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[edit] Bootcamp Instructors

Tyler is the visionary behind RSD. He champions 'authenticity' as the core of his game. He has pioneered the use of honesty in pickup, and his long-awaited masterpiece, the 'Blueprint Decoded' seminar, was released on St. Valentine's Day 2008. He can also fly, phase in and out of existence, and destroy a yak from 300 yards. With mind-bullets.

Jeffy (aka Jlaix) is wanted in 49 States for Karaoke, and random acts of sexual excess. Apart, strangely enough, from Delaware. This has never been explained.

Tim is legendary for his ability to pull hot girls just by introducing himself. He's a talented DJ, and by all accounts one of the most chilled and genuine guys on the surface of the planet.

Todd can play Texas Hold 'Em like no other. No, I'm serious. It's scary.

Ozzie tries, but he is oft-times consumed by his hobby of running trains on models. A passionate Spaniard, he's been tearing it up in London, and represents RSD's European Contingent.

Alexander is a genetic cross between a cheeky puppy dog and a Tomahawk Missile. He is based in Gold Coast, Australia and is currently teaching programs in the USA and Europe.

Sam is too good for words. Apart from words like 'awesome,' which describe him quite well.

Nathan, an ex-Naval Rescue Diver, is a superb instructor and is significantly more interesting than Ben Affleck in that stupid film. I hate Ben Affleck.

Hoobie should be an inspiration to all horny Asian boys. Hes 5ft6, dates models a head taller than him... and likes to record videos. Of hot chicks. Having sex. With him.

Christophe wears an authentic French World War I helmet whilst riding his scooter. He is French.

Alex is banned from Sweden after his use of strange 'Jedi-like' powers resulted in all Swedish girls between 18 and 22 becoming pregnant within a three week period. Alex misses Sweden terribly. And Sweden misses him.

Roxana is Tyler's girlfriend. He met her in Hermosa Beach outside of a club. She has been with him and part of the company for a long time. She is an instructor. Student testimonials dictate that she has solid knowledge of even intricate parts of the game (wonder why). She instructs bootcamps and has great winging ability. She is also monumentally hot.

Saad is a secret agent sent through time to change the future for one lucky lady. His eyes are bionic/organic composites, and with them he sweeps the New York skyline for Cloverfield Monsters, honeys, and any who would stand in his way.

Ryan~ is a stone cold killer. Devoid of the moral hindrance of conscience or remorse, he is a juggernaut of unstoppable, and unspeakable power.

[edit] Other Staff

Papa is a USC-educated business administrator of exceptional caliber. He is probably the most well connected man in Hollywood, and drives a pimped out BMW which can outpace a Lamborghini. Seriously gentlemen, it is crazy fast.

Stuart oversees all things sales, logistics, customer support, and 'disappears' people that RSD doesn't want to deal with. He is not a man to be fucked with.

Huey is RSD's Ricky Roma incarnate. His charisma and business savvy make him a hit with customers, the ladies, and inexplicably, people from Germany.

Adrian is an intern. Women flock to him like ducks flock to bread. He is also huge. No, seriously.

Mike knows the word that can unmake creation.

Randy is the finance man. Also a former Executive Coach with RSD. He is capable of moving faster than a striking cobra, and is, according to physicists, the center of the universe.

Kevin is a dude who travels the World seeking the nimbus of desire, and how the Girls Love Him.

Toli is RSD's 'gatekeeper'. He's responsible for RSD's brutal 'initiation rites' and because of this, he can never return to Jamaica. But we don't mention that anymore.

Adam is the Online Community Relations Manager. It's a very fancy way of saying, 'works his ass off'.

Brian is an intern and he likes to nimbulate. Oh yes. And how.

Erik is an intern and gets attacked by eastern European girls like the cold war never ended.

[edit] Ex Employees

Geoff is a well known former Executive Coach & Instructor who also used to work for Anthony Robbins.



Twenty-Six was named after the age of which he lost his virginity. Giving hope to millions of frustrated men everywhere, he went on to be one of the most capable and respected seducers alive.

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