Real quick, who has more value? Men or women?

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Guys, this whole value issue ceases to exist once you become 'a sex-worthy-guy'.
It's a great way of putting the social dynamics into theory but in reality it is a non-issue, like training-wheels that are dropped after a while. Once you're there, it will be subconciously assumed that you're at least of equal value, but it will not be thought of, never mind spoken out.
The whole confusion of putting no value on the girl but still going for her comes from misunderstanding a simple thing. When you're intent on her you APPRECIATE her.
You do not try to suck value from her i.e. she likes me, now I can feel good about myself. No, that's not the way it's meant to be. Another reason why it is said not to put value on her is because people will feel like someone that's higher value than them can pass a judgement on them.
This is how it's done, you feel good about yourself, you see a girl that you GENUINELY feel attracted to and show your appreciation regardless of her initial reaction.
You are the man, you lead the whole interaction, you don't need to wait for IOIs to show your desire.
Nowadays, with girls that I don't feel deeply attracted to sets will lead to nowhere, girls that I hit it off with, BOOM.
Sexually charged from the fucking get-go. Blabla, touch, blabla, triangular gazing, blabla, touch.

Also, lots of guys get trapped in the validation game and end up not escalating. Most people run around with a bucket and fill it with IOIs, reactions, #closes etc.
Why don't they escalate and really go for? Because deep down it feels like going 'all-in', like putting all your hard-earned poker chips into the pot. Why? Because fundamentally these people haven't become a source.
Their frame hasn't gone from 'There's 10 more girls, and they're horny' to 'There's 10 more girls, and they're horny... for me'.

I can't emphasize this enough, APPRECIATION and DESIRE not some neutral-gender intellectual value bollocks.

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