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I couldn’t make up my mind to write about this because it can be grossly misinterpreted by newbies. But taking that risk on board i take the challenge.

I use this little drill when guys are too tense in the field, outcome dependent, etc...They tend to be too stiff, unable to loosen up and talk to people normally. Needless to say, most of those guys would talk for hours without the pressure to perform but in the field all the intelligence, social skills go out the window and you have a perfectly social guy with a great job, leading teams back at work, etc..get all worked because he has to go and talk to a girl. Anyway, i just tell them to go and just be friendly and playful to people. These seems to work almost every time. Once i remove the pressure to go “pick up”, they seem to get unwind and talk to women naturally. Once outcome is removed from the interaction, they seem to float their way into success, even hooking up sets for the rest of the night and many times after they leave the set, the set seems to remain open all night until closing time. I found out you can get away with almost anything as long as you do it playfully and friendly. For instance, kino right off the bat goes smoothly when you are friendly and playful. I can seem to get away with hugging, grabbing, high fiving, spinning even lifting girls off the ground when i do it playfully. Another example, i have used this many times to plow thru resistance in sets that don’t seem to open right away. Once they open and they see you don’t flinch to their resistance, they will love you forever..and ever. Why does it work? It is not seen as an intrusion when you are genuinely having fun. They just wanna be part of it. They are out to meet people like you in the first place. You seem to be taking a risk on them by doing this and they seem to appreciate and reward a guy who is not afraid to be rejected. It puts the pressure on them to be cool. You are showing you are the coolest guy around and now it is up to them to meet your standards of fun.

When doing this: 1. Don’t do this if you are already a friendly guy. No need. 2. Be careful not to appear goofy or try hard. 3. Try and do hardcore kino or you will be put into friendly zone or “nice guy” stereotype, or people pleaser type. 4. Avoid entertaining them. Avoid using jokes or funny comebacks that make you “likable” in their eyes aka “performer syndrome” or dancing monkey. Other than that you are good to go.

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