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(submitted by Manwhore)

I just read (*&# *%@@(#'s post on how people feel sorry for him and treat him like a social retard.

I used to be kind of a loner because I was so inside my head that I couldn't get out of it long enough to hit state. When I was about 15 I discovered David D's C&F so in most people's eyes I went from this laughing stalk to this total cock. Whatever. At least I hit the ground running and put myself out there more. It's not to say I wasn't social, just that up until that point, I got picked on and didn't know how to defend myself.

Now I have a million AMOGs up my sleeve and I can freestyle that shit until a dude will crawl back into the hole he came from. Now I'm fairly built and I know how to carry myself so no one will bully me or pick a fight. Now I lord over most social situations with omniscience and ease.

When this progress first trickled in I got drunk with power. I became super adversarial towards guys and busted on girls almost passive aggressively. It was stupid in retrospect but subconsciously, I was seeking vengeance, making up for lost time, and overcompensating because I harboured resentment towards the people who saw an easy way to up themselves in my past weakness.

Nowadays I have the proper mindsets to detox all that bullshit, but the old social violence kicks in on autopilot every now and then. I pondered this the other day and thought of two things to remember to help me fix this when it arises. First up is a phrase CharlieBrown once posted on this forum:


This really struck home for me because I realized I was doing the opposite -- anticipating rejection, since this was what I was used to and since I was stuck in the past, I had no reason to believe otherwise. So I walked into set after set EXPECTING them to NOT like me. This is communicated in countless ways, but mainly from weak body language and lower value mannerisms. But when you ANTICIPATE ACCEPTANCE... guess what? It shows too. When you expect them to like you, they'll laugh at your jokes. They'll give you their full attention. They'll go out of their way to continue the conversation. Why? Because your voice commands it. It's firm yet chill. It's totally coming from a place of higher value. If people normally like you, and you're a cool guy, your frame beams this through everything you say and do. And if someone tools on you or acts weird, it's like, "what? I don't get it. Why are you being uncool..." of course you don't literally say that, but if you adopt this mindset then anything negative will just seem bizarre to you and make the negative person feel awkward.

The other big thing that's helped me in a HUGE way is closely tied to anticipating acceptance. It's on a bigger level though, and this was probably my biggest spiritual epiphany that's benefited me in every area of my life. That is:

Everyone and everything in the world is WITH you, not AGAINST you

This is so important. It relates to Tolle's concept of ego -- how the ego is a seperate entity that views itself as an isolated piece in a hostile world. In a similar way, you have to realize you are connected to everyone and everything. On a more surface level, you have to believe that everyone is WITH you, not against you. Many people, as I did in the past, subconsciously hold the belief that "people are out to get them" or "they're trying to tool me to raise their status blah blah McBlah." It doesn't matter if any of that is true or not. Most of the time it's not. The point is, BELIEVING THE WORLD IS WITH YOU dissolves all the stuff that goes against you.

You walk up to the restaurant counter to order food. The cash lady looks sick and tired and ready to spit in your food. But you give her friendly eye contact, a beaming smile, and totally genuine small talk. Instead of slapping together your sandwich like for everyone else who will mirror her impatient tone, she accidentally upgrades your medium combo to SuperGonzoMegaGlory size.

You're making out with a girl you met an hour ago. Your black nimbus is blazing and you're freeforming those SOIs like the smooth tunes sliding out of a tuba. You're ready to pull but that CB UG and AMOG don't look too friendly. Fuck, no fuck tonight. Wait... her friends are my friends. Hell, everybody is my friend. And theyyy want me to get laid. So you chat up both the little big lady and the dude, they turn out to be pretty damn cool. You're vibing just right, then you high five them both and tell them you're taking her to play basketball on the full size court in your room. Fade to black homies.

Siiimple like soyasauce. You gotta BELIEVE that everything is working FOR YOU. Everything is moving in the same direction as you. It's all win-win. It's not a game, it's not a neverending struggle, it's smooth like buttah and you are the buttahknife. Now get out there and slice up some buns, brothas. The world is on your side.

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