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This is a collection of quotes from the unofficial RSDchat.

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[edit] jlaix

<jlaix> Girl said, "Yeah but I know about you, they talk about you"
<jlaix> "They say you are a walking STD"
<jlaix> "How many girls have you been with Jeffy"
<jlaix> I said, "Oh, I don't know..."
<jlaix> She goes no really
<jlaix> and I say, "Your new name is 93."
<jlaix> "Hi 93!" (wave)
<jlaix> She gave LMR
<jlaix> about me being this notorious player
<jlaix> so I tell her, "Oh you're just another jeffy curiosity seeker... you just wanna poke at the freak with a stick"
<jlaix> and act all sad
<jlaix> "You don't know what it feels like to be treated like an object" and I turn sadly
<jlaix> She laughs
<jlaix> I get on her
<jlaix> and CLOSE motherfucker
<jlaix> CLOSE

[edit] drunkjohn

<drunkawesomejohn> I knew/believed/felt in my man-core that I wasn't going home without sex. NOTHING ELSE IS ACCEPTABLE
<drunkawesomejohn> she wanted me, I knew it. I didn't have to confirm it with her. It's an unspoken vibe.
<drunkawesomejohn> And I knew I wanted sex, so I acted on it. Never overtly. I can't caveman for shit.
<drunkawesomejohn> I no longer fail. I learn, always.
<drunkawesomejohn> Even when things go badly, I'm still learning.

[edit] Ryan on ego, state and alcohol

JoseArmando-- man I just read about ****s trip with TD
JoseArmando-- hey Ryan
JoseArmando-- I loved your posts on forums
Ryan-- thanks mate
Ryan-- interesting post by ****
Ryan-- haha to be honest i actually disagree with a lot of the stuff I wrote in the past
Ryan-- so I wouldn't put too much stock in it :-)
JoseArmando-- well that's a natural thing to occur
JoseArmando-- I remember being all outer game oriented
JoseArmando-- now all I'm pursuing is state
Ryan-- haha yeah exactly
Ryan-- well state cant really be pursued
Ryan-- but a healthy place internally can
JoseArmando-- a big chunk to go for 
JoseArmando-- I know how to activate state in me, I start jumping screaming and smiling
Ryan-- haha have you met Olcay?
JoseArmando-- nope, why?
Ryan-- he's the king of that
Ryan-- doing crazy stupid shit to get into super-state
Zero2Sixty-- lol
JoseArmando-- haha dude 
JoseArmando-- we pulled our pants down
JoseArmando-- on the new years countdown
JoseArmando-- to get into state even more
JoseArmando-- it worked 
Zero2Sixty-- i find booze gets me in state
Zero2Sixty-- not plastered but buzzin
Ryan-- yeh see i used to do that
Ryan-- booze + redbull
JoseArmando-- usually it does the thing with me too. alcohol leads to state, but to get in state you don't need alcohol
Ryan-- but see that's muting your inhibitions
Ryan-- like muting your awareness
Ryan-- rather than actively disregarding your inhibitions
Ryan-- and keeping your awareness
Zero2Sixty-- well also, if you're around drunk people, you'll be more naturally calibrated if you're closer to their level
JoseArmando-- yes, you are choosing the benefit of state over the advantage of great awareness
Ryan-- well state is the combination of absense of insecurity + razor sharp awareness
Ryan-- like being in the now is focusing on the moment - booze is simply depriving your ability to think about anything not in the moment
Ryan-- thing is you'll always be sharper without booze than with it
JoseArmando-- hmm I've never thought of it like that
Ryan-- and as for calibrating to drunk people...
Zero2Sixty-- plus, i LIKE to be a little buzzed
Ryan-- essentially you're saying booze helps you be stupider to fit in with those around you really think you need to be stupider otherwise people wont like you??
JoseArmando-- zero you like it because of the state it puts you in
Zero2Sixty-- no
Ryan-- yeh i mean dont get me wrong, i like drinking
Ryan-- but thinking it helps game is jsut deluding yourself
Ryan-- or rather, is selling yourself short
JoseArmando-- well ryan, if I were to make double bind study of my successes being drunk and sober, I'd find out that I get more success when I'm drunk
Ryan-- thats probably true
Ryan-- BUT
Ryan-- haha argh i've gone into lecture-mode!
Ryan-- BUT
Zero2Sixty-- lol
JoseArmando-- haha THE GURU FRAME
JoseArmando-- beware of it
Zero2Sixty-- being semi drunk works for me
Ryan-- right, so it's like if you get shot with a gun and you put a bandaid on it
Ryan-- and people are like "no, a bandaid is not good for that wound"
Ryan-- and you're like "well i bleed less with the bandaid than without"
JoseArmando-- hmm I get it
JoseArmando-- yes, the alcohol is the bandaid for the larger problem
Ryan-- right - so the longer you use the bandaid instead of treating the actual problem, the more you're actually setting yourself back
JoseArmando-- lately all I drink is a few beers and making a fool out of myself puts me in the state
Zero2Sixty-- i can do fine without alcohol too
Ryan-- yeh i mean drinking is fun
Ryan-- just watch out for the "a few drinks and I'm in the ZONE" thought patterns
Zero2Sixty-- lol
Zero2Sixty-- one thing that DID help me a lot was not smoking weed before going out
Ryan-- yeh thats a little different than drinking
Ryan-- eh well
JoseArmando-- hmm so why do you think that some guys who get relatively good with this start to do less approaches and sabotage  themselves
Ryan-- the ego
Ryan-- see, when you suck its all fun
Ryan-- cuz you go in, approach, get blown out and you're like "oh i learned ____, I'm now better than I was :-)"
Gambit-- hi hi hi Ryan
Ryan-- cuz you're a student of the game, you can do no wrong
Ryan-- hey gambit
Ryan-- BUT
Gambit-- for some reason
Ryan-- after you get a lot of success
Gambit-- i imagine Ryan to be arabian
Ryan-- you IDENTIFY with it
Gambit-- why is that?
Ryan-- like "Success with women is part of who i am"
JoseArmando-- see this is the pattern I notice with myself (surprise surprise), at the start I was literally blushing like a little girl, had sweat pour on my forehead but I did tons of approaches (like 10-20 a night).. nowdays I do 1-5 on a lucky night 
Ryan-- so if you don't get the results your ego has told you you deserve, it's an assult, not only to your results with that girl but to your entire identity
JoseArmando-- but thinking logically there is no ego with me
Gambit-- Ryan, are you arabian?
Ryan-- furthermore, like getting that feeling of accomplishment becomes tougher and tougher
Ryan-- hmmm, sorta i guess...turkish
Gambit-- lol
Gambit-- ok cool
Ryan-- so whereas when i started, if i simply got a good conversation with a girl i felt elated
JoseArmando-- yeah
Ryan-- but after you identify with success, a girl can give you an handjob in the club and you feel like a total loser for not pulling
Gambit-- Ryan, what would say is the key to get good at opening with "hey, i'm Gambit" ???
Ryan-- so to run game means such a risk/likelyhood of having your actual identity challanged that you just avoid it
JoseArmando-- oh haha I get it
JoseArmando-- it wasn't a part of your identity at the start
Ryan-- Gambit - complete expectation of success + emotional disattachment
JoseArmando-- so you aren't risking anything
JoseArmando-- there are almost no stakes
JoseArmando-- at it
Ryan-- right - everything is a success
Gambit-- ok cool Ryan, i'll remember that
JoseArmando-- omg this is a big AHA moment for me
Zero2Sixty-- yeah
U238Willy-- but isn't that why you also don't want to say to yourself.. I'm gonna close 'that' lady..
Ryan-- well so here's what happenes
U238Willy-- it's a numbers game
Ryan-- when you get better, you notice your game becomes like a pendulum
Ryan-- a good night or two is almost always followed by 1 or 2 really shitty nights
Zero2Sixty-- anyone else find after a while they get a 6th sense of when its definitely going to be on
Gambit-- lol yes Ryan, all ego bs
Ryan-- because you clear your ego, get into a great headspace - in the moment, no expectations, run the process...
Ryan-- and you get great results
Gambit-- you get a big ego cos of the good nights
Ryan-- right
Gambit-- and then that ego chodes you up
Ryan-- so even if you're like "no ego, just fun"
JoseArmando-- and because of big ego faliure hurts way more
Gambit-- and you get the shittyy nights, and lose your ego
Gambit-- back and forth
Ryan-- the ego still grounds itself to that so you actively run "no ego game" expecting certain results
Gambit-- G A Y
Ryan-- and thus you've again got ego and expectations that you need validated
Ryan-- and you're fuked once again
Gambit-- yep
Gambit-- swinging back and forth like a pendulus penis in the wind
Ryan-- exactly
JoseArmando-- so basically your ego is struggling to perserve itself, it shuts you down so that you don't approach and you aren't putting yourself to the possibility of faliure. at the start faliure was NOT approaching, but now faliure can be not kclosing, not isolating etc
U238Willy-- once again.. the focus.. like ****'s latest.. is oneself.. If you go out to have great time because of who you are and what you like to do.. then you'll always be set.... set some other goal.. and you might get it or not.. and why should your enjoyment be so tied down..
Gambit-- i actually remember tyler saying, being overly tough and harsh on yourself can prevent state
Gambit-- if you set yourself and easy goal, like just to open
Ryan-- well there's 2 things at play here
Ryan-- yeh the ego wants to protect itself
JoseArmando-- gambit when I have off nights I feel like crap, I start posting shit like I'M AFC and run the negative patterns on my mind like madman
Gambit-- and then state is much easier to achieve
Ryan-- it's created this identity that you need to protect
Ryan-- so you dont open
Gambit-- yep
Ryan-- when you do open - it creates the pendulum effect
Gambit-- tyler did an awesome article on this
Ryan-- by grounding itself to your success
Gambit-- called "big egos"
Ryan-- so you IDENTIFY with the results

[edit] Freestyle

<ello>when I roll into the club, the women all turn,
<Halffull> and look at the guy behind me, and I'm like "oooh, burrn."
<OuterGame>crap that is it.. but its time to churn.. see you just have to learn.. to have fun.. then go jump in the sun.
<ello> jump in the sun, spread your wings and climb higher/ every time i talk it's like I spit fire
<Halffull> don't even perspire, cause I'm a do-er not a try-er, that's just how I roll...
<OuterGame> then I take any girl... i want... by talking to her about my shoe soul.. yep thats right.... and my dad was a friar
<ello>game ain't hard, not walking the wire/ i just say shit without thinking like a compulsive liar,
<Halffull>but realer. Like a criminal, but I'm not a stealer; like I'm on drugs, but I'm not a dealer
<OuterGame> I've got a natural high... all i gotta do is say bye bye.. they're already chasing... its like I'm coccaine... they're all addicted.
<ello>They're addicted to me? addicted to this? either way she'll get a dick in her tits
<OuterGame> then to finish it off... I'll slip my "OuterGame" in those lips,
<Halffull> I call it the 100% OuterGame kiss.

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