I mean...

The nightclubs are full of guys not having fun...a lot of guys go out and are NOT having FUN because there WORRIED about getting a girl's acceptance or validation. So they become CAREFUL about saying the right thing, trying to impress her, being nice to her...there hoping for a GOOD OUTCOME.

But can YOU have fun... if your WORRIED about how she might react? Obviously Not

See if you are talking to a girl and not having FUN... Then why are you talking to her? Its obvious you want sex or validation from her...so your outcome depend.

A lot of guys let a girl they never met before dictate there happiness through her validation. Your happiness should come from within you and not be independent on some stranger's mood...you should be living in your own reality.

"You can not have fun if you are worried about the outcome"

Outcome dependence = lower value You are also acknowledging her value. She is the prize.

The bottom line is...

1) Concentrate on having FUN live in your own reality 2) Don't worry about the outcome. 3) And trust she will be drawn into your reality.

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