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By Pimpski

Hey Guys,

I'd like to share with you a couple techniques I've developed that have become staple parts of my game.

The Slide of Passion

This is an extension of The Claw which you should all be using on a regular basis (For the latest mastery of The Claw, buy Transformations and watch Tim's section about 300 times). The Slide of Passion is a very dominant action which transitions from Claw to Makeout in a matter of seconds.

(Starting in the Claw with other arm at side) 1. Turn into HB and slide claw from opposite shoulder towards lower back with firm (but gentle) pressure inwards towards your crotch. This should be done with one fluid motion and result in being belly to belly with her while holding her lower back against you. 2. At the same time, take your other hand and reach around to the middle of her spine. Do this once the claw hand passes the center. As you slide your claw hand down to her lower back, slide your other hand up to the back of her neck and clench the hair on the back of her head. 3. Make out.

Usually she's overwhelmed by your cave-manliness and completely submits. Its awesome.

The Slide itself can also be used as push/pull by simply sliding the claw towards the lower back (without turning in) and pushing her away from you instead of into you. When done right she just glides away.

Side note: Do not confuse The Slide with the Chode Wipe. I’ve seen many guys try to claw in with a flaccid tentacle as strong as cooked spaghetti. They also reach out and wipe their hands on a girl as she passes by as if they were drying their hands. That’s fucking weak shit. The Claw and its accessories are about PHYSICAL DOMINANCE and the assertion of your confidence as a man. Don’t Chode Wipe her as she passes, and don’t Chode Wipe her with a flaccid claw. (Be firm but not threatening, almost in a protective manor. Think of the Claw as a firm handshake. You can tell a lot about someone by their handshake. Girls instinctively learn the same thing about you by your Claw). Don’t be a Chode Wipe. Be a man.

The Wave of Awesome

Many times while either in set or amongst your wings in the Venus Flytrap, you may catch eyes with an HB from across the room. Usually, there is a dead stare until one breaks away, or even worse; a pussy little wave of the fingers with a head tilt down...almost bashful. The Wave of Awesome breaks this useless tension and/or half ass connection by making it blatantly obvious that you were both looking at each other in a playful way.

(When locking eyes with an HB from a distance) 1. Light up with an excited and open-mouth smile as if to say "HI HOW ARE YOU ALL THE WAY OVER THERE!?!?!" and act like she's an old friend you haven't seen in years. 2. Wave your hand side to side loosely (Kind of like Weird Al Yanchovic does in his video "So White and Nerdy").

You're being obviously goofy while doing this. 99% of the time she will do the same exact thing back to you because you're a) making it obvious that you are both staring at each other and not afraid to acknowledge it, b) Being very playful c) are being initially non-threatening and d) no one ever does that kind of shit to anyone they don't know. You're cutting off the 3 second rule into an instant connection from across the way.

3. Once she waves back, stop immediately and give her Laser Eyes until you connect. This should only be a split second. 4. Make some sort of facial expression that conveys "You're trouble, I can't be doing this." I usually bite my lip with a seductive grin. 5. Turn back into set like nothing happened. If you weren't in set, open one. Just make sure you are engaged in another interaction, preferably with a girl.

(The last time I did this, the girl was with 2 other guys and wouldn't stop staring at me while I was talking. I'd catch eyes with her momentarily to communicate "I know ur there and I know you're watching me." I was in set for about 3 more minutes then by myself at the bar keeping myself occupied while my wing was in the bathroom. 10 minutes later I walked by HB and she grabbed me, pulled me into dance with her and told me how naughty she feels.)

Laser Eyes

Its like cheating. No, seriously it is. The concept is that you are locking in to a girl beyond social conditioning and into her primal sexuality. Before attempting this, you need to be comfortable looking into someone's eyes while talking to them. If you are not yet comfortable doing that, make it a point to look everyone you talk to in the eyes for the next 24 hours.

(During conversation with HB while either looking into her eyes or at bare minimum her face. The more ADD you are with your focus, the better it is once Laser Eyes are locked down since your attention is scarce and therefore more valuable.) 1. Connect eye contact with HB while either you or she is talking to the set or each other. Best initiated mid sentence. 2. Lower your chin very slightly, just enough to make it look like you are looking through your brow. This same type of gesture could be the same as if someone was about to engage in battle, which you basically are on a primal gender level. Be warned that it is VERY easy to over do this and come off as intimidating. Make sure your aggressive intention is sexual and not combative. You are giving her the impression that you have a dangerous side, even in the happiest of state. Danger is sexy. 3. Smirk at her with one side of your face and turn that side towards her so you are not looking at her dead on. (This can literally be a matter of millimeters if calibrated properly.) 4. Stare into her eyes with sexual energy and a slightly evil grin, but make sure its endearing. Communicate your sexual being through your eyes and into her soul.

2, 3 and 4 happen (for the most part) simultaneously. It’s done all one motion in an escalating manor and for as long as it takes for her to smile back. Her BT WILL spike if done correctly. You’ll know when it does because she will send the same message back to you. From the perspective of others, she may seem to “melt” at your presence. Ideally, this will snowball a sexual energetic escalation into lip biting and instinctually trying to touch each other. Your calibration will determine how far to go at what times. I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS do this right before the Claw. It can literally be used at any time, just prepare for sexual magnetism and know how far you can take it in the venue you are at.

Also, don’t expect for it to hook right away. Push/pull with eye contact. Calibrate the intensity. If you do this wrong you will creep a girl out so start slow. The more rapport you build, the more you can get her laughing with you and visa versa. When in set, use it after the hook point. Do not do it all the time. Use it when opening direct or with girls you may pull in via Venus fly trap and girls in passing. Use it when isolated and going caveman.

My favorite thing to use it for is during the day when dealing with girls who are working and are stuck talking to you in autopilot because they are doing their job. As they ramble off their spiel you can make them crack a sexual smile as you listen to whatever it is that they’re babbling about. If some girl starts telling you a story, do the same thing. Laser eyes are about pulling people out of the social matrix and into their sexual state of being.

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