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So I'm on a goddamn roll these past few weeks. Bang bang bang. Every day I'm banging, usually multiple women. The overall effect of this has oddly enough been to make me MORE horny. I walk around in a perpetual state of arousal, I will fuck anything that catches my eye. I feel like a fucking SHARK with a boner.

Girls can pick up on this. Add a professional level of smoothness, game and value and all doors are opened for you. Life becomes a smorgasbord of women, for you to pleasure and enjoy. I love all of these women, I am a rake, I give them incredible emotional and physical highs, and I am completely honest with them about my behavior. But I'm getting off track here.

Thing is, I frequently see guys running great textbook game, but there is no passion behind it and consequently they get nowhere. It's like they are so caught up in the technical aspects of gaming that they lose sight of the end goal... THE PUSSY. The hot, kissing, licking, fucking, banging, etc.

This is what we are in the game for, gentlemen. NOT to get some chicks giggling at your awesome C&F lines.

Many men today are totally pussified. Choded out. They are ashamed of their desires. Heaven forbid a woman thinks you want to fuck! Many guys deal with this by going overboard with "active disinterest," taking it to the point of asexuality.

Can you say, "Platonic Friend Zone?" I knew you could!

Last night, I'm sitting at the bar and a VERY cute chick with glasses sits next to me. I casually turn and say, "Hey... do you like douchebags? I am one. Will you be my friend?"

She says, "No. Are you going to buy me a drink?"

I reply, "Nah... maybe if you make out with me."

She goes, "No way!"

I shrug, totally unreactive, and say with a smile, "That's fair. Blah blah blah" and roll into standard game.

Thirty minutes later, I am engaged with hyper focus, my face close to hers. We're in our own little game bubble, and I am suddenly and powerfully gripped with the desire to manhandle and fuck this girl until she screams in ecstacy. My eyes tell her this. She understands. I pull her in by the waist gently but strong and start hardcore makeout. She is breathing heavily. I pull away.

Her friends come to take her home, but before she leaves she number closes me. This shit is on for sure yadadamean... this how we do yo.

Take a look at your own game. Are you being sexual enough? If not, make a conscious effort to MAN UP. This game is NOT as complicated as many make it out to be. Remember that women are, in my experience, HORNY AS FUCK. All these pussychodes running around make them extremely frustrated, they just want to get bent over, as Tim always says. But there are also a lot of horndogs out there with no game. Be the best of both worlds. Get your game tight, but remember: there comes a time to forget the lines and the bullshit and just go CAVEMAN.

My general attitude is, "I'll fuck you RIGHT NOW girl, just say the word and strap in for the ride of your life. If not, no big deal, I don't care. It's totally fine and we'll still be friends. But know this... I ain't no muthafukkin joke."

Man, I gotta go fuck RIGHT NOW. My shit is getting chafed.

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